Apple’s EarPods

Hey guys! This week I will be talking about Apple’s more recent set of earbuds, the Apple EarPods. Do you remember in 2012 when the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 came out? The EarPods were new that year as well. They were redesigned versions of the older standard earphones that came with the iPhone 4S and older devices. These are said to have better sound and audio quality than the older earphones, and fit more comfortably in the ear.

Personally, I use them because they’re free earphones, and at a pretty decent quality. I’ve had my pair of EarPods for 2 years and they still work like new. I’ve also noticed one thing: the case they come in. Most people just throw this away or do not use it after they get their EarPods. I hope you realize this is the best way to keep them in good condition and most importantly, NO TANGLES! You won’t have to struggle with tangled cords or broken earphones. How much better can it get?

Another thing about EarPods is the many things they can do. There are two types: one that does not have a built-in mic or controller, and one who does. I will talk about the ones that have the controller and mic. They can lower the volume and either pause or play of any media that is playing (so you don’t have to reach into your pocket to get your phone), they can take photos for you so you don’t have the awkward “selfie arm,” they can answer and end calls with a press of a button, and so on.

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The EarPods on the left are the ones without the controller or mic, and don’t come with a neat case. These usually come with the iPod touch and the iPod nano.

The Earpods on the right are the ones with the controller and mic, and its case. The come with every iPhone starting from the iPhone 5 to the lastest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. You can also purchase them at many retail stores.

IHS Basketball moves to 5-0

The Issaquah boys basketball team was able to pick up 2 more wins this last week as they kept their undefeated season going. On Saturday night, the boys took on Inglemoor on the road, then played at Mount Si on Tuesday.

On a rare Saturday night game, the Eagles traveled to Inglemoor to take on the Vikings. The game was a blowout from the beginning, as the boys started on an 18-0 run, and cruised to an easy victory. The final score was 64-36, as Issaquah dominated every aspect of the game once again.

On Tuesday night, the boys went up to Mount Si for a match up with the Wildcats, and the result was similar. Issy had to fight through some poor referee work early on, but they were able to fight through it and blow out the Wildcats. The final score was 70-41, and the Eagles moved to 5-0. Also, in the midst of the two wins, senior guard Scott Kellum, who has made valuable contributions to the team the last couple years, committed to play basketball at the University of Victoria. He is the only college basketball commit so far on this years Eagles team, but there will surelly be more in the next couple years. Issaquah’s next game is at home Friday, before they travel down to San Diego for a prestigious Christmas weekend tournament.

Also this weekend, the boys swim team took on the rival Skyline Spartans. Led by Alex Sun and Brandon Leu, the boys pulled away a slim victory.

How to make easy Christmas Presents fast!

Hey everyone! Sorry another post is late, I’ve had a lot of homework to do over the last few weeks and this post slipped my mind to post. But lets get into this DIY!

12 15 presents

Age range: All

Time required: 5 min – 10 min (depends on if you already have the materials)

Price Range: $0 – $ 10

Materials(That ill be using)

  1. 4 Plastic bags
  2. 8 Candles
  3. 8 Strips of sting about 5 -6 inches long
  4. 4 Mugs
  5. 4 Toy Dinosaurs
  6. Confetti
  7. Wrapping paper
  8. 4 Bows
  9. 4 Fortune cookie’s
  10. 8 Pieces of tape
  11. ID holders

Fast and meaningful present

  1. Layout all of your items to the object you are placing them in
    1. Its best to separate before you start making these gifts because you want to make sure its all even.
  2. Candles
    1. IF they are smelly
      1. Place them in a zip lock bag on top of each other in a corner of the bag
      2. Twist the top and tie it off
      3. Make the bow tight cause it can come loose
    2. IF they do not smell
      1. You can just place them in, or you can wrap them as if they were smelly
  3. Start by placing the big things in first. This is how I placed my items in
    1. Candles
    2. Dinosaur
    3. ID holder
    4. Fortune cookie
    5. Confetti
  4. Since I’m placing these inside a mug I had the choice to wrap them and I did.
  5. To wrap mugs
  6. lay mug on side and role sideways with paper attached to it
  7. Tape the side down and it should look like a tube.
  8. Tape the bottom together and when it comes to the top I just twisted it a little bit and tied it with a string.

I hope this DIY is a fun one, I hope you all have a happy holidays! ♥ Queen Of Craft

Wildcats Get The Win

Kansas State Wildcats played the West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday, December 5, at 1:30 p.m. The Wildcats are now ranked 8th in the Big 12 after beating West Virginia 24-23. The Mountaineers are 7-5 while the Wildcats are 6-6.

12 15 2 12 15

At the start of the season Kansas State struggled as they lost six games in row. From there they turned it around and won the next six games. After changing their ways and winning six games in a row, it put Kansas State in reach of a bowl. Starting out they had no shot, but coach Bill Snyder took his team by the reigns and made them eligible. It was Kansas State’s first losing season since 2008 when they went 3-6.

For West Virginia, the loss meant that they could not have the best record in the Big 12. They had a chance, but blew it when they lost against Kansas State. They were out scored when it came to the second half, and the Wildcats pulled ahead 21-10.

By the end of the game, Cornerback Morgan Burn # 33 returned a kickoff for 97 yards. With two minutes left in the game it brought the score to 24-23. After their Wildcat touchdown, Kansas State held strong against West Virginia.

Then to top it off Kansas State’s coach, Bill Snyder got inducted into the Hall of Fame. He brought back the way a team should play and work together and as a result they won their last six games. Snyder did not have the best record overall for his organization, but turning the game plan around like that deserves some recognition. Nice job Snyder!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Hey everybody! This weeks DIY is taking us way back to elementary school! I am teaching you guys how to make 2 types of Simple Christmas ornaments, so lets get started!

12 15

Age range: All

Time range : 30 Minutes – Over night

Price Range: $2-$5( I spent about 2 dollars but Others might cost more)

Materials needed:

  1. Clear ornaments
  2. Acrylic paint ( this does need to air dry remember this)
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Towel
  5. Styrofoam balls ( this isn’t needed I took these out not even a minute after putting them in.
  6. Fimo (bake-able clay)

DIY #1 Paint

  1. Choose 1-5 colors you would like to have on your ordament
  2. Drop as many colors as you would like into the ornament but remember colors mix so do not add to much.
  3. Lat air dry
  4. Drip a paint brush in paint and flick the paint onto the ornament or paint it on as you wish
  5. Let dry over night
  6. Wrap as please.

DIY #2 Fimo

  1. First make the clay figures that remind you of the person this is going to
    1. Most clay takes 10min – 15 min in the oven so pay attention to time
    2. When the clay is done baking make sure not to touch it since it is still hot but also because it isn’t fully hardened.
    3. Paint the figures how ever you would like
    4. In mine this is for my mom so I made
      1. Burrito
      2. Cheesy Bread
      3. Kit Kat
      4. Coffee cup
      5. And a few other things
    5. These figures will take time to dry, the more realistic you want them to be the longer it will take to make each one. ( All mine that I wanted white bases look me 2 days to do only because I kept having to start over
  2. When dry drop into the ornament but not to hard cause one could break.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks DIY and have a Happy Holiday, I’ll post again soon so stay watching! ♥ Queen Of Craft

Injury Replacements for Playoffs

Last week, I talked about season-ending injuries derailing fantasy football seasons. I should have knocked on wood because Mark Ingram was placed on season-ending IR for a shoulder injury. I had talked about the injury bug hitting my friend but I have now lost Tony Romo, Dion Lewis, and Mark Ingram to injuries this year. Replacing Romo wasn’t very tough because he went down in week 2, but it took a pretty fortunate pickup in Thomas Rawls to make up for Lewis’ absence. As the season wears on, the waiver wire becomes slim, and finding a replacement for an injured star can be tough. That is the dilemma that comes with Mark Ingram (a top 5 scorer this year) going down.

Here are my guys to target in order to patch the large hole Ingram leaves:


CJ Spiller – Spiller is available in a good amount of leagues and will have chances to produce now that he is the most skilled back in New Orleans. Sean Payton has said they will have RBBC but Spiller will take over Ingram’s role in the passing game and is the guy with big play potential. If he’s still there to pickup, he is first priority.


Theo Riddick – Riddick has flown under the radar in fantasy this season. He would really only help in PPR leagues because his work is done almost exclusively in the passing game. However, Riddick is a top 20 RB in fantasy leagues and isn’t likely to lay an egg because he routinely gets at least 3 catches. He is a PPR fill in for Ingram.

Lucy at My Feet

12 15

Lucy loves to sit on people’s feet. She always has to be in your personal bubble. It is the funniest thing when you are working in the kitchen and then all of a sudden Lucy sits on your toes.

Every morning I wake up at 7:15 and get ready. As soon as I am about to go downstairs, Lucy hops off my mom’s bed and follows me to the kitchen. As I get to work making myself breakfast at the stove, Lucy squeezes her way in between me and the wall and puts her head on my feet. If I move over to the sink she follows right behind me and does the same thing. She always has to be in contact with somebody. Its the funniest thing.

When I sit down for dinner, Lucy crawls under the table and lays right below my chair. On one hand I think she wants to be close to me, but on the other hand I think she is just hoping that I will drop some food in her direction. Which I never ever do. (Wink-Wink)

Probably my favorite quality of Lucy is that she loves to be around me. I would hate it if she was one of those dogs that was always sitting in the other room by themselves. Lucy is the exact opposite of that. It is almost impossible to get away from her. Even if I walk to the another room and close the door she will try and nudge her way in. Lucy is a very funny dog.

Until next time,


IHS Basketball moves to 3-0

After a solid win last Friday, the Issaquah boys basketball team played twice more this week, playing Woodinville at home and at Eastlake.

The Eagles knew they were going to have a tough matchup vs. Woodiville, as guarding Falcons’ star forward Tony Miller is always a chore. Issaquah was able to prevent him from having a big scoring output, but it was still a back and forth game. Not being able to generate much offense outside of guard Trevon Ary-Turner, the Eagles trailed at the half, knowing that they could play better. They picked it up in the 2nd half, however, and were able to jump out to a strong lead going into the final minutes. Woodinville still did not give up, and cut it to 60-58, heading to the last possession. At the last second, the Falcons missed a potential game winning three before Miller tipped it in right after time expired. It was a dramatic ending, but Issaquah was able to come out with the win. Ary-Turner led all scorers with 32 points.

Friday, the Eagles made the short trip to Eastlake, where they were heavy favorites. Not really surprising anyone, Issaquah jumped out to an early lead and dominated from there. The final score was 73-45, as every Eagles player was able to see some court time in the blowout.

Saturday, Issaquah travels to Inglemoor to take on the Vikings, then heads up to Mount Si for another game on Tuesday, before their last league game of 2015 at home on Friday.

Counter a Single Punch

This is a fairly straightforward guide on how to counter an opponent’s single punch toward you. This is also called a straight punch. This is when your opponent has decided to attack you with a punch parallel to the ground, 90 degrees to his/her body, and is coming usually to the head or chest area. A straight punch is going to be aiming for the upper half of your body in, hence why we call it its name, a straight and linear fashion. There’s a two step combo you can use to counter this kind of punch.

The first step is to always be ready to counter the punch before it’s coming. If you’re in an absolute must-fight situation, you’re going to want to already have your hands up if your opponent is doing the same or has decided to attack you. Next, you want to be able to execute the first part of the combo: deflect the first punch with a side-block. This kind of block should be done when the punch comes roughly half a foot away from your chest. You want to turn your hands palm up and at a forty-five degree angle and use your elbow to literally push the punch out of the way. Your hand should be tightened to prevent any lack of energy. You’ll be pushing the punch down and in the opposite direction of the hand you’re using to deflect.

Next, with your free hand, punch as quick as you can. It should be near simultaneous to the near 0.5th of a second. As soon as you block the first strike, your second hand should already come up as a straight punch to counter-block your opponent’s remaining hand. This way, if you’re quick enough this straight second strike can render your opponent immobile before he/she can react with the remaining hand. So, it isn’t exactly “one-two” like of a pattern but just one motion. It’s a motion that involves blocking and punching at the same time.

Even if your opponent manages to block with the second hand (your own counter-strike), you can use a rotating wrist technique to strike a second time. Your opponent shouldn’t be able to counter that one. It sounds tricky…but is simple: the blocking hand is probably down below your shoulder level by now. You want it back up after the second punch, so you need to not raise the arm (as this is too slow) but rotate it at its hinge at the elbow so that your fist faces up again to your opponent. Once you have rotated you’ll be doing a straight strike with your wrist side facing up. This isn’t a punch or thrust but a pushing motion and falling motion with your blocking hand. You want to (like the pictures below) rotate and turn the elbow so that the fist faces up, then push that fist to your opponent’s face on the side of your striking hand. You can follow this up with more strikes.




How we hate going out in the storm

Most people will tell you that they prefer running in the rain. This is because a gentle, steady drizzle, or even moderate rainfall, is generally preferable to the oppressive heat of a sunny day. Some people, however, will tell you that once a downpour gets too heavy running outdoors is no longer pleasant. I disagree. At a certain point, you get so wet it doesn’t matter whether or not you get any wetter.

There are some occupational hazards to running through a downpour; indeed, it’s one of runners’ favorite things to complain about. First of all, you have to get over the idea of your socks ever being the same color again. Trails become dominated by a phenomenon less like puddles and more like small ponds, so at times you are more less running in ankle-deep water. Steep hills become akin to creeks. Consequently, it takes about two seconds for water to utterly permeate your shoes, your socks, and the pores of your skin. This stains your socks with a completely universal grayish muddy brown that’s not worth the effort it takes to reverse.

12 15

The mud, in fact, gets everywhere. It stains your socks, it coats your shoes, it climbs your legs in chaotic splatters, decorating your back, adorning your face, obscuring your vision. Depending on where you’re running you might find a lot of mud in your mouth and eyes.

No matter how hi-tech your clothing is, it will be soaked. Your shoes will be waterlogged, your jacket soaked, your moisture-wicking shirt plastered to your body. Your clothes will take about a day and a half to dry.

You’re wet, chilled, and in the early stages of hypothermia. By the time you return form the trails you’d give about just anything for a hot shower. Again, just about any runner will readily rant against such adverse atmospheric conditions and the effect they have on runs. But beneath the complaints there’s a sort of gratified pride.  A sense of rising above a challenge and conquering, however ludicrous it may be.


Rain Rain Come Again…

You blog readers have probably heard the news that there has been some recent flooding in the streets of Washington and some very strong winds knocking out the power of a few homes. Possibly, more. But these rain storms and strong winds can only mean one thing…a tsunami is coming! Just kinding, but in all seriousness the flooding can cause more accidents in the streets than any other day, as well as, the strong winds can cause electrical interference with people’say homes and workplace. This last past week or two there has been countless power shortage and a lot of flooding in neighboorhoods of Washington and because of these natural disasters the environment could be possibly endanger. Granted, the amount of rain is good for the plants to replenish itself but the slippery streets are dangerous for careless drivers, to where they can easily crash into three or four cars front and back. As well as, these strong winds are able knock over a telephone and/or a nearby tree that would collapse onto or near a person’s home. For example, the day of the new release of Star Wars 7 came and hundreds to thousands of people are excited to see this sequel in the Star Wars saga. And this reckless person got into his car and drove as fast as he could to reach the nearest movie theater before the line for Star Wars 7: The Force Awoken has gotten too long. And the fastest route to his nearest theater was to take the I-90  and while he was driving he hit a pit of water on the road. So, the man lost control of his speeding car and smashed into three other cars that were behind him and this accident was so serious that two of the three drivers were sent to the hospital to get their wounds treated. For sure that I have talked more about how the rain can cause accidents than strong winds blowing trees over house is, because that these accidents on the streets are more important electrical problems at home.

Round of 16 is Set

Hello everyone,

The last games of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League were played this week. Coming into these games there were still spots open to advance to the next round. Two major English clubs, Arsenal and Manchester United, had to get results in their games. Arsenal played Olympiacos and took care of business by winning 3-0. All three goals were scored by Oliver Giroud and it was his first ever hat trick with Arsenal. Manchester United had to win or tie their game against German club Wolfsburg. United opened up the scoring, but Wolfsburg answered back with their own goal only a couple of minutes later. Later in the first half Woflsburg scored a beautiful goal to go up 2-1. In the last 10 minutes of the game United tied the game to keep their hopes alive, but just like the first goal, Woflsburg scored immediately after, destroying United’s hopes of advancing. United was probably considered the favorite by most, but Wolfsburg showed that they were just as good.

Most of the major clubs made it to the next round. The couple surprises were Manchester United, last year semifinalist Porto, and the French team Lyon.

The other major event this week was the MLS final. It was a very odd match. Portland scored in the first minute from a horrific goalkeeper mistake. Portland was up 2-0 after 10 minutes which made for a less exciting match. Columbus got one back from another goalkeeper error on Portland. In the end Portland was crowned MLS champions.

12 15

Full 90 Reporter


Something that is timeless yet so trendy is monochromatic looks. By that, I mean all black, white and grey looks. As a Scandinavian, dressing this way is practically in my blood, but it also happens to be something I freaking love. It is a joke among my friends that I don’t own any colored clothing, and they aren’t really wrong. I find colors more seasonal, hard to match, hard to wear depending on hair and skin color, and just overall less wearable. There is something chic and put together about an outfit without color to me. Plus, I can get ready early in the morning in the dark without having to worry about matching my articles of clothes, because black and white always match.

12 15

Although I own most articles of clothing in black, white, and several shades of grey, some classics that I stick to are black pants, white tshirts, grey knitwear, black shoes, and patterned monochromatic scarves. With those, countless of different outfit combinations can be made.

It also makes organizing your closet much more fun, and gives the space a more aesthetic look. I personally organize based on type of item (tshirt, sweater, jacket) and then color (or should I say darkness). That means at to the left I have white shirts, then grey, then black, then repeated with other types of clothing. This makes finding pieces much easier, and my closet always looks neat. The only thing I really love that is colored are blue jeans, but more on that later.

The Blonde Blogger

Kobe’s Retirement

The legend Kobe Bryant has decided to call it quits by saying the the 2015-2016 season will be his last. Kobe has been struggling to find his grove so far this season which may have been a factor in his decision to announce his retirement early. I’ve watched Kobe pretty much my whole life and I can strongly say he is my favorite athlete to ever play sports. He is widely known around the sports world  as one of the greatest competitors in his generation. Kobe has been so a huge part of he NBA by really creating his own style of play. He has made even a bigger impact on the Lakers organization by helping them win 5 NBA championships during his tenure as the Lakers shooting guard. Kobe has been an iconic figure in the LA community and around the nation as being one of the greatest to ever pick up a basketball. The league will deeply miss his absence and the competitive fire he brings to the game. But this loss to the league brings great opportunity for new and up and coming players in league to replace one of the greats like Kobe. The Lakers drafted D’Angelo Russell with the 2nd pick in the 2015 NBA draft who is a guard out of The Ohio State University. They hoped he would replace Kobe or maybe match some of his production. They are starting to plan for the future but unfortunately the season has come along like they planned and have been one of the worst teams in the NBA so far but they look to get on track with young players looking more promising.