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Hey what’s up Survivor fans? tonight is going to be such an epic night it is going to be a double eviction, double tribal council and everything else will be double it is going to be a 2 hour episode so get pumped. Many of the survivors are starting to break because they can’t take the pressure from the game and the crazy weather storms. Some may be going home voluntarily. Hey but what about Joe? He is going off on every immunity challenge.Eevery week everyone wants to get rid of him because he is the best but no one can cause he owns at all of the immunity challenges. I personally feel so bad for the ones that haven’t left the island yet and have not received a nice reward. Last week they Will’s team did nothing to help him out he had to do it all alone so all of the weight was one his shoulders. He was very disappointed in them and that was the wrong thing because everyone got mad at him and decided they would put him up on the chopping block. Hey but Jeff is still the best announcer of any show in the world.

See ya In Jeff we trust

Blog #10


On December 11, 1972, the crew members aboard the Lunar Module of the Apollo 17 mission stepped out of their thinly shielded vessel and onto the surface of the moon. Since that mission, humans have not set foot upon another celestial body. But that may be about to change, as NASA and the ESA prepare a new crewed vessel to take astronauts to the moon and beyond.

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) is NASA’s newest space exploration pet project. Built to carry four astronauts, the MPCV will serve as the crew vessel of choice for future missions to the moon and possibly to nearby asteroids. The capsule itself is just under 11 feet tall and has a diameter of 16.5 feet. The capsule and service module weigh 56,750 without fuel.

To carry this new vessel into low earth orbit and beyond, NASA has cooked up the Space Launch System (SLS)- the most powerful rocket by thrust ever created. The SLS is made up of  a core stage, an upper stage, and two radially attached boosters. The core makes use of 4 RS-25 Space Shuttle engines, which together produce 1,670,000lbf of thrust at sea level. The SLS upper stage will go through a number of upgrades as payload and altitude requirements increase. The first incarnation will utilize 4 RL10 engines produced by Washington’s own Aerojet Rocketdyne. Heaving the entire conglomeration skyward will be the two, five segment, radially attached solid rocket boosters. The pair of boosters together will produce a massive 7,200,000 lbf of thrust at sea level. However, an eventual upgrade will see an advanced booster system created by either Aerojet, ATK or Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne.

Orion and the SLS will eventually return space launch capability to the US government and will allow for the human exploration of the moon and other nearby celestial bodies. The system will allow humans to travel farther from earth than we have ever been before.

Debunking the Megapixel Myth

Hi guys, this week I will be talking about a common misconception about cameras and the number of megapixels it has. People think that just because a camera (whether it comes from a camera, a phone, or any device with the ability to take photos) has a higher number of megapixels, it takes better photos than one with fewer megapixels. However, it is much more than just the amount of pixels. The amount of megapixels just means the size of the photo it takes. A camera has filters, lenses, sensors, and other mechanisms, along with electronic configuration and software algorithms that determine the outcome of the photo you take. For example, the iPhone has made slow progress in terms of megapixels in their cameras over the years but with every new iPhone, the cameras have been improving in terms of quality, color, low-light sensitivity, and the flash. If you haven’t noticed, the iPhone ever since the iPhone 4S until the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has had an 8MP camera but the sensors and filters have been improved, so photos look much clearer and better overall. I would use Android devices as well to compare but since they are extremely generic and diverse, it is not very simple and comparing one set of devices (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy S set of devices) would not be a good example in my opinion. The point is, do not dismiss a device just because of the number of megapixels its camera has. See some examples from photos taken with the device or do a compare and contrast. You may be surprised, you never know!

P.S. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

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Amazing Week of Soccer

Hi all,

It was a really spectacular week of soccer. There were some great matches on the weekend and then UEFA Champions League returned during the week. Overall, the Barcelona, Real Madrid match was probably the most anticipated, as it usually is every year. Barcelona ended up dismantling Madrid 4-0 with 2 goals from Luis Suarez. It was a really fantastic display of quality soccer. Barcelona carried that through to their Champions League game 3 days later by beating AS Roma of Italy 6-1. This was the first full game back for Lionel Messi and he scored 2 goals.

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In the English Premier League, Liverpool played a great match against Manchester City. They won 4-1 and played exceptionally well. On the flip side, Manchester City struggled and in their Champions League they also suffered a 1-0 defeat to Juventus. From watching them, it really looks like they need David Silva and Vincent Kompany back in their squad, because both the defense is uncertain and the attacking is lacking a little creativity.

Other highlights throughout the week included Arsenal keeping their hopes alive for a Round of 16 Champions League birth with a 3-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb out of Croatia. Real Madrid won in a close and exciting game against Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine 4-3. Finally, across the Atlantic, the first round of MLS Conference Finals were played. Both Portland and Columbus won by 2 goals to give themselves a great advantage for the next round. Meanwhile, Dallas and New York will have to almost hope for a miracle to find themselves in the find. Look for the second round this Sunday.


Full 90 Reporter

Icy Roads

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Hello blog readers, and I want to discuss about people driving on an icy road and how their carelessness can cause an accident. You have probably seen YouTube videos or heard news reports of people crashing into another car because of drinking, sleeping, texting, and etc. And you obviously know that when the season switches over to winter, the road is turned into ice and it becomes slippery and difficult to drive sometimes. When driving through an icy road it would be very hazardous, because if drivers look away for a moment or two, like texting it would cause them to crash into a building, car, tree, or drive off a bridge. Since these kinds of accidents are cause during winter time it would raise the statistics of accidents when the weather freezes the road. To possibly, decrease these accidents the drivers could:

• Subtract 5 from current speed limit

• Have a good nights rest and eat a refreshing breakfast

• Lastly, better your driving or get off the road!

These are a few methods of avoiding an accident that I can think of but there are most likely many other tips or methods out there. The reason I am doing this blog is that I have heard and seen accidents happen in youtube, and from people that I know to know people who were in those accidents end going into a hospital from twisted legs and/or arms. I also have heard from my family members that during these crashes people are mostly likely to be thrown out of the front window when they don’t wear their seat belts. So, drive carefully out in the road and happy holidays(since Christmas is nearing).


Dogs Are Tired of Being Followed

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Studies involving three canines have shown that dogs are tired of being followed. Research shows that dogs want to go on walks by themselves and don’t think humans need to follow so closely behind them. Twelve-year-old lab, Darcy, comments, “For over a decade I have longed to take a stroll outside by myself. You know, to clear my head. I just want some alone time. But every time I start walking towards the door one of those humans follows right behind me and attaches themselves to me with a rope.” Apparently Darcy feels that these humans have attachment issues and need to learn to be by themselves for short periods of time.

Similarly, Brinkley, a yellow lab residing in Bellevue, complains, “I have several stalkers. Every time I step outside someone is right behind me. I try to lose them by crawling through the bushes and pretending to chase after squirrels, but I can’t seem to distance myself from my pursuers.”

Furthermore, Lucy, an avid walker, says, “When they get close to me and call my name it freaks me out. They try to get me to follow them back to their home, but my parents warned me about people like that. I try to run but they grab onto the clothing around my neck. And if I manage to get away they yell at me! They scream my name and beg me to follow them back to their house. And when that doesn’t work they try to bribe me with treats. Treats… What does that even mean?”

Dogs have made themselves very clear. They do not want to be followed. Darcy pleads, “Stop standing so close to me when I’m outside, there is plenty of space in this world. Get out of my personal bubble.” And Brinkley adds, “Please stop looking at me when I go to the bathroom. I go behind that tree for privacy. How would you like it if I watched you pee?” It’s time for us to stop stalking our dogs. Let them have some privacy.

Signs of a dangerous individual

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The human body naturally produces a fight or flight response when in the presence of danger. It’s an overlooked but key instinct of everyone. This being said, as a piece of advice from a martial artist to someone else, I would actually advise most people to pursue the “flight” response above anything else. People often look surprised when I tell them this, and they have this kind of reaction because they think that anyone who does self defense or martial arts is always going to be up for a fight. That’s actually not a good characteristic of a well-trained self-defense expert. Most people trained in the field recognize that the reason for picking up self-defense skills is to defend oneself and one’s being. If one can easily get out of a situation without having to throw a few kicks or moves, then most people would gladly do so. Wise martial artists don’t fight until it’s the last alternative. That being said, I want to advise everyone on a few tips that can make it easier to activate a flight response. This means that you are able to spot a dangerous individual and leave the person’s vicinity before it’s too late. You don’t know what these kind of people have: guns, knives, friends, etc. It is also important to note that just because a person shows these signs it doesn’t signify that he/she is aggressive and not only physically responding to another event (like an exam or upcoming meeting). But if you are worried that a particular person might be out to get you, you want to at least refer to a few physical signals to be sure. Here are three signs to look out for if you suspect something just isn’t right with a person close to you:

-The face: if you suspect someone is potentially out to get you or harm you, first look to the face. A person with the motive of fighting or harming you will already have adrenaline in their system. This person already has the plan to fight you, so naturally the body will react to that brain signal by producing adrenaline to prepare the person for conflict. That being said, there are signs in the face of adrenaline (note, even nervous situations or risky moves can produce adrenaline as a neuro-signal response in the body. If the person is producing adrenaline for no plain reason, you want to also make note that maybe this person has a concealed weapon or other thoughts of malice). Adrenaline affects the face several ways. Here’s what to look out for:

  • large or dilated eyes…long periods without blinking
  • sweat on the brow or neck
  • abnormally opened mouth; adrenaline runs on oxygen, glucose, and brain response, so the person might open their mouth for better air
  • facial twitches or muscle twitching

-The breath: When someone is anticipating something risky (or plain out nervous), you should be wary of the chest when they breathe. Normally men and women have different breathing patterns with the torso muscles, but when under the same conditions and nerves, both sexes tend to breathe shallow and quickly. It should be a very visible sign. The person should be obviously breathing quick shallow breaths using the chest muscles. Look for quick rises and falls in the chest. Also, when this happens, often the shoulder muscles involuntarily shrink up or stiffen as a natural nervous response. If the shoulders are hunched or higher up than usual, something may not be quite right.

-The hands, arms, and legs: When someone is getting ready to strike, attack, or pull out a weapon, there are body language signs to how the hands, arms, or legs are positioned. Their body naturally gets ready and stiffens up to prepare for whatever event he/she is planning. You want to look for several things in the arms or hands:

  • balled up hands….or hands clenched like a fist
  • hands at the waistband or unusually close or hanging by the waist. I’ve heard before that one police officer talked of how hands at the waist could represent a dangerous fellow. That’s usually where people conceal weapons, knives, guns, anything.
  • pacing of the legs or unusual rapid back and forth movement in one area. This is usually quick movement, sometimes in circles or in linear patterns.


Stay safe, and have a happy Thanksgiving break

-The Martial Artist


I view treadmills as an unfortunate necessity.

I primarily enjoy running as an outdoor sport. Being out on the trails, fresh scenery, breathing fresh air. Seasonal changes. The open heat of summer and the crisp frostiness of fall. I enjoy running most out on trails, in mountains and forests, that sort of thing. So I initially balk at the idea of confining a run to the indoors.

Treadmills aren’t adventurous. A treadmill is a very controlled environment, always monitoring your pace and your heart rate and the intensity of your run and how many calories you’ve burned. That’s helpful to a degree, but if I pay too much attention to that kind of thing it makes me think of running more of a chore than a hobby. Plus I always find treadmill workouts so challenging I’m almost certain their pace calculator things are wrong. There’s no way an eight or nine minute mile pace is that hard.

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On top of that they’re boring. I’ll say this for treadmills, you really have to want that run if you’re on one of those things. You want to know how many screwdrivers are hanging above the tool bench in our garage? Twelve. Twelve of them, right in a row, like someone spilled a carton of eggs or something. I know that because I’ve had ample opportunity to count them. I love trail runs because the scenery changes; even if it’s familiar it’s at least dynamic. On a treadmill you’re staring at the same four walls for the entirety of a workout. After about twenty minutes I get pretty tired of running on our treadmill staring at the same corner of our garage. I’m not a proponent of wearing headphones to get through a run, but I usually have to listen to music on a treadmill.

Unfortunately treadmills can be pretty useful. If you want to say, go for a last-minute run and you can’t get to any good trails, you can always settle for the treadmill in the garage or the basement or whatever in a pinch. Or if you’re traveling and you need a good run, you can always find a hotel fitness room if all else fails. But when I have the option, I opt for trails.

DIY: Staying warm

DIY: How to make yourself warmer
Hello everybody! This DIY is a late one, sorry a lot has been going on over the week / weekend also sorry this DIY will be short but it is has different ways you can fight the coldness outside. So let’s just jump into this DIY.
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Age: ALL
Prep time: 1min -5 min
DIY#1 How to make your legs warmer: This DIY is super simple, many of my friends and family do this
1. Materials needed
1. Tights / leggings
2. Jeans
3. Thick socks
4. Warm shoes
5. Tank top
6. Shirt
7. sweatshirt
2. Steps
1. Choose your outfit like you would normally do but before placing your pants on put tights / legging on
1. These should be thick but not thin
2. The key is to layer correctly
1. You could place
 Tights – Leggings – Jeans (Depending on how cold it is)
 Leggings – Tights- Jeans
 Leggings – Jeans
 Tights- Jeans
3. Wearing thick socks helps maintain the heat throughout your body. Key spots you always want to keep warm are the
1. Chest
2. Feet
3. Back of head
4. Fingers
4. Layering Shirts
1. Place a thick or think shirt below the main shirt you want to wear
 This allows you to be able to take off one layer
 If you were wanting a thick look wear a thick shirt under the thin
 If you want a thin look wear the thin under the thick.
2. You could place them like
 Thin- Thick – Sweatshirt
 Thin – Thick
 Thick – Thin
 Thin – Sweatshirt
 Thick – Sweatshirt.

Sorry this DIY is short, it is very simple but it does help out tremendously when it comes to the cold weather. Hope you all have a good week! ♥ Queen Of Craft

Get off the Road

Most people don’t understand how dangerous an activity driving really is. Every time you go for a ride you’re essentially putting yourself inside a two ton metal ball of death that hurtles down roads at 70 miles an hour towards other two ton metal balls of death going just as fast. Factor in bad weather, low visibility and suicidal deer and it’s a miracle we’re not all  already dead. However, none of that even remotely compares to the real threat. It’s not the pouring rain or the jaywalking wildlife that will get you, it’s the idiots behind the wheel.

Here’s a nice tip for all you drivers out there. you see that little knob that juts out over the left side of your steering wheel? You use it to notify surrounding vehicles that you’re about to make a turn or change lanes. It’s not some pretty car ornament that you stare at while you make a blind left turn across three lanes and end up sending a family of four to the hospital. The massive amount of incompetent drivers currently polluting the roads is both infuriating and incredibly scary. It makes you wonder what kind of stuff goes on in driver’s tests.

Instructor: “Well, I see you have two arms, a head, and you appear to be breathing. Congratulations, you passed the exam!”

Future Car wreck: “WOO, I’m gonna do some donuts on the highway to celebrate!”

Instructor: “Here, take this champagne with you. You’ve earned it. Oh and don’t forget to text your mom on the way. She’ll be so proud.”

Future Car Wreck: “Oh I won’t.”

The roads are like a jungle. You have to be on high alert and keep your eyes peeled 100 percent of the time. You’re just minding your own business, cruising along when all of a sudden BOOM! A WILD PRIUS CUTS YOU OFF FROM OUT OF NOWHERE. HE HAS NO REGARD FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE HE’S SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT. HE WANTS TO BE A TREE HUGGER? WELL HIS CAR WILL BE LITERALLY HUGGING A TREE IF HE KEEPS DRIVING LIKE THAT.

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The worst beast of them all however, won’t put your life in danger, but they will slowly drive you into insanity. Literally. If you’ve ever been late for anything in your life, you will inevitably be stuck behind an old geezer going 15 miles under the speed limit oblivious to your constant honking. This my friends, is the worst kind of torture. You start to understand why there’s so many people swerving into opposing lanes.


Rachel Lake and Rampart Lakes

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The trek up to Rachel Lake was one the most rewarding hikes in recent memory. Part of the I-90 corridor and Alpine Lake Wilderness, Rachel Lakes is absolutely stunning but remains a quiet secret. The hike can be quite grueling for inexperience hikers and you might want to build up to the intensity by practicing on some of the smaller hikes. The way is steep and the trail is long: approximately 12 miles roundtrip. That’s not to say that it’s impossible – we did this as a family hike and my nine year old brother was able to complete the entire thing fine despite constant complaining. Rachel Lake is hidden high in the mountains which is why the hike covers so much elevation. On a clear sunny day the water sparkles a crystal clear cerulean blue. The water is frigid (straight from glacier melt) and almost completely still, which creates a cool sense of tranquility. Across the lake the trail continues on, steeper than before, up a second piece o the mountain. Scale that and you’re rewarded with an even greater assortment of beautifully chilled lakes called the Rampart lakes. When we came in the summer many of the lakes were running dry and becoming mudpits ore than anything else. Best advice: plan your trip in the fall when the leaves are changing color and the added precipitation turns into a giant, flowing, interconnected mass of streams and lakes. Is a quiet paradise that at times even has an ethereal magic to it. For more information check out the website posted below. You won’t regret it.


Stars Wars Battlefront

As we near the end of November, there are so many great games out on the shelves that are worth getting. One of the latest games of November is Star Wars Battlefront, which came out on 11/17/15. This is a popular series that many kids play and it has been around since 2004. The feel for the game is kind of like the last game which is a good thing. The blasters which are the weapons feel the same and also the fire and range. There are a few difference is the blasters, and they are that you can’t modify them after you unlocked it. The graphics of this game are amazing and they make the coloring and lighting excellent. Also the art in the game is very alike to the Star Wars trilogy. If you’re a fan of the game then you would notice the cons of the game and be a little disappointed in that. There are very few things that could change such as the ability to modify the weapons and customize your soldiers.

Some of the best parts of the game are probably the sound effects and the environment in the game. This game has no single player mode/campaign which will leave players to spend most of their time playing multiplayer. In multiplayer, the feel of the battle and other players around you is an awesome experience if you’re a huge fan. The blasters and their creativity to be different from other blasters makes the multiplayer part of the game more fun. Over, Star Wars Battlefront is an enjoyable game to play online.

A Washington Rivalry

Every college has their rival and for Washington University it is Washington State University. They play each other every year, and every year one wins the Apple Cup trophy. In the past two years the trophy has gone to the Washington Huskies.

Who do you want to see win this year?

When the huskies met the Washington State Cougars last year the score was 31-13. It was not close and neither is the overall record for all the games every played verses each other. The Huskies lead the all-time stats 69-32-6.

This rivalry started in 1900 for these northern Pac-12 conference teams. The score of the first game between the Cougars and the Huskies was a tie 5-5. Later in 1942 the Apple Cup trophy came about. Before the Apple Cup, the Governor’s Trophy was displayed. The trophy was shown from 1934-1961. The reason why the Governor’s Trophy was traded out for the Apple Cup was because of the major production of apples in Washington.

These two teams will go head to head this Friday, and if the Washington Huskies do not pull out the win, they will not participate in the playoffs. This game will sit heavily on Washington’s shoulders, but all they can do is play hard as a team.

The overall records for these two teams is 5-6 for the Huskies and 8-3 for the Cougars. The Huskies have won in the past two years, but as of right now the Cougars have the better record.

Do you think that the Cougars have a better chance of winning? I guess we will find out on Friday, November 27, at 12:30 PM on Fox.

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Marble Hornets

No, I’m not talking about ceramic actual marble hornets. I’m talking about Youtube Channel Marble Hornets.

If you’re looking for a creepy slender-like story following two guys, this is definitely the Youtube channel for you.

Videos start on a guy named Alex. Alex is seen to repetitively videotape himself in search of the Operator, this white masked man that he believes stalks him throughout the day. Through his obsessive video taping we see situations involving this Operator and what Alex goes through as he struggles to keep his sanity about him.

However… a twist comes to our story, when it appears Alex hasn’t been hunted at all by this “Operator” but is in alliance with him. Alex’s friend Jay soon takes up the videos, and you watch as Alex does strange things and Jay attempts to unravel the mystery behind the stalking of his friend and why he went deranged. Not only does the Operator now begin hunting Jay for his involvement, but other antagonists as well, and I have to say, these videos are really screwed up and creepy.

In response to this channel, there is Youtube channel totheark. If you’re looking for some really screwed up footage and unexplained phenomena and just altogether creepy crap, be sure to come to this site. There are theories believing the Operator is the one that hosts this Youtube Channel, as he appears through several of the videos. There also is cryptic messages throughout each, and people are still attempting to decipher them. If you’re up for the challenge, take a look yourself.

So, my fellow Horror Fanatics, if you’re looking for an interesting story with strange videos and unexpecting twists, this is definitely the Youtube Channel for you.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

marble hornets