how to survive freshman year

hey friends!

Freshman year can be really scary. Stepping into the halls of a gigantic high school filled with a bunch of older kids is certainly not easy. But, lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to hopefully ease a little of your tension and help you have a successful, fun, stress-free freshman year!

  1. Become friends with upperclassmen: Having an in with the older kids is definitely a good thing. Not only will you get great advice on things to do and mistakes to avoid from people who very recently experienced the same things you’re experiencing, but it’s also just nice to know you have some friends outside of your own grade. Branching out is never a bad thing.
  2. Join a sport/club/activity: Being on a team not only allows you to have fun doing whatever activity it is that you enjoy, but it also helps you meet a ton of people. Having a constant group of people you enjoy spending time with and who share your passions can be really awesome and add a sense of security knowing you have a place where you belong.
  3. Be nice to everyone: Freshman year is not the time to be cutting ties with anyone. You want to create the best possible impressions on everyone so definitely try to stay on people’s good sides. As you get older, you figure out who your real friends are and all that, but you want to be keeping your options open as much as you can while you’re a freshman.
  4. Be as prepared as you can be: Headphones, Tylenol, Kleenex, deodorant for after PE, extra glasses if you wear contacts, and lots of lined paper are necessities at school. You don’t want to be left having to ask people for this stuff every day–it’s going to annoy them, and you should be independent anyway. It’s the scariest to be needing one of these and not have it when you’re a freshman and you’re already overwhelmed by high school.
  5. Make an EFFORT: A lot of people regret not trying in their classes or with other people their freshman year. It’s important to get off to a good start!

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Joining a sport can be a really great way to meet people! It’s a lot of fun!

ADVICE OF THE DAY: At the end of the day, don’t stress too much. Even if your classes seem tough, or the upperclassmen scary, you’re going to survive and it’ll all be fine 🙂


Keeper/Dynasty Leagues

Fantasy leagues come with a plethora of options for how you and your competitors will play over the course of the season, but also how you play over a number of years. Standard leagues reset on a year by year basis. However, keeper and dynasty leagues allow for owners to keep part or all of their roster from one season to the next .

So what are the reasons behind playing a keeper or dynasty league?

I think the main reason people play these types of leagues is to bring more skill into the equation. When rosters (or parts of rosters) are carried over to the next season, it brings in more a real life GM feel to the game. Also, it changes the dynamic of a league to one that replicates real life. The trade deadline becomes a point in the season where the guys who are out of the playoffs can deal some of their better players for future draft picks and/or prospects. In a keeper/dynasty league, owners definitely have a lot more control over their success than those whose rosters are determined by a random generator every year.

However, there are some negative aspects to these leagues. First off, if there is any turnover among owners then the whole keeper idea doesn’t always work out all too well. Also, things are much more simple without keepers. A new year means a new start for everyone, regardless of how they did last year. It gives hope for all fantasy players that this is the year they dominate and take home the championship.

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Some of my friends are already mock drafting for next season.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the conference finals by defeating the Toronto Raptors in six games. The cavs started out two games ahead of the raptors but they took both games back on their homecourt to tie the series up at two games to two. The cavs then turned it on in game 5 at home beating the raptors by double digits. The Cavs are the better team but the Raptors had a shot at getting the upset. In game six in Toronto the Caviliers won on their opponents home floor making a statement and advancing to the nba finals for the second straight season. Toronto has a bright future with two great young guards that almost beat one of the greats to ever play the game. Lebron was with out Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in last years final but this year he will be fully loaded and ready to go this time around. As for the Western conference finals the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder have been trading blows all series. It’s now tied after the thunder went up three games to one but you just can’t count out the golden state warriors and MVP Steph Curry. Curry and Thompson have led the Warriors all year long and will continue to lead them to the finals. But there will be a game seven on the Warriors home floor in Oakland. Kevin Durant and Russ beat them in game two on their home court but it could be a different story this time around.

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Happy trails

I’ve focused a lot on extraneous aspects of running (like running gear), but one of my favorite things about running is actually hitting the trails. First of all, jogging around a track can’t compare to running through a forest or up a mountain or whatever. You really get to know the trails, the twist and the turns, the dynamic scenery, and the familiar routes. The team spends a lot of time running through the networks of hiking trails crisscrossing the mountain behind the school. The forest is a really cool place to run in any season; in the winter when it’s quiet and frosty and the trail crunches beneath your feet or in the spring when it’s lush and alive and you have to dodge overgrown thorn branches hugging the path. I spent several weeks at a summer camp where I rose shortly after the sun every morning to run off the beaten path; along old access roads, behind the horse pasture, past these really cool wetlands  tucked in the woods, and so on.

More formal paved running/biking trails are great for long runs or tempo runs or other similarly controlled workouts. On these you run across (no pun intended) a lot of people who know exactly what you’re doing — just how many bikers and runners exist in the world is almost startling if you ever take the time to notice them. There’s a really great moment of mutual respect and understanding and sympathy anytime two runners approach each other running in opposite directions, make eye contact, and nod.

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Met Gala Fashion Review

Although the Met Gala was a couple of weeks ago, there’s one dress I just can’t get out of my mind, so I decided to do a belated Met Gala review. The 2016 theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. This theme was approached in a couple of different ways; one was the differences between machine and handmade clothing. The other was how technology is incorporated into fashion. There were a lot of silver robot gowns and mini dresses, which I found predictable and boring. The showstopper was Zac Posen’s glow in the dark ballgown for Claire Danes. Initially it just looks like a beautiful, perfectly crafted light blue princess ball-gown, but in the dark it lit up like a galaxy. It was adorned with subtle LED lights, enough to light up a whole town, but small enough to not look tacky or like a craft project. It was absolutely stunning and totally outshined all the Tron-lookalikes and crafty Louis Vuitton mini-dresses. Like always, Beyonce was gorgeous in a skin-tight beaded latex Givenchy dress. Lily-Rose Depp wore a white Chanel, and Alicia Vikander wore the only good Louis Vuitton look of the night, a manus-inspired red, gold, and printed mini. Although Olivier Rousteing is one of my favorite visionaries and designers, as creative director of Balmain, his looks were pretty, but not new. His most noted look was that on Kylie Jenner, and although it was a beautiful fitted silver metal dress, it was nothing new, especially not on her. He creates beautiful shapes and bedazzled designs, but for a theme with so many innovative possibilities, it did not live up to my expectations.


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FA Cup Final

Hello everyone,

This past weekend there were two huge tournament finals. The first was the FA Cup, which is played by only English clubs and the Copa Del Rey, which is only played by Spanish teams.

The FA Cup final was between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Both teams felt as though they underachieved during their regular seasons, so this was a chance for them to do something great, Manchester United was the clear favorite and it looked that way in the first half as they had most of the possession. However in the second half, Crystal Palace began to find their stride and scored the first goal of the game in the seventieth minute. Manchester United came back just four minutes later to tie the game 1-1. After that point the game really started to heat up. The game spread out and both teams were counter attacking. The game ended up needing extra time to decide a winner. Crystal Palace looked as though they could have had, because Chris Smalling of Manchester United was shown a red card in the extra time. However, miraculously, Manchester United scored a stunning goal with a man down to win the FA Cup.

It was a close match for the Copa Del Rey, between Sevilla and Barcelona. This match also went into extra time. When extra time started both Sevilla and Barcelona were playing with a man down. Barcelona were able to score two goals in the extra time period to win the Copa Del Rey and the Domestic Double (win Copa Del Rey and league title).

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This may be it for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and original iPad mini

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Hey guys! This week I will be talking about some not-so-recent iOS devices. Namely, the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and original (non-Retina) iPad mini.

Apple has always done a good job of keeping devices as up-to-date as possible. For example, the iPhone 4S came out in *October of 2011, shipped with iOS 5, the iPad 2 came out in *March of 2011 with iOS 4.2.1, and the iPad mini came out in *November 2012 with iOS 6.0.1. All of these have been discontinued in terms of manufacturing but they have been continuing to receive updates, even the latest one, iOS 9.3.2, released May 16, 2016 to the general public. (*release dates in the United States and Puerto Rico)

It is highly likely that iOS 9 will be the last iOS version these devices will receive, while the remaining devices will go onto iOS 10 and so on. These devices [that will be continuing on] include:


  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus


  • iPad 3 (maybe)
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Pro 12.9″
  • iPad Pro 9.7″

iPod touch

  • iPod touch (5th generation) (maybe)
  • iPod touch (6th generation)

The reason there is a “maybe” next to the iPad 3 is because it didn’t really offer anything new in terms of hardware except a new Retina display (and terrible battery life as the expense), a slightly better version of the A5 chip, the A5X chip, better cameras, and 4G LTE connectivity if you purchased the Wi-Fi + Data model. As for the iPod touch (5th generation), it features similar technical specifications from the iPhone 4S, except that it runs iOS 9 much better. Because of this, it is possible that these devices may not make it to iOS 10, but at the same time, they might, considering their performance differences compared to their similarly “spec’d” counterparts.

We probably won’t know for sure until WWDC this June, from June 13-17, in San Francisco, CA. Apple will host the keynote on their website after the event, like usual, so watch it once it’s available if you would like to know definitive information about this topic.

Just as a little side note, in terms of jailbreaking past iOS 9.1, a jailbreak tool has not been released by neither TaiG nor Pangu, but they are steadily working on it. Apple has released another beta version of iOS 9.3, which would be iOS 9.3.3. It’s a better idea if they wait until Apple is completely finished developing for iOS 9 and shifting gears to focus on iOS 10 only. A reputable source, who shall remain anonymous, has achieved a jailbreak on iOS 9.3.3, but he does not have plans to release it for a number of reasons. He has not released one in the past, it is not stable, as has been in the case in the past, and Apple would patch it almost immediately. He just demonstrates that it is possible.

I will keep you guys posted; until next time!

Mariners Win in Spectacular Fashion

The Mariners played their second game of a three game series against the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday.

Nathan Karns started for the Mariners against Oakland starter Kendall Graveman.

Karns pitched five innings, giving up five hits and three runs, all earned while walking two and striking out three. It wasn’t his normal sharp self that Mariners fans have become accustomed to over the past month or so. Karns struggled to locate his fastball and was forced to throw his curveball more often when he was behind in the count. Still he was able to minimize the damage to only three runs.

For Graveman it seemed as if he was always pitching with runners on as the Mariners were able to jump on him for seven hits and two walks through four and a third innings. Although the Mariners had a high number of baserunners, they were only able to put two across the plate against Graveman

Karns left the game with the M’s winning two to one after failing to get an out in the sixth and allowing two base hits to start the inning. Nick Vincent came on in relief and allowed each of the two baserunners to score before allowing two basehits of his own and a intentional walk to load the bases. Vincent then struck out A’s outfielder Jake Smolinski before Mike Montgomery came into the came and allowed a two run double to Coco Crisp. This was Montgomery’s only blemish of the night as he finished out the inning and then allowed only one more hit over the next three. After six, the Mariners trailed five to two.

To start the eighth inning the Mariners pinch hit Franklin Gutierrez and he rocketed a double off of the middle of the center field wall. The next batter was Robinson Cano who belted a two run homer to right center to make it a one run game.

In the ninth the Mariners first two hitters were each retired and then Nori Aoki stepped up to the plate and hit a perfectly placed ball down the left field line for a double to bring up Leonys Martin. Martin then did this, a two run blast on a 1-2 changeup from Oakland closer Ryan Madson. There was no doubt that it was gone right off the bat, Martin then turned to the dugout and flipped his bat in excitement as Mariners fans were sent hope happy.

Final: SEA 6, OAK 5

being healthy

hey friends!

I’ve never exactly been extremely unhealthy or anything, but I recently made a commitment to really genuinely being healthy. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle and it feels great! This isn’t for everyone, but this is what I’ve been doing to feel good about myself. I don’t really crave tater tots and mac ‘n’ cheese and cookies as much as I expected, and I don’t feel disgusting and hate myself after eating an unhealthy meal cause I don’t have any of those anymore!

For my workout routine, I’ve been running 2 miles every day. Beyoncé does it so obviously it’s a good thing 😉 Rain or shine, no matter how sore I am from a previous workout, I will always run. Even if I have a ton of work to do, it’s a necessity. I have found that as hard as it is to sometimes force myself to start it, I always feel really good once I do start running. The fresh breeze and listening to pump up music and just having time to myself where there’s nothing else to really think or worry about feels so nice. I prefer to run outside rather than on a treadmill. Running outside just feels nicer in this cool weather and the varied steepness is good too. In addition to my running, I’ve been focusing on toning for a different part of my body each day–the four parts are my abs, arms, legs, and butt. I know this isn’t a super demanding or difficult workout routine, but it’s what fits nicely into my schedule because I don’t necessarily have the time to be spending 3 hours at the gym. If you’re super busy, I would recommend getting the 7 minute workout app! You can do as many cycles as you want and it’s backed up by a ton of research for being super effective! I always shower after I work out–I shower twice a day, once real quick to clean myself off in the mornings, and a more thorough one in the evening.

As for my diet, I’ve been watching what I’m eating pretty carefully. I love having 2 scrambled egg whites with chopped up peas, corn, carrots, and beans, and a homemade smoothie (using my favorite juicer!!) for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I’ve been really enjoying eating salads, zucchini pasta (check out the Kitchen Supreme spiral slicer which you can use to make spaghetti noodles out of vegetables), lots of quinoa, and as many veggies as I can fit into my diet. Some good snacks have been nuts and quinoa/veggie/kale chips, but I try to stay away from those as much as I can.

05 25]

It is also important for me to be drinking as much water as I can throughout the day. Not only does it keep me from getting super hungry, but it also is great for my skin and body in general.

A weird thing I like to do when I’m working out my abs is to only be wearing a sports bra and running shorts, so I can physically see my abs flexing which is cool and motivational. Maybe it’s a weird thing only I do but I really enjoy it 🙂

ADVICE OF THE DAY: The way you’re going to be healthy is different for everyone! Don’t stress or think you have to follow certain rules–everyone is different and you can choose some of my ideas if you want and they interest you. Being healthy feels good and I’m proud of myself. I love that feeling.


Serena’s Tennis Domination

She has done it again, not to many peoples surprises. She had a victory over Madison Keys in the finals of the tournament in Rome earlier this week. This surprises and shocks many because many people think Serena has been not focusing on playing recently, and more focused on managing her career.

This shows many how she can take off some time to focus on other stuff and not train as hard and still manage to dominate the court. A lot of people felt she was not prepared for the tournament but she still managed to win the entire tournament, even with her being rusty. She is so talented, she simply does not need to play tennis to dominate it, as Washington State Journal puts it.

Many have been talking about the fact that she has only appeared this season in four tournaments and played a total of twenty one matches, and this last one she won she played on clay, where she had not played on clay all season. The last time she has played a match was in March, two months ago in Miami. Most tennis players can not just walk on a court, and win a tournament after not playing on clay for the entire season. Some say this could give her that refreshed wave of playing well many players get after taking a few weeks off from the sport.

This definitely speaks to Serena’s talent as a tennis player, and she continues to wow onlookers as one of the most talented players of all time.

Barcelona Wins the League

Hello everyone,

Barcelona struggled for the first time in a long time back in April. They lost their UEFA quarterfinal match to rival Atletico Madrid and they went a few games in the Spanish Leagu without winning. However, Barcelona was able to rally and win their final five games of the season. The combined score in those games was 24-0. Barcelona was able to fend off Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to win their second straight Spanish league title.

The final day of the English Premier League was Sunday and few teams were fighting for to stay in the league. For those of you who do not know, the bottom three teams in the Premier League have to move down to the second division league and the top three teams in the second division get to move up to the Premier League. Sunderland had to win or tie on Sunday to remain in the Premier League, while Newcastle was hoping for a Sunderland loss. Sunderland played a tough match to earn a 2-2 draw with Watford. So Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Norwich City are forced to be relegated from the league. Burnley, Middlesbrough, and one other team will be promoted to the Premier League for next season.

The FA Cup final and the Copa del Rey final will be played this weekend. In the FA Cup final Manchester United will be playing Crystal Palace and in the Copa del Rey final Barcelona will play Sevilla. Two very competitive games that will be able to fulfill the soccer needs of many fans.

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Running addict

Running is surprisingly addictive. You wouldn’t suspect it at first. After all, plenty of people find running repellent. Most people have relatively tepid emotional reactions to running. There are certainly aspects of running that could be called unpleasant. The physical stress, the discipline training requires, the bizarre fashion are all aspects of running some may find distasteful.

05 23

But any habit is hard to break. There are many people who come to enjoy running. Indeed, the joys of running and the endorphin rush are cherished by avid runners. Running is an accepted and even anticipated part of the daily routine, as natural and indispensable as eating lunch. Runners get to a point where nothing feels right without a run. It’s your daily exercise. It clears your mind, energizes your spirit, maintains your fitness, gives you an edge for the rest of the day.

It’s even possible to experience running withdrawal. You should be able to make it through a day without running. You might feel a little restless or jumpy by the end of the day, especially if you hadn’t planned for a rest day. But a day or two off doesn’t kill. But after three, four, five days without running (usually because of some injury or unavoidable obligation) you begin to feel the symptoms. Nothing is right. You’re not quite yourself. Your mind isn’t as sharp, your body is too sluggish, your tolerance for stress is low. Often crosstraining is the only available form of therapy.

Conference Finals

05 23

The NBA conference finals are under way. The Western conference match up is what many NBA fans wanted to see. The number one seed Golden State Warriors face off against the number three seed Oklahoma City Thunder. Both these teams have high powered offenses with superstars at almost every position on the floor. Arguably three of the five best players in world are playing in this series, those players include the likes of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and the most valuable player Steph Curry. The first game of this series was under way on Monday as the Thunder took game one of the series. They were down for most of the game but the splash bro’s struggled in the fourth quarter making only one combined three pinter. Kevin Durant also only made one field goal in the fourth quarter but it was down the stretch to give the thunder the lead late. Russell Westbrook brought the Thunder back from a halftime deficit by scoring 19 points. He was on fire and nobody could contain him but early in the game he was off so something must have happened during halftime. Dion Waiters had a surprising game by leading all scorers off the bench. His clutch three pointers late in the game really gave the thunder momentum. The Warriors did bounce back though by beating the Thunder by more than twenty points in game two. The Thunder had no answer for the MVP Steph Curry as he had thirty five points leading all scorers. Kevin Durant had another nice game but Westbrook struggled.