The first round of playoffs has officially started this week. The Houston Rockets made the playoffs as an eight seed to face the top seed the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors got off to a two to zero lead in the series, making it look like its gonna be a cake walk. But the Warriors lost the season’s most valuable player, Steph Curry due to injury. Curry has only played one game in the series so far but they won that game by more than twenty points so its clear that with Curry n the floor he Warriors seem unbeatable. But with him out of the lineup its a whole different story. Game three in the series the Rockets controlled the game and kept golden state on their heels. Klay Thompson who is the league’s second best shooter next to Curry, went O for seven from the floor which really hurt the Warriors on the offensive end because they rely on Curry and Thompson to make their three’s if they want to win. The Rockets were in the lead the entire game because of heir superstar James Harden. Harden had thirty five points including a game winning shot on what some believe that he pushed off his defender which could have been a foul call but the ref let them played on and the result was an easy jumper a little bit in front of the free throw line. The Rockets took game three of the series which makes a game 5 necessary.

Hot Tamales

04 22

Last Saturday night, my dad and I were in the living room watching one of our favorite TV shows. It was about 11:45 P.M. and we were into our fourth episode of the night. My mom had already gone to bed and taken the dogs with her. My sister, who had fallen asleep on the couch, had just woken up and zombie walked up the stairs to her bedroom. All the lights in my house were off and besides the sound of the T.V. it was completely silent. Suddenly, my dad told me to be quiet and pause the TV. “I think I hear something,” he said. “It is just the laundry machine,” I replied. But then I heard it too. It was not the laundry machine. It was a “crunch… crunch…crunch.” As my dad and I sat in fear, my mind began to think of all the awful things it could be. After about ten seconds of listening to the terrible sound I was convinced it was someone breaking into our house. But then my dad said, “Wait a second… Brinkley?!?!”

We both got up and headed into the dining room. Brinkley had snuck out of bed, creeped down the stairs, grabbed a box of Hot Tamales from an open kitchen drawer, carried them underneath the piano and begun to eat them. When I crawled under the piano I found that he had spit most of them out. Apparently he doesn’t like hot candy.

My dogs are full of surprises. This wasn’t the first time I thought they were a burglar and I am sure it won’t be the last.

run, baby run

hey friends!

A very important thing you need to do in life is exercise. A lot of people love to make excuses, like that they don’t have enough time or they’re skinny anyway without exercising–WRONG. BAD.

I’ve been under a terrible amount of stress these past couple of weeks, and the only thing that’s kept me sane is having at least an hour a day dedicated to working out. Exercise releases endorphins, makes you feel good about yourself, and is just plain good for you. It can clear your mind and when you’re running or working on abs or whatever there’s nothing else for you to focus on but what you’re doing, in the moment, and that’s what makes it so freeing.

I love making pump-up music playlist for my runs, buying new workout clothes (who doesn’t lol), and setting new goals for myself. I love getting new apps like the Nike Run app or the 7 minute workout app to keep my workouts exciting. For me personally, doing the same thing all the time gets boring, so I like to have that variety.

04 21

A great way to motivate yourself is to just leave your workout clothes right outside your room. On weekends I like to run in the mornings, but with school so early on weekdays, I prefer running in the evenings. Either way, seeing those clothes first thing when I get up or first thing when I come back home is a kind of motivator to force me to do it. It can be hard to start getting into the habit of working out daily, but once you do, it’s hard to stop.

The main thing, though, is you don’t have to do crazy ab workouts for 7 hours or run 20 miles to feel good. Everyone has different limits and preferences, and you can do whatever works best for you.

ADVICE OF THE DAY: please exercise, it’s a good thing


DIY Healthier looking hair

A constant battle for someone who wants long hair but loves coloring it, the other night I found the best recipe and now I am in love. My hair is so poofy because I have curly hair that has been being bleached and dyed for almost 6 years, and I have only recently started deep conditioning it.

04 20

What you will need / where you can find it

  • Dollar Store 6 FL OZ Simply Shea deep conditioner
  • Amazon 16 FL OZ Organic Extra virgin Coconut Oil
  • Amazon 5.5 FL OZ Mane ‘n Tail Leave – in cream Therapy
  • Safeway 32 FL OZ Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner

♦Some products you might not find (Dollar Store Deep conditioner) I have only found it at one dollar store in the state of WASHINGTON but others might act the same.


  1. In a 6 FL OZ container mix
    1. 3 FL OZ of Simply Shea Deep conditioner
    2. Clump of coconut oil the size of your fist or smaller.
      1. Break into smaller than a m’n’m size clumps
    3. 1 FL OZ of Mane ‘n Tail Leave in
    4. Fill the rest of the space with he Mane ‘n Tail conditioner
  2. Mix all together very well.
    1. I noticed that when I mixed it all together it didn’t reach the bottom of the container so try to get it all mixed.

This self made type product can be so helpful to damaged hair, I personally put the conditioner in just as a conditioner and it made a big change to my hair and I loved it already. Have a lovely weekend ♥Queen of Craft.

iOS 9 Jailbreak News/Update

Hey guys! This week I will simply be doing a brief update on recent jailbreaking news. I will also be including some side information about iOS 9 in general and what to expect in the near future.

Before you get excited, no, there isn’t a new jailbreak utility for iOS 9.3.x or 9.2.x, and if you have seen tools out there, they’re fake. Don’t fall for those, although if you’re in the jailbreak community, you’d most likely know better, but if you’re new to the scene, just keep in mind that those are fake.

Anyways, onto the real news; there isn’t a new jailbreak utility, but we are getting closer to the final iOS 9 updates. Currently, Apple has issued iOS 9 Beta 1 to developers, and according to reports, there isn’t anything significantly different about it compared to iOS 9.3.1; this is mostly a bug fix and security update. Apple is trying to make iOS 9 as close to perfect as possible so they can move onto getting iOS 10 ready and prepare for WWDC this summer. This is good news for both developers and jailbreaking. This is not the end of jailbreaking by a long shot. Not much has been heard from TaiG or Pangu but surely they are working on a new jailbreak for iOS 9. If you recall, Pangu released a jailbreak for iOS 9.1, which was released in October of 2015, only because someone within the jailbreak community provided them with exploits needed to jailbreak iOS 9.1, but since the firmware is so outdated, almost nobody was able to jailbreak. For those who could, they would experience bootloop.

My tips for you guys is to stay where you are; if you are jailbroken, do not update. If you are in an older or current version of iOS, stay there for now just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Until next time!

04 21

Left: iPhone 5S, jailbroken on iOS 9.0.2; center: iPhone 4S, jailbroken on iOS 9.0.2, but with fewer tweaks as it has less memory (RAM) to process tweaks; right: iPod touch (6th generation), jailbroken on iOS 8.4

Where is Atlantis?

Atlantis— I’m sure you’ve heard of the story. Atlantis was an ancient technologically advanced city that perished into the seas, never to be seen again. Some believe it’s fiction and was merrily a metaphor. Others believe the story might have a lot of truth and reality to it. Here, we will question the possibilities and theories surrounding this ancient civilization lost to time and lore.

Atlantis’ story rose with Pluto. Pluto was philosopher who lived in Classical Athens, Greece, between his birth in 428 B.C.E to his death in 348 B.C.E. He studied underneath another great philosopher (Socrates) and is well known today as being the founder of the Academy of Athens and his intellectual writings in the Western World, many of which touched on topics such as the philosophy of language, cosmology, and theology. Although many of his theories may have turned out to be incorrect, he was still a man of great knowledge (eventually teaching Aristotle).

Atlantis was first mentioned in two of Pluto’s dialogues; Timaeus and Critius, two of which are characters in his writings. In these, he describes the city of Atlantis as being politically and technologically advanced. It was located on an Island of great size, larger than the Asia Minor, and was made of three rings, making it a protective barrier against all atacks. Atlantis was also said to be located past the “Pillars of Hercules.” Today, the pillars of hercules is thought to be located along the Strait of Gilbatrar. Regardless, Atlantis was protected by the God Poseidon, and was led by a leader named Atlas. As they began to thrive and become a great trading post, their power widened, eventually overtaking sections of Europe, Africa, and Asia. In punishment for their loss of ethics and remembrance, within a ‘night and a day’ around 9,600 B.C. Atlantis was shook by a great earthquake and volcano, and sunk into the Ocean never to be seen again.

However, how did Pluto come up with such a wild story of some great civilization? Pluto wrote that his father was told by his grandfather, who was told by an Egyptian Priest. Many think Pluto would not have written of Atlantis unless he had believed it himself. His pupil, Aristotle, came to believe his master’s myth, however in later centuries many thought of it as a joke.

There is many theories surrounding the location of Atlantis and the facts behind the story, (if it be true). Some believe it was located in present-day Sweden, and that languages and cultures (many believe which stemmed off Atlantis’ culture itself) centers there. However, the most widely believed location for Atlantis today, is Santorini, Greece.

Santorini Greece is an island located off the shore of Athens. It is a ring of an island, the center seemingly having been blown away. Research began in the early 80’s. Many thought i was possible Santorini could be the location for the lost Atlantis. Teams discovered several factors that would help support this fact (you can watch this on History Channel for more description of their discoveries).

Firstly, Atlantis had to have the three rings. X rays of the ocean floor within the center of Santorini discovered massive land buildups. It was announced and proven that at one point, Santorini had multiple parts, that had sunk away into the ocean, around the time Atlantis was said to have sunk. They also found artifacts on the Ocean floor, pots and vases of a special particular design (a funnel shape) only having been seen in Atlantis. Workers at Atlantis, which were said to have been more developed, had also created a way to track trade (which at that time had not been technologically advanced or possible). They found slabs of clay with such tracking on it. At the time, workers created their own seal to press into their clay and pots. They found multiple of these seals at Santorini. A map/painting they discovered of the supposed Atlantis showed a thriving ecosystem with great fertilized soil, and colorful cliffs around main ports on the outer ring of Atlantis. Santorini had colorful cliffs that matched just those represented in the painting. However, the present land on Santorini today is sparse, and uninhabitable for plants. Digging on Santorini through multiple layers discovered the remnants or fossilized remnants of oak trees- which today is unable to grow on Santorini. This proved that at also around the time Atlantis sank, Santorini had been a thriving island with great growth of all sorts of plants.

Since Pluto was given his information from an Egyptian, researchers traveled to Cairo, and the great pyramids and tombs. On these, they found paintings of which depicted a great civilization, originally believed not to be connected to the Atlantis myth at all. However upon closer inspection, they discovered Egyptians in the paintings were holding the unique funnel vases discovered at and only at Santorini. This proved, the Egyptians may have also witnessed Atlantis’ demise centuries ago, and possibly even traded within Atlantis’ bustling ports.

Although Atlantis may not seem like anything special, they were, from stories, a very advanced society for their time. You may not be interested in Atlantis at all, but imagine the possibilities if we discovered the remnants of this Ancient city. The knowledge we would have, of cultures long lost, who may have traded in those ports. The mythology. The people. The possibilities!

This is spookyspoon, feeding you creepy, from day one.

Costa Rica

04 18 1 04 18 2 04 18 3

Another break means more travel! Looks like this is ending up as a travel blog after all! This past week I went to Costa Rica with my family. If you don’t already know, Costa Rica is a small country in central America. Of all the counties in the region it is the wealthiest, but its still considered a “second world country”. For the average income level it has consistently outperformed similar countries on the human development index. Strangely, they are one of the only countries in the world without a standing military. Its economy, while once entirely dependent on cash crops like coffee, has expanded to include pharmaceuticals, finance, and ecotourism. Everyone speaks Spanish and are for the most part very friendly.  If you are white like me, watch out: its warm (and HUMID!) all year round. Instead of the seasons as we know it, there’s a dry and rainy season. We came at the end of the dry. The country is divided by a mountain range that splits it into a Caribbean and pacific side. On both sides there are long sandy beaches and cloudy stormy rainforests. Costa Rica in general is just an amazingly beautiful place. The next few blog posts I hope to delve deeper into what was truly a trip of a lifetime. Surfing, zip lining, parasailing, horseback riding, long picturesque drives, cloud rainforests, and dusty, bustling city life were all amazing parts of the trip that I can’t wait to share with you!

Home Stretch Blues

To me, the period of school that lasts from after to Spring Break to before Summer Break is like the night before Christmas when you’re a little kid. You just can’t wait till it’s finally here.

There’s a restless feeling in the air. The weather gets warmer, the flowers begin blooming, and you can practically smell the tantalizing allure of summer because it’s right under your nose. Coming back from Spring Break everyone is aloof. It’s what happens when you give students a small sample of summer break before immediately thrusting them back into the dull humdrum of the school routine.

At this point many students will mentally check out, some even earlier. Their physical presence may be in a history classroom, but their mind, their heart, and the essence of their sou; will be drifting pleasantly on the warm sands of a California beach or in a cozy hammock under the big oak tree in their back yard. It’s inevitable. It happens to all of us, even the most dedicated students. I’m sure it happens to the teachers too but I can’t be 100% sure of that and who knows, maybe they love us students so much that they actually dread the summer.

04 18 after 3 P

Ha ha, just kidding of course.

During this time you will also see the physical appearance of students change. They will come in wearing flip flops, Hawaiian shirts, and chinos. The mood becomes a little lighter, the birds seem to sing a little louder. There’s just something in the atmosphere that makes your face tingle. Maybe it’s pollen, but maybe it’s the extremely viral summer vacation fever(It’s definitely pollen). You’re literally chomping at the bit. When the bell rings at the end of every day you feel the irresistible urge to throw your papers in the air, jump on your desk, and scream SCHOOL’S OUT, like you’re in some kind of 1980’s children’s tv show. You’ll then sprint out of the school alongside hundreds of other kids, into the basking glow of warm sunlight never to look back.

But alas, you know you’ll be back tomorrow. But only for a few more weeks.


Free Agency And Fantasy

Now that free agency has come and gone, the fantasy football landscape for next year has been changed drastically. With big trades and signings, many questions over players will be popping up over the course of the next 5 months. Here are some early offseason questions throughout the fantasy football world:

Is RGIII a potential sleeper candidate at QB? – Following a move to the Browns, RGIII is now the leading man to get the starting job in Cleveland. After a groundbreaking rookie year, Griffin has struggled with injuries and his ability to play well from the pocket. However, he was stuck in a situation where he lost strong connections with coaches and teammates and really didn’t have a fair chance to shine. With an offensive guru in Hue Jackson at head coach, the Browns should be able to build a solid offense around RGIII. If Josh Gordon stays out of trouble, I really think Griffin could potentially be a solid QB2.

Will Demarco Murray be a quality fantasy starter next year in Tennessee? – Murray was shipped to Tennessee this offseason for basically nothing so the Eagles could clear cap space. With Murray coming off a disappointment of a season in Philadelphia, it will be interesting to see if he bounces back next year to become a guy owners can trust week to week as a starter for their squad. Murray will have a lot of motivation to prove doubters wrong but he also goes to a Titans team that has been horrible the past 2 years.

04 18

Can’t wait for the fantasy football season!

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals

Hello everyone,

What a great week of soccer! There is so much to take about, but I think I will stick mainly to UEFA Champions League. Before that though, I am going to mention that the fairy tale continues in the English Premier League as Leicester City extended their lead to seven points. At this time last year they were in second to last place and now they are dominating the most competitive soccer league in the world. Another headline of last weekend was that Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 2-1 in what is known as the El Clasico. Usually an El Clasico would be the main topic for the blog post, but it just wasn’t a quality game and it didn’t mean much for the La Liga title.

On Tuesday the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal kicked off with Bayern Munich v Benfica and Atletico Madird v Barcelona. Bayern got the win 1-0 off a goal in the first two minutes of the game. The favorite to win the tournament, Barcelona, had some early struggles against Atletico Madrid. Madrid dominated the early portion of the game and went up 1-0, but 35 minutes into the game a Madrid player got a red card. Barcelona put major pressure on Madrid for the rest of the game and was able to get two goals. A missed opportunity for Madrid, but it will be an exciting second leg.

The two games on Wednesday were Woflsburg v Real Madrid and Manchester City v Paris St Germain. Wolfsburg pulled the upset on Real Madrid 2-0 and Manchester City was able to stick with PSG in a game that ended 2-0.

04 18

Full 90 Reporter


Who can beat the Golden State Warriors in a seven game series? The Spurs and Warriors played last night in Oakland, which was a highly anticipated game and the last match up between the two best teams in the west. All of the Warriors losses this season have been to teams that are most likely missing the playoffs. The Thunder have the star power to compete with the Warriors but some don’t think it will be enough in a seven game series. Russell Westbrook has tied Magic Johnson for the triple double record at 17 triple doubles in a season. So with Russell Westbrook putting up numbers like that they have a shot but if the surrounding cast can contribute, the Thunder have a legitimate shot at winning a title. Now in the East the Cavs look to be the contender to face either the Warriors or Spurs. Toronto really has the only shot at beating the Cavs in a seven game series. But the Cavs are one injury away from missing out on a back to back final run. They sustained an injury to both of their key stars in Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. With those two back, the cavs think its their year to win it all. We all know the Spurs will bounce back from their loss last night against the Warriors and Coach pop will get them going in the right direction. But will their old team hold up in the playoffs? The past few seasons the spurs have surprised us, so it will be curious to see how they do in this playoff.

Hardly Working (out)

When you walk into a gym for the first time it can be a little intimidating. Your ears are masqueraded with the sounds of guttural grunts, metal blocks smashing against each other , and a faint Taylor Swift song playing in the background. There are big buff guys in tank tops hammer curling 80 lb dumbells, old men somehow deadlifting 250, and the slight scent of salty sweat and pure masculinity wafts through the air.

I know I felt a little out of place when I first started going to the gym. I was also excited however. I had everything planned out in my head. I would start working out three times a week, starting slow at first but gradually building up in intensity. I had a workout regimen in place, dedicating one day each to legs, chest, and biceps. I bought two large containers of protein powder, new workout clothes, and loaded my phone with DMX songs. I was ready. In a year I would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I was sure of it.

By week two I was already making excuses. “Well my ankle’s kinda sore I better not risk it.” “I have an essay due in two weeks there is absolutely no time for excercise.” “Alan Rickman just died. I’m still grieving” I would say going to the gym had become a chore, but doing chores never left me doubled over gasping with my heart palpitating so hard I thought I was dying.

After a while I had to start mentally fighting myself to make it to the gym three times a week and keep my commitment. I was so full of ambition at the start but after a while I felt like barfing every time I even saw treadmill. The worst part is I wasn’t even seeing results. It’s easy to overestimate how soon you’re gonna be able to look like Popeye after you start working out. A month in I gazed at myself in the mirror expecting to see bulging biceps and a barrel chess. Instead I just saw a scrawny, dissapointed kid looking back at me.

I came to understand that like most things in life, working out and going to the gym took hard work, discipline, and a boatload of patience. It’s gonna be physically exruciating, mentally taxing, and emotionally[insert adjective]. but at the end of the day you have to stick with it.

I didn’t.

Thanks for reading.

Mariners Open Up Season in Arlington

On Monday the Mariners begun the 2016 campaign at Globe Life Park against the Texas Rangers. Felix Hernandez took the hill for the M’s, standing atop the mound for his ninth straight opening day start.

The game started off with a couple of solo shots for the Mariners, Robinson Cano took an 0-1 pitch deep to right field off of Rangers started Cole Hamels on his first swing of the season. Kyle Seager then launched a moonshot into the right center field bleachers off Hamels the next inning.

After a shaky first inning where he hit a batter and walked another, Felix cruised through the next three innings unscathed, without a hit on the board. Then in the fifth, Hernandez walked Rougned Odor and then Odor stole second on a failed hit and run attempt. Adrian Beltre then grounded one to Seager at third who tried to tag out Odor instead of getting the easy out at first, which caused him to boot the ball. Felix then issued another walk, and then another walk, allowing Odor to score from third on the force. Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder blooped a ball into shallow left field the next at bat which proved to be the Rangers only hit of the ballgame and tied it up at two. Ketel Marte then committed the second error of this disastrous fifth inning before Hernandez retired the final two batters to get out of it allowing only three.

Hamels eased his way through the Mariners lineup through seven innings allowing only three hits, and despite a late rally in the seventh the Mariners weren’t able to push through that third run and dropped their first opening day game in nine years by the score of three to two.

Hisashi Iwakuma faces up against Martin Perez on Tuesday.

Welcome to the Family | Glossier Phase 2 Review

To honor my traditions, I am here with a review of Glossier’s newest products. They recently launched their Phase 2 Kit, their take on makeup. As you may recall, their Phase 1 Kit was skincare (the Rose Spray has been switched with the Milky Jelly, but both are still available individually as well). The kit includes the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G sheer lipstick. I’ve tried everything, and I am still a big fan. I have already reviewed the Boy Brow, and it still works well (I wear Blond). The Stretch Concealer is dewy and medium coverage, but a super light feel. It never cakes up, and can be combined with their Perfecting Skin Tint for a flawless complexion. I wear the Stretch Concealer in the color Light, and initially I worried it would be too pigmented, since my under eye area is super light, but it is sheer enough to blend perfectly. For matte full coverage I set the concealer with my Chanel powder I’ve previously mentioned by packing it on with the puff, and then lightly dust it over the rest of my face to mattify the skin tint using a large fluffy brush.

04 08

I got the Generation G in the shade Cake, which is their most natural and neutral shade. The color is perfect for everyday use, and it feels very moisturizing and soft. I am really looking forward to trying the three other colors, all of them more dark and colorful. Glossier’s idea was that it should be easy to do your makeup, no tools or even mirrors necessary. I think they have done very well in keeping to this, as you can just easily swipe this across your lips and not worry about lipliners or crisp lines.

I also finally got my hands on the Coconut Balm Dot Com, which is their most popular seller and is thus constantly sold out. I really like using it specifically on my lips and I’ve started mainly using my plain Balm Dot Coms on other dry areas, since the coconut tastes and smells so much better. It definitely makes a big difference using the salve instead of a typical lip balm, and I highly recommend it.

For a simply and natural everyday routine, I highly recommend getting your hands on some Glossier.

The Blonde Blogger