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If you know me – which you don’t because I am not supposed to tell you my name – you know I always have drawings on my arms. And if its not a drawing, its a note to remind me of something that I could have easily written elsewhere. The point is, I think tattoos and body art are the most beautiful things in the world. (Drawing on myself in pen is pretty much the closest I will get to one for a few more months). In today’s world, even with their growing popularity, tattoos are still viewed by most as a sign of defiance and that is absurd. Our body is our canvas, and inking it up does not devalue us! I think tattoos can tell so much about a person: their passions, virtues, loved ones, etc. Sometimes I see random people with insane or really cool body art and I will ask them about what it is and what it means to them because my obsession with tattoos overpowers my fear of strangers. Everyone has their own unique ideas and each have a meaning behind it, whether its beautiful or funny. I am so excited to write about them. I’m making this not only because I find the art and culture fascinating but I really want to get some inspiration myself! If this blog is still up by February 2017 I’ll be able to blog about my own tattoos. I’m going to get a lot. Johnny Gloom is my username because he is my favorite tattoo artist by the way, you should definitely look him up.


Gohnny Jloom (I feel like I am less likely to get sued if I do this)

Introduction – politics

Hello everybody, this is my first post for my new politics blog (as the title suggests). Mainly I will be discussing US politics and the US political world. As everyone knows that the United States presidential election between Trump and Hillary is occurring, so I will be sure to touch on that for every post. The reason why I chose to focus on politics for my topic is because whether we realize it or not politics is one of the most important current events taking place in the US. If you don’t know or understand what is happening in the US political system, then I can assure you that you won’t understand the laws being passed, or why that they are being passed. I have always found politics interesting, but it is hard to get into and especially to understand all the different angles. Despite what it might seem, Democrats versus Republicans, the issues and the sub factions within both the parties make what might seem like a clear-cut system becomes quickly confusing.

This is going to be a sample of some of the things I plan on posting:

A bill to fight Zika and fund the government was recently passed. It costs about 1.1 billion dollars, and was probably passed because our government was about to shut down. Go figure. The bill was first brought forward in February, so it has spent about seven months being reworked until a final comprise was agreed upon giving both Democrats and Republicans something to call a victory. Meanwhile about 50 citizens in the continental United States and anywhere from 450-21,000* local cases has affected the US territories.

* Puerto Rico records its Zika infection results retroactively, so that is the explanation for the 21,000 infected with Zika. The reality is probably much lower.

Hello Fellow Travelers!

This year I’m going to be blogging weekly about travel. Some weeks I will explore a country or place and tell you about the best ways to experience it, while others will be full of tips and tricks to make your own travels go smoother.

I was first truly inspired by travel when I left my home country of America and went to spend a year abroad in Spain: to say that it was the most incredible year of my life is to put it lightly. While I was in Spain, I had the opportunity to explore different places and experience new things with my host family, including an amazing, week-long backpacking trip in the Pyrenees. There was so much history and culture in Spain that I was constantly learning new things about the place I was in and the people I was with. I would go to bed every day, tired from living so fully, and that feeling is one I can never fully replicate.

These experiences and feelings are some that I will never be able to forget, and they have inspired me to pursue a career and lifestyle that will allow me to travel as often as possible in hopes of living more incredible moments and adventures. This blog will act as a way to prepare for that lifestyle and also hopefully to curb the wanderlust that I’m experiencing at a time in my life when travel is not possible.

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see you next week!




Introduction- Sociology at a Glance

Hello my former readers! I’m Sociogal and this is my first blog post of the school year. I’m very pleased to share my thoughts and findings with you! As shown in the title, I will be blogging this year all things related to sociology which will be including books, movies, and discoveries from around the world. I will start off my first blog by telling a little bit about myself as a person. I can definitely say that I consider myself extremely outgoing in any matter of situations. I love getting to know and learn about people individually in social settings like perhaps around my small town or near my school campus. Getting to know a variety of people from different backgrounds is exciting and interesting to me because every single individual on this earth has a unique personality. My philosophy is you can never have too many friends. Being such an approachable person who loves to spend time learning about people as a community and what impacts them leads me to believe that I have so much to offer for this blog! Speaking of this blog, the topic I have for today to start us off with is, what’s the definition of Sociology and what makes up a Sociologist?

Sociology by definition is the study of human social relationships and the development of human society. The subject of matter is so diverse it goes from religion to culture, or race to social classes. These factors can make up a land of social stability or not depending on the people within the community. The main reason we learn about sociology is to understand a human’s actions and see how it shapes within the world by surrounding behaviors. Sociology looks deep into social causes and consequences. For example we face currently gender identity.

What makes up a sociologist is carefully gathering evidence and analysis about the human life to develop a better understanding of what spreads throughout the community. Sociologists create surveys, observe interactions with experiences, and analyze historical documents. They think intelligently, use communication, and evaluate. By evaluating humans, they can better understand the outcomes of the many.

That’s a wrap everybody for looking at Sociology at a glance. Stay tuned for next time!



Introduction- TheCollegiate

Hello! I’m TheCollegiate, and this is my very first post on Issaquah’s blog! This year, I’ll be blogging about anything and everything related to college. I’m a high school student getting ready for the next step in my academic career, so I thought I’d offer advice and information to those in my same position. I’ll be writing about a wide-range of topics- how to write a college application letter, how to show interest in colleges, and more.


However, before you’re able to do anything college related, you want to have at least some idea of what colleges are right for you. The lists of available colleges, from community colleges to Ivy League schools, can seem daunting. Here are some tips and tricks on how to narrow down your search, and find the perfect fit for you.

  1. If you have an idea of what you want to major or minor in, research what colleges are the best for that field of study. While some schools may be fantastic overall, they may not offer the best programs for the particular major or minor that you want to study. Knowing what ones are the best for what you’re looking for can greatly narrow down your research.
  2. Talk to friends or family. If you have older siblings who have already gone to college, ask them about their experiences at their school- what aspects of it did they like, didn’t like, and any other questions you may have. If your friends or family know people who went to a school you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to ask them to put you in touch with said person. You’re going to be spending quite a bit of time at college, so you want to make sure the school you choose will provide an enjoyable experience.
  3. Acknowledge what you’re looking for in a school- for example, location and size- and try to find one that accommodates your needs and wants. How big do you want the campus to be? Do you want a college that’s located in the south, or one that’s in New England? Applying your wants to your research will help you choose the best fit for you.
  4. Schedule tours of colleges in your area. Touring the campus allows you to really get a feel for what your day-to-day life would be like in that school, and not to mention, the tour guide will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about the school.

Finding the perfect college for you may seem easier said than done, but it is achievable. All you need to do is combine your personal criteria with some research, and you’ll find the best fit for you in no time.


Hi! This blog is dedicated to the top best things to do in Seattle. I have so much love for this city. My objective is to explore everywhere from major tourist attractions to the inner workings of Seattle, and share the most exciting findings to this blog. Living here for over eight years, I still feel unfamiliar with the city and made it my goal to become a total expert, to learn every in and out of this hustlin’, bustlin’ town. My first stop? The Elephant Car Wash.


Adorning every Seattle postcard and magazine is of course the Space needle, right next to that however, the iconic bright pink elephant sign. The Elephant Car Wash-a popular Seattle landmark was opened by the Anderson family in 1951 and it became the first automated car wash in Washington state. Throughout the years, the car wash has claimed to have “seen celebrities, politicians, foreign diplomats, and past United States Presidents.” The original car wash rested on the corner of 4th and Lander, but five years later was the opening of the famous rotating Elephant Car Wash sign on Battery Street. I visited this world renowned Seattle attraction to see its glory for myself. Nestled among apartment buildings and construction zones, this vibrant car wash truly livens up the streets. Cars were lined up in the lot, ready to receive their state-of-the-art scrub down and I was extremely impressed by the efficiency of the car wash. Not only is it an unique travel destination but it will leave your vehicle squeaky clean. Overall the Elephant Car Wash on Battery Street is a worthwhile landmark for those wanting an iconic photo-op or looking to kill some time.

Thanks! See you next week.

Introduction+Week 5 Preview


Cougar Fan here. Welcome to my blog about college football! I am a big college football fan. My favorite team is the BYU Cougars, but I am also a big Washington Huskies fan, as well as a fan of the Sun Belt Conference, as well as many other teams. I watch a lot of college football and stay up on the big stories in the sport. On this blog you can expect to find summaries and previews of big games, as well as my views on important college football issues.

There are several games that intrigue me this weekend. Here are some of my thoughts on a couple of them:

  1. Toledo at BYU

This will be a very interesting game. BYU is hoping to snap a three game losing streak, all three against big name, Power-5 conference opponents, as the 4-0 Toledo Rockets travel to Provo. Despite putting up big offensive numbers themselves, and stifling opponents offenses thus far this season Toledo comes in unranked, and in my opinion, underrated. If BYU has been overlooking Toledo, especially with a matchup with top-20 ranked Michigan State next week, the Rockets could give BYU all sorts of trouble. The Cougars are hoping to finally show some increased efficiency on offense after underwhelming, and potentially questionable performances in their first 4 games of the season. It should be an interesting matchup.

2. Stanford at Washington

A top-10 matchup will take place tonight as the Stanford Cardinal travels to Husky Stadium to take on Washington. The Huskies have plans to gain control of the Pac-12 North, and end the long lasting Stanford/Oregon hold on the division, a hold that has lasted ever since the Pac-12 expanded and split into separate divisions. The Huskies boast an offense that has put up some fireworks in the first few games of the season, although those games have been against fairly weak defenses. Sophomore quarterback Jake Browning is hoping to continue with the success he has had thus far in 2016. Do it all wide receiver, punt returner, and kick returner John Ross III should test the back end of the Cardinals defense. Stanford has a good skills player themselves. In fact, running back Christain McCaffery may just be the best skill player in the whole country. With a developing passing game, Stanford will look to put up some points on the Husky defense. This will be a good one.

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My First Post!

Hey everyone,

It’s time to introduce myself to you all! This year I will be blogging about the environment as it is something very important to me. I’m new to the area and just moved from California to Issaquah a few months ago. Over the summer, I had a great time exploring all the amazing hikes and beautiful scenery all throughout Washington. Living most of my life in Southern California, I experienced a stage 4 drought and saw mainly dead grass and dirt instead of the forests we have here. Watching the lake in my town dry up within a few months and witnessing constant brush fires made me realize just how sensitive our planet is and how many of us neglect it.fullsizerender-1

As long as I can remember, I have been hearing about how it is important to conserve our resources and be respectful of nature-so why do people seem not to care? Many people make poor environmental choices based on their convenience and don’t realize the later consequences it will bring. With a growing population, great changes are coming our way if we don’t start being more responsible. I can’t stress enough how urgent some of these problems are and how easy it is to be kinder to our environment. From issues such as global warming, deforestation, and other forms of pollution that we as humans are responsible for, my goal is to inform you all and help you make smarter environmental decisions so we can live on a healthier, happier planet. I am very excited to begin sharing more about this topic soon!

My first blog post!

Hi, I’m The Horror Tribute and i’m a horror movie addict and i will be reviewing some movies.I will be reviewing the movie Stephen King’s 1980’s “The Children Of The Corn“. This movie first starts out when a child talks about what happened three years ago in the town called Gatlin. He went to church with his dad and they went to Hansens, a restaurant in Gatlin. His dad wanted to call his wife because he was worried about the boys sisters Sarah because she had a fever. He went to talk about how he saw Malachi and the others in the restaurant. His sister was drawing something while in s 104 degree fever. The others starts to kill the adults in the restaurant. He explains that Sarah draws pictures of what is happening when she is nowhere near that pace in particular. The music choice and editing are pretty good considering it was made in the 80’s. The main two characters besides the children are Peter Horton as Burt Stanton who basically tried to save his girlfriend from the “cult”. And Linda Hamilton as Vicky Baxter, who gets captured by the children and sacrificed to Isaac, the cult leader. They first were planning to go through Nebraska to go to his new job. They accidentally hit somebody on the road who turns out to be a child who’s throat that has been slit and they put him in the trunk. They take a suitcase who belongs to the boy that covered in blood. They find a old gas station, and they meet an old man who doesn’t want to help because he has an agreement with the cult where he supplies the children with oil and the kids will spare his life. Then when the couple leaves Malachi kills the man.

Burt and Vicky end up in Gatlin. While trying to find someone in an abandoned house, they meet Sarah, who says that she is hiding from Malachi and Isaac. Vicky stays with Sarah while Burt goes into town. Vicky gets attacked by the children and Malachi and she gets sacrificed and ends up surviving. She and Burt end up burning the corn fields and escaping after “he who walks between the rows” shows himself. The music choice and editing are pretty good considering it was made in the 80’s I highly recommend this movie because it’s enjoyable and its most importantly, a classic. I hoped you enjoyed reading my brief review and summary of The Children Of The Corn.