don’t be afraid

hey friends!

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people, just for the sake of avoiding conflict, won’t actually face any of their problems. I honestly don’t think anyone likes conflict (except for sadists I guess lol), and I have definitely done this before, but I realized it’s time for me to put on my bad girl boots and be honest instead of pretending everything’s okay just because I’m afraid of getting involved in an argument.

It can be hard to just deal with problems head on and it may at first feel like you’re making things worse instead of better, but what’s a solid friendship if you can’t be honest with yourself and your friend? Sometimes, working through conflicts together can actually strengthen your bond with someone and make your relationship even more rock solid. It sucks in the moment, but it’s not worth bottling up all your feelings and thoughts just because you’re afraid to experience some temporary discomfort.

Some of my best friends are people that I’ve been able to have mature conversations with about any sort of conflict we’re having, so we can be honest with each other, listen to what we each have to say, and work through it as a unit. I can say for certain that it’s made my friendships with them all the more better. All you’re doing is slowly destroying your trust in someone if you’re having to hide the way you really feel from them. I’m so glad for the friendships I have that I’m able to keep going strong because of our ability to tell each other when something is bothering us.

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ADVICE OF THE DAY: Don’t be afraid to be honest with your friends. The key to a strong, solid relationship is honesty.


Addiction is like a Disease

03 04 addiction jacinthe

Hello blog readers and this week’s blog post will generally be about addiction of any kind. So, everybody knows that addiction is the effect of when someone has gotten “attached” of something or of somebody. But when hear this type of word you will be or most of the time will be thinking about something like drugs or ciggerates. And I think the reason why we picture of images or thoughts of these types is that through out our development of growing. We would always hear people say that drugs and ciggerates are too addicting having the victim a challenge to stop. Or even see these ads or these big billboards around town that says like “Stop, smoking! Save the cats!” Some weird advertisement that does not make sense or the use of the people’s vocabulary is used differently to get other people’s attention. But anyways, getting back to the main topic. It is dangerous for somebody to be addicted to either video games, phone texting, or activities that you cannot stay away from. To help keep you away from whatever you cannot stop doing are some basic steps to get you moving on.

1) Have a partner or someone that you trust can hide the object or get you excited for another activity or stuff like that.

2) Hide the object yourself or put somewhere where you cannot reach for and be on it upon hours and hours.

3) Finally, give the object to somebody that you know and trust to keep it away from you, which is kind of similar to step one. But if it’s something else than my best answer for that is to stay away from whatever it is, that is not an object.

(Blog post that I missed 3 weeks ago)


Dark Clothes = Peoples wearing invisible cloak.

03 25 dark clothes jacinthe

Hello blog readers and this week’s blog is how dangerous wearing dark clothes in the night can be. Imagine yourself driving through a city at night time and as you are driving, you come across a apartment building. When see this building, continue to drive along but did not see the black hooded jogger that was crossing the street. One of my reasons I mentioned this short imagery is that there are many people that would wear dark clothes at night time and would sometimes get hit by a car. From this many joggers or people that walking from one place to another will have a better chance of either being lucky or unlucky when they wear dark clothes. Whenever my parents and I drove downtown Seattle at night time there would always be that one person who would be all covered in dark clothes. This type of event would always get me thinking, as to why people it and the dangers and the consequences the person would have to face. My core reason why I bring this up is that it would be hazardous to all if they do this type of stuff. I mean sure that is what they want to wear when they go outside but what they wear would also blend in with the surrounding. Which would cause a good amount of accidents and problems with the people themselves. The people who are driving would blame the jogger for almost causing an accident. Since, the driver was unable to see the jogger because his dark clothes just blended with the night sky and the dark surroundings.


The most unexpected hardship I’ve faced as a runner is that of ruining socks. I’ve never 100% grasped the importance of “running socks” as opposed to pitiful, everyday socks, but running experts much more knowledgeable than I swear by them. Be it the tight fit, superior material, sleek design, or fashionable flair, something about running socks makes them valuable artifacts.

03 25 matthew

Unfortunately, socks are often the first casualty of a hard run. This isn’t always the case, of course. Very often you can go for a wonderful run in beautiful weather and finish with every artifact of clothing unblemished. But sometimes things take a turn for the worse. Heavy rains can turn a well-maintained hiking trail into a muddy minefield. On particularly bad days, mud splatters absolutely everywhere, but most everything is washable enough. The socks, however, are a lost cause. Arguably the most fragile article in a runners’ wardrobe, the socks suffer the added disadvantage of being closest to the ground. The shoes will dry, the clothes can be washed, but the socks are unrecognizable. A good hard run can turn even a blindingly white pair of running socks into limp shreds of fabric resolutely displaying a uniform shade of brown.

You can try to save them. Soaking the socks for hours, drowning them in bleach, washing and rewashing, may yield some results. But I have never succeeded in reviving a pair of socks to their former glory. Heartbreaking though the loss may be, it’s usually not worth the effort it takes to work socks back into a reusable state.

Sounders’ Early Struggles

Hey everyone,

Seattle Sounders fans had some high hopes for this season with hometown star Jordan Morris coming on to the team. The only qualm was figuring out how to replace star forward Obafemi Martins and so far that has been difficult.

So far, the Sounders have lost all three of their games, scoring only two goals and letting in another five. Neither Clint Dempsey or Jordan Morris has yet to score and the defense has yet to achieve a clean sheet. With this poor start, it becomes clear that getting back to the quality team they were is going to take longer than expected. Morris, Dempsey, and Valdez need some time to get to know how to work together and the defense has to get a solid game under their belt. They have a long time til their next game which is in a week.

Across the pond, the English Premier League was in full swing. Each of the top three teams won there matches and Leicester keeps it five point lead for yet another week. The two Manchester teams played in their classic rivalry and United were able to come out on top 1-0. Its been a tough 2016 for Manchester City and their fourth place and qualification for next year’s Champions League is in jeopardy.

Next week, the best match-up is the Tottenham-Liverpool game. Liverpool has been an up and down team, but if they play their best, Tottenham will have their hands full. Tottenham needs the win if they want to keep pace with league leading Leicester.

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What is the iPhone SE?

Hey guys! This week I will be talking about the iPhone SE.

  • What is it? Is it a new iPhone? What is so great about it? Why does it look just like the iPhone 5S from 2013?

To answer that question, it is a mixture of yes and no, to sum things up. The iPhone SE is technically a new iPhone, but it isn’t at the same time because it is more of a replacement. In other words, it’s the iPhone 5SS, the S model of an S model. S model iPhones are just more of a hardware improvement than anything else, and they always look exactly like the base model (the one without the S, but the same number), but the S model has better hardware and lately, they come in more color and storage options, among other things. Also, this iPhone is meant to be a more modern 4-inch device targeted towards people who do not want a 4.7- or 5.5-inch device.

According to Apple’s website,, “[…] iPhone SE, the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever. To create it, we started with a beloved design, then reinvented it from the inside out. The A9 [chip] is the same advanced chip used in iPhone 6S. The 12‑megapixel camera captures incredible photos and 4K videos. And Live Photos bring your images to life. The result is an iPhone that looks small. But lives large.” See Apple’s website for more information.

The iPhone SE [at the time this article was written] is available for pre-order, and will be in stores March 31, 2016. Pricing starts at $399 or $13.30/month with carrier financing.

The new features of the iPhone SE are:

  • new 12 MP rear-facing camera, 5 MP front-facing camera
  • A9 chip with embedded M9 motion coprocessor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • new Rose Gold color option
  • Live Photos feature (but no 3D Touch)
  • NFC/Apple Pay

Compared to the iPhone 5S:

  • 8 MP rear-facing camera, 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • originally came in a new Gold color option, then that was removed, now the iPhone 5S is discontinued, but not obsolete
  • Touch ID was new at the time, but no Apple Pay or 3D Touch (these did not exist at the time)
  • No Live Photos

I hope this helped sum up what this iPhone really is. See you next week!

03 25 lennon

iPhone 5S, gold. The iPhone SE looks exactly like this but the back says “Phone SE” instead of “iPhone.”

You’ve Got Mail

You know what really irks me? spam email. Or maybe email in general. It feels like such an outdated system, like something cavemen used to alert each other of impending dinosaur attacks(I fact checked this sentence and found that it is 100% historically accurate).

First of all the layout is just so convoluted and confusing. I mean you got different folders for starred emails, sent emails, important emails, social emails, food-related emails, emails from your great aunt, etc. It’s just excruciating to navigate and on top of that the format is just so displeasing to the eye. It’s just thin stack upon thin stack of subject lines piled on top of each other. The inbox is like a gigantic landfill, stuffed with small nuggets of important information buried within layer upon layer of meaningless drivel that you have to wade through just to find out what time your doctor’s appointment was changed to.

03 25 eddy

And don’t get me started on spam. Spam is the absolute worst. It seems as though any time you click on anything on the internet you inadvertently sign up for a mailing list from a company you didn’t even know existed. Any time you sign up for anything your inbox gets bombarded with pointless emails that somehow make it past the useless spam filter and into your vulnerable life.

I feel like when email first started back in the 90s it was deemed as technological wonder. No longer do we have to painstakingly hand-write letters, put them in envelopes, glue on  stamps, go to a post office, send the mail, and have to wait a week for it to arrive, now we can just type some stuff on a keyboard and hit send the message arrives instantly! It is however not the 90s. On the contrary it is 2016 and we have far less clunky and easier to use tools for communication available such as texting and social media. Yet so many important transactions and correspondences still occur over email. It just refuses to fade into obscurity like so many other outdated technologies of it’s kind. We can only hope that one day the world becomes so sick of the spam and the overflowing inbox and the fwd:fwd:fwd: that they finally take a stand and collectively refuse to use email ever again.

Maybe one day. We can only hope.

Raymond Moore’s comments on women’s tennis

Director of the tennis tournament in the California desert as of right now, has been under scrutiny for his open comments on women’s tennis. He claims women’s pro tennis players “ride on the coattails of the men” and describes them as “physically attractive and competitively attractive.” Many complain this is sexist and uncalled for, and undermines serious players such as Serena Williams, whose serve speeds tops that of some men’s. He also later says, “If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport.” Many players, both men and women, refute statements made by the director. Moore later apologized for his comments, but not before being condemned by social media and other big names and stars in the tennis world.

Djokovic especially went under attack as well for some of his comments in response to Moore’s interview and statement. Djokovic claimed men should be payed more than women in tournaments because they have more viewership. Djokovic got attacked in social media over these comments, even though this is a shared opinion by many. The unequal pay distribution is a very big debate in many sports. Tennis tournaments for men typically have the most viewership, so it seems fair that they are the ones getting paid the most, because they are bringing the most viewership to the sport. However, the wage gap is still a widely disputed topic, so Djokovic later choose to clear up his comments.

Midnight Questions

You might have gotten the idea that due to the title, this post was going to be one of the usual Spookyspoon’s terrors.

Actually, no.

Have you ever had those groggy moments, you’ll be halfway between sleep, halfway between reality, falling in and out, your mind straying over random thoughts, coming and going like waves? Well, if you haven’t, I’d suggest you try this.

Some of the greatest ideas and questions appear during that time. Not that you would remember them, though. Chances of you remembering anything like that is less than 10% if you don’t again linger on such. As more time goes on, the chance of you remembering drops exponentially.

Anyways, spookyspoon has this happen occasionally. But me? I try hard to remember them. Sometimes I don’t of course. But sometimes I do. And in all honesty, these thoughts can be hilarious. Here are some of the few.

Did you know that sucking on watermelon doesn’t get any water out but biting into it releases the water? Why is that? (don’t ask me, these are my midnight questions after all)

Weird, right? Well how about this one.

Can bugs feel pain?

Now, I doubt you’ve read this far into the post. I wouldn’t. But ask yourself that, really. All those poor little evil skittery multi-legged things all over the place, the hundreds upon hundreds you’ve crushed in your lifetime so far. Did they all feel pain?

Now, spookyspoon was curious about this. And so I decided to look it up.

Scientists believe bugs cannot feel pain. The belief is that bugs can’t feel other types of emotions, and so pain also falls into that category. Another belief is that since bugs don’t have vertebrae or a spinal cord it is physically and literally impossible for them to feel pain. Ever. Now, they aren’t sure, but that’s the philosophy. Personally? I think they’re just saying that crap so they don’t feel guilty for being mass murderers of thousands of innocent bugs. (Hypocrite not included)

Now, here’s what spookyspoon is asking.

Be more attentive the next time you’re drifting in and out. And if you have a thought, or an ingenious idea that pops up during that time, WRITE IT DOWN. Repeat it over and over in your head so you don’t forget. Just think, you might come up with the next most popular model of car or how to survive on Mars. Or maybe even get the answer to a question you didn’t even think you  had.

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Big Babies

03 24

I have lived with dogs all my life. But one thing I will never understand is why they sleep so much. It is like they are babies. All they do is eat, sleep and poop. I wake up in the morning and have to step over their sleeping bodies as I walk through the halls. I get home from school to find them sleeping on the stairs. And I even have to go upstairs after dinner to lift the blankets on the dog bed, so Darcy can climb under them and go to sleep.

I often wonder what could possibly make them so tired. It is not like they go to school all day, go to the gym and work out and then come home and make dinner. In fact, in the few moments they are not sleeping they do nothing. They literally are the most dependent creatures in the entire universe. Besides bringing laughter and joy to everyone around them, they literally do nothing for the betterment of society. They are literally like babies.

But isn’t that why we love them? Isn’t that why we decided to get three of the furniture destroying, mess making, nap taking, fur balls? As purpose driven humans we long for the codependent relationships that bring joy into our life. And what better codependent relationships are there than the ones between a dog and his master? Maybe that is why dogs are “man’s best friend.” Maybe that is why you still keep your dog around even though they ate your only good pair of headphones. And maybe that is why they hang around us even when we are in the post bad-day-at-work mood.

Dogs are the biggest babies of all. They are the babies that never grow up and never leave your house. Well, I love my dogs and don’t ever want them to grow up…. I could go for less shedding though!

UEFA Quarterfinals Are Set

Hi everyone,

Four teams already qualified for the UEFA quarterfinals last week and four more qualified this week. Manchester City and Barcelona both set themselves up very nicely in their first games and they both were able to clinch there spots with solid performances. Barcelona dominated against Arsenal with a 3-1 victory. Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi all netted one goal. Manchester City had to keep their 3-1 lead and they did that with solid defensive play. Their match ended 0-0.

Athletico Madrid and Bayern Munich were the other two teams to advance, but they had a tougher time getting through. Athletico and PSV tied 0-0 in their first game and after 90 minutes in their second game it was still 0-0. They went into 30 minutes overtime and neither team was able to score. In penalty kicks, each team made their first seven shots! On PSV’s eighth penalty kick they hit the bar and Athletico made their eighth which put them through to the next round.

03 21

The craziest game this week was Bayern Munich and Juventus. The first game between them was a tie 2-2. Juventus got a quick start by scoring a goal in the first 5 minutes and another one later in the first half. It was shaping up to be a Juventus win, but Bayern scored late in the second half to make it 2-1 and 4-3 on aggregate. Bayern was pressing hard for a second goal and got one in stoppage time to tie the game! In overtime Bayern scored two goals to win 4-2 and seal their berth in the quarterfinals.

the end is near

hey friends!

Just a heads up, this post is going to be a lot more of me just sharing my thoughts with you than me giving you a concrete piece of advice. So, let’s get started!

03 21

That right there is me and my dance besties. At our second to last competition. 🙁 Dance in general has been a huge part of my life since I was 3, and dance team has been with me all through high school. It’s kind of terrifying for me to think what I’m going to do with the hours and hours of free time I’m going to have now that every single day isn’t taken up by 3 or more hours of practice. Unlike most sports, dance team is year round, so when it ends, it’s especially weird. It’s especially weird that this Friday will be the last time I get to go out and compete with these girls that I love so much.

I know I technically still have a decent amount of time before I’m graduating and heading off to college, but it’s never felt as real as it does now. I think everyone has that initial excitement that they’re going off and doing their own thing, studying what they genuinely have interest in. As the time draws nearer, though, you start to realize that you’re leaving 18 years of your life behind for a new one. All your friends and family, people you’re used to seeing every single day aren’t going to be such a constant part of your life anymore. You can call and FaceTime every day, but it’s really not the same.

While I’m super excited for the next chapter in my life, I’m also pretty nervous to leave behind this cozy monochrome life that I’m so used to. Starting over on my own will be scary, but everyone does it, so I know I can too.

I guess my advice would be to really live in the moment. Don’t keep waiting for the future, because you’re going to miss the past. I know I will.


March Madness

03 21

March Madness is arguably one of the best times of the year for people. March Madness is iconic because it gets everyone involved. Even if you don’t know any know any basketball at all you could still have a good bracket because the games are so unpredictable. so far the round of 64 is over and there are probably no perfect brackets left in the world. Middle tennessee has knocked off a favorite to win it all in Michigan State. That is probably the biggest upset of all time in NCAA March Madness history. A one seed has still never lost to sixteen seed in all the of the years of March Madness. There were plenty of upsets on the first two days that some predicted would happen and some did not. In my bracket I have North Carolina winning it all and they looked really sharp in their first game of the tournament with one of the best players in the country Brice Johnson. Oklahoma could also make a deep run with Wooden award contender Buddy Hield leading their front court. Guard play always plays a huge part in a teams success because managing the game comes in to play towards the end of the game. In NBA news the Golden StaTe Warriors, the best team in the NBA, play the second best team in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs tonight on espn at five thirty pacific time. This is the best matchup in the NBA right now with the two hottest teams playing each other.


The word frustrating doesn’t do justice to long-term injury. I’ve been grappling to find the language to adequately articulate my feelings about not being able to run in any meaningful capacity for several months. It’s a sort of gut-wrenching frustration, bitter disappointment, sporadic rage, and worst of all, an insidious, defeating sense of waxing hopelessness. I’m upset, angry, desperate, confused, frustrated, disoriented, and lost. I’ve been fighting and straining against the chains of injury only to drive the shackles deeper into my skin. I’ve abused my injuries with physical therapy, fought, willed my reality to change. My patience, never my strong suit, wore thin and disappeared altogether, and it hasn’t mattered. Recovery plods forward at its own inconvenient, maddeningly unhurried pace.

And yet, though frightening and at at times potent, hopelessness is relatively easily dispelled. Small victories of progress I never would think ordinarily to appreciate have become much more significant to me. Any extra distance, minute on a treadmill, mere existence with the absence of pain, is in a small way a reassurance or even something to take pleasure in. Months of injury is not what I hoped my senior year of running would look like. But I still have much by which I can call myself fortunate. The disappointment of the running I’ve lost is real and still aches. But I have a brighter future to look forward to. Progress is slow but extant, and with any luck I can live out the promise of running as a lifelong sport.

03 21