How To: Simple Halloween cookies

Hello Again! Since Halloween is very near i wanted to share with you all one of my favorite cookie recipes to make not only do they include two of my most favorite things to eat but they are also combined in one cookie! These cookies can be made not just on Halloween but for other holidays as well, so you can make these cookies whenever and add you own design whenever! i would also say that this recipe is so easy because of its use of ingredients and cooking time which is always convenient. So i hope you enjoy this recipe and Happy Halloween see you again soon!


1 cup shortening

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup packed brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 Eggs

1/4 cup milk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

2 bags Hershey kisses (Milk chocolate candies)

  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl combine shortening, peanut butter, brown sugar and white sugar mix until smooth.
  3. Slowing one by one beat in eggs and stir in milk and vanilla extract.
  4. In the same bowl combine flour, baking soda and salt mix well until blended well and smooth.
  5. With a spoon scoop out spoon shaped balls and mold then more circular and rolls then into extra white sugar- place on pan sheet.
  6. Bake for 10-12 mins
  7. After time is up remove from oven and insert chocolate in the center of each cookie, allow to cool and enjoy!
  8. Bonus! if you want to follow the Halloween spirit you can decorate with orange and green frosting!

NFL Week 7: Vikings Finally Fall

A red hot start to the season, the Minnesota Vikings and QB Sam Bradford went to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. This is Bradford’s old team and he had a disappointing career there so the fans tried to rattle him all game long. It seems to have worked as the Eagles handed the Vikings their 1st loss of the season in a 21-10 victory.

Sam Bradford of the Minnesota Vikings getting strip-sacked in their first loss to the Eagles.

Sam Bradford of the Minnesota Vikings getting strip-sacked in their first loss of the season in Bradford’s return to Philadelphia

The Carolina Panthers, my favorite team, were on a bye week. They are really struggling this season so hopefully they can bounce back after a week of rest. My fantasy team lost by 0.3 points. That is 3 yards. That’s just how my luck is this year in fantasy football. I need to win every single game for the rest of the regular season to make the playoffs, so my team needs to turn up. I just picked up Jay Ajayi, the running back for the Miami Dolphins and he might save my season. He has led the dolphins to back to back wins and has had back to back 200 yard rushing games to go along with 3 TD’s in those 2 games. That has only been done 5 times in NFL History. He has had 33 and 28 fantasy points in the last 2 weeks which is amazing. The Cleveland Browns continue to show they are the worst team in the NFL losing yet another game to move to 0-7 on the season. Quarterback problems, horrible defense, 2 of the many problems for the Browns.


Happy Friday!

This week we’re headed down under to where Christmas falls in the middle of the summer (’cause who wouldn’t love a surfboarding Santa?). That’s right…. Australia! People from all over the globe have bunches of (sometimes unfounded) ideas about Australians, from their sun-kissed skin to spending all their time having ‘barbies’. Let’s see what the real scoop is!

There is something of a stereotype of Australia that everything there is poisonous. While it is true that some of the most poisonous spiders in the world reside in Australia, and their 60,000 kilometers of coastline make them particularly vulnerable to shark attacks, deaths from Australian fauna are fairly low. If travelers do their research and take proper precautions to stay safe, there is no reason why people and nature cannot interact peacefully.

This island nation also boasts some of the worlds most beautiful underwater views of reefs and sea-life.

Great Barrier Reef royalty-free stock photo

This is part of the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the most famous naturally-occurring sights in the world. This particular sight is dubbed “The Heart Reef”, and has been filmed many times for uses in movies and is quite well-known.

Another one of Australia’s main attractions is the Sydney Opera House. The huge building shows off fin-like architecture and makes the Sydney skyline unique and beautiful. Travelers can participate in a wide variety of activities and see many different kinds of shows at this bustling performing arts center.

Overall, Australia is an incredible travel destination that may even surpass its own reputation for beauty and splendor.


Sounders Make Playoffs!

Hey everyone,

The Seattle Sounders made it into the playoffs! After a spectacular last half of the season the Sounders turned a dismal start into a quality season to keep their streak of playoff appearances alive. They now have an elimination game against Sporting Kansas City. The Sounders have never fared well in the playoffs. In seven years they haven’t ever made it to the MLS championship and only once have they made it to the conference finals. However, this season has been an unorthodox season with many new players and a new coach, so Sounders fans are hopeful.

The English Premier League has been incredibly competitive and fun to watch so far. Five teams are within one point at the top of the table and every week there seems to be surprising results. Last week Chelsea defeated Manchester United 4-0. Manchester United is the only big name team that is slipping behind the pack and they arguably made the biggest changes too. Paul Pogba, who United bought for a record price, has yet to been the dominant force that they hoped for and Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t been the prolific goal scorer he has been in the past. It is hard to see that these two world class can stay dormant for so long, but United fans are getting impatient.

There aren’t many high profile games in the English Premier League, but over in the Italian League there is a huge game. First place Juventus plays second place Napoli for an important early season match. Also, look for the Sounders this Friday.


Full 90 Reporter


Finding Unclaimed Scholarships!

Hey everybody, TheCollegiate here, and today we’re going to talk about scholarships. I’m going to write a series of posts in the next couple of weeks that are all about scholarships- applying for them, how to ensure that you will be awarded them, etc. However, today’s post is all about unclaimed scholarships.

Many scholarships go unclaimed yearly- in fact, $2.9 billion worth of scholarships are unclaimed. Perhaps the reason that this is the case is because students either don’t know where to begin when applying for scholarships, don’t know what scholarships are applicable to them, or aren’t sure they even have a chance at being awarded them. However, all three of these scenarios can be solved with just a little bit of research.

To find what scholarships are applicable to you, you can stop by the College and Career Center here at IHS to gather information, as well as do internet research to find as many ones that you qualify for as possible. There are scholarships out there for those who meet certain academic requirements, those who are minorities, as well as those who are first-generation college students- there are numerous scholarships out there that you could qualify for! One awesome internet resource is Big Future by CollegeBoard, which has a whole page dedicated to finding the perfect scholarship for you- you can find them here:

There’s no denying that college is expensive, but if you want to minimize all of the expenses, as well as the amount of time that you’re burdened with paying off your student loans, scholarships are the perfect way to ease that burden- so be sure to take advantage of them! With as many scholarships that go unclaimed every year, it would be silly not to at least try to obtain some of them. So get out there, do some research, find what one’s are best for you, and go get some scholarships! note-book-1492516-1280x960

Mrs. Sheffler’s 43rd Birthday

Hello all,

This week I have decided to shake things up and not blog about school or work. I am blogging about something much more important, my mothers birthday was this past Thursday. I started off the day by bringing my mom breakfast in bed right when I woke up for school early in the morning. I proceeded to go to school and right when I got back I decided it would be very nice of me to do all my chores. I usually procrastinate when I have chores but it was the least I could do for my mom.

Later I let my mom pick a place for dinner it was my treat. She decided we should go to Red Robin because she had a free hamburger coupon so our dinner was fairly cheap which made my job a lot easier.I am never a big fan of spending money especially work money. I would do anything for my mom because I love her and it was her birthday. Red Robin happened to be packed when we went so the wait was a solid 45 minutes. However, I could not wait to tell the staff it was her birthday so they would sing in front of her. That kind of stuff always embarrasses her. After dinner I drove home and then showed my mom the cake and card I surprised her with. She cried of excitement and it made me feel so special because I did not know I could make my mom feel so happy.

Social Inequalities Impacting the United States Part 2

Hey readers it’s sociogal again! Happy Halloween to anybody trick-or-treating on Monday. Hopefully the weather won’t be too windy like last year. I thought today I could blog another post about social inequality. This week’s focus will be on the LGBT community facing social injustice in today’s society. Keep reading to find out more.

Despite the growing support for equality of all citizens, there has been rough waters for estimated almost nine million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans whose daily lives are limited by a lack of state and federal protections. For example, same-sex couples can now marry in 35 states, but a lack of widespread nondiscrimination protections means wearing a wedding ring to work can result in a gay worker being legally fired in 29 states. In most states, LGBT people can also still be refused service and denied housing, and there are no laws protecting LGBT students against bullying in schools. Fewer than half of states have passing or expanding laws which aim to protect LGBT individuals from bullying in schools or discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations like restaurants and stores. LGBT workers often cannot extend their health insurance coverage to their partners or children. Without family and marriage tax deductions, LGBT families may pay additional taxes while having reduced access to benefits like Social Security survivor benefits. Due to these inequalities, LGBT people are more likely to live in poverty and suffer from health problems. I think that it’s time to fully address these inequalities in the United States and ensure protection under the law. Thanks for reading guys catch you next week with a new subject!

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Halloween In Space!

Cassini Mission Halloween Themed Art.

NASA: Cassini Mission Halloween Themed Art.

Happy Halloween! The photo above is this year’s Halloween art for NASA and JPL’s (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Cassini mission of Saturn. You can find Halloween mission art from over the years here ——–>

This is the last Halloween for this mission which will end on September 15, 2017. Cassini mission’s final phase is called The Grand Finale. This mission was the first to do an in-depth study of Saturn and its complex rings and many moons. The spacecraft has been in orbit around Saturn for nearly 13 years, its study of one of the moons, Enceladas, has revolutionized planetary science; but let’s talk about the important-sounding Grand Finale, shall we?

Starting this month, Cassini will begin to dive closer to Saturn. In April, it will jump over its rings and begin orbiting closer and closer into the planet. On September 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, it will make its final plunge into Saturn’s thick atmosphere “where it will burn up like a meteor, ending the epic mission to the Saturn system,” NASA. No other mission has ever explored these areas so close to the planet, making it highly enlightening to finish this way. The work NASA and JPL have done has been incredibly lucrative for furthering planetary science, and I will probably be talking more about some of the things learned from this mission. Even in the years after a mission, the data is analyzed and more conclusions will be drawn. We might already possess the information the next genius brain will use to come up with a new idea, we just haven’t gotten to it yet.

NASA: Cassini took this photo of one of Saturn's moons

NASA: Cassini took this photo of one of Saturn’s moons

I wanted to quickly add this photo of one of Saturn’s moons. Does anyone else think it resembles a certain weaponized space station in a galaxy far, far away…. 😉


Week 9 Preview

Hello, Cougar Fan Here. Here comes week 9 of the 2016 college football season. Here are some key things you need to know.

Biggest game: #4 Washington (7-0) at #17 Utah (7-1)

This is a huge game in the Pac-12. Washington hopes to continue its run to the College Football Playoff with a win in Salt Lake, but the Utes may have other plans. This is will be the toughest test of the season thus far for both teams, and may be the toughest they will face all season. I believe that this is a very good match up. Washington’s offensive line going up against Utah’s defensive front seven will be a very interesting match up. Both are very quality groups. It will be key for Washington to get its running backs going, led by Myles Gaskin, to open up opportunities for Jake Browning in the passing game. With a big game, Browning could gain a lot of national respect when it comes to the race for the Heisman Trophy. Last week against UCLA, Utah running back Joe Williams rushed for an incredible 332 yards, and Utah hopes to ride him to the upset victory. I don’t expect the Utes’ quarterback Troy Williams to play too well against this great UW defense, so Utah will need to establish the running game in order to be successful. It should be a very physical game, and one that will have a major impact on the Pac-12 Conference this season.

Other fun facts:

9 undefeated teams remain, and seven of those are playing on the road this week. If they all avoid the upset, then there would be a crazy amount of undefeated teams entering the first week of November.

Image result for washington vs utah football 2016

Jake Browning looks to have another big game this week as his Washington Huskies travel to the University of Utah

Rapid Extinction–We Should Be Concerned


The rising temperatures are destroying the Polar Bears’ habitat and the decreasing fish population has left the bears without a source of food.

Hey everyone,

I know just last week I was talking about climate change and how concerning it is for our planet, but I just read about another really interesting impact it has! Apparently, climate change affects and impairs the survival instincts in certain animals because high CO2 levels can impair the way they behave! According to an experiment conducted by the University of Exeter, the increasing levels of CO2 disrupt the senses of fish including their smell, hearing and vision, causing them to be more prone to predators. Some research even suggested that the levels are causing them to swim towards predator smells instead of away and ignore the sounds that normally deter them from risky habitats. In the past 50 years alone, the population of fish in the ocean have decreased by 50 percent devastating many species who rely on each other for survival. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “Global climate change is one of the major drivers causing the ocean to change more rapidly than at any other point in millions of years.”
Not only are fish hit hard by climate change, but other species like Polar Bears whose habitats are slowly melting away and Koalas that depend on diminishing eucalyptus trees as their main source of food are also in danger. Species have been able to adapt to climate changes in the past but the rapid pace in which our planet is changing is concerning and many are worried whether or not they will be able to keep up. At least 10,000 species go extinct each year, an alarming rate in which humans take a large part of responsibility for. Our planet’s state of crisis is only getting worse, which is why we all need to be more conscious of how we are treating it. Hopefully more of us can be more thoughtful about the other species we share this planet with and decrease this dangerous problem.

The time of year for fun-guys:)


amanita muscaria, a species well known to get larger than the size of dinner plates during the fall.

It’s autumn is the pacific north west; the returning grey skies, wind storms, the familiar rain, and of course, the fungus! Despite this being a mostly botanical blog, fungi which resides in a whole other kingdom of life, lives in complete harmony with plants. The large mushroom in the attached photo is growing into the roots of nearby plants and trees to engaged in a symbiotic relationship. The fungus is retrieving nutrients and moisture and brings it to the root systems of plants and enriches the soil. Fungi species like the amanita muscaria (pictured) even rely on these relationships to survive. Though we do not fully understand how this works.

During fall, the foot hills of the pacific cascade turn into a hot spot of a huge variety of fungi. From deadly poisonous or culinary mushrooms that sell for over $20 a pound; all call the mountains and coasts of the pacific north west their home. The climate created by the close proximity of the cascades and the pacific ocean supports a perfect growing environment for fungus and mushrooms.

There are entire families of fungi that participate in these symbiotic relationships; often called mycorrhizal fungi. A lot of these mycorrhizal fungi are very benefial to the growth of plants. It has become a popular practice to inoculate gardening soil with spores from these fungi, so plants have a helping hand in the soil, while also supporting the growth of the mycelium(fungi roots) in return.

So next time you see a lil’ brown mushroom on your lawn or in your garden, be appreciative. Its doing your plants a favor:)

NFL Week 6: OBJ Makes a Statement


Odell Beckham Jr. scoring on one of his 2 long touchdown catches against the Ravens.

This year has been a slow start for superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Not a single touchdown in the first 4 weeks, fantasy football disappointment, looks very frustrated. He even said he wasn’t having fun out there. When you have the talent of Odell Beckham, you  can  have a breakout game at any time. He decided for it to be in week 6. He caught 8 balls, 222 yards and 2 touchdowns in an important victory against the Baltimore Ravens. Terrelle Pryor continued to shine at WR, catching 9 balls for 75 yards and 2 TD’s. However that wasn’t enough for the Cleveland Browns to get their first victory. They lose 28-26 to the Tennessee Titans and red-hot Marcus Mariota. Carolina Panthers secondary is torched once again against the New Orleans Saints, and they lose 38-41 in a shootout. The #1 team going into the season is now 1-5. They will have a bye week next to get their team together. The Buffalo Bills destroyed the 49ers off LeSean Mccoy’s 3 touchdown outing. David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliott once again dominated and led their teams to victories. My fantasy team once again lost… I am now 1-5. This is the worst start to a season I have ever had in fantasy. DeAndre Hopkins has disappointed me after I picked him #3 overall. Once again, Tom Brady showed no weaknesses in an almost perfect performance against the declining Cincinnati Bengals. Lastly, Jay Ajayi broke out for the dolphins and had 204 rushing yards to go with 2 TD’s. I will be picking him up in fantasy and hopefully he can save my season.

NFL Week 5

The story of this week was the return of Tom Brady. After facing a 4 game suspension, Brady returned to the field to take on the winless Cleveland Browns. He went off for 406 yards in the air and 3 touchdowns. I was playing against him in fantasy football and he pretty much single-handedly beat me.


Brady pumps his fist after throwing 1 of his 3 TD’s against the Browns in his return from suspension.

Sammie Coates decided to have a breakout game for the Steelers. He had 139 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Not very many people expected that from the rookie out of Auburn. Martellus Bennett had 3 Touchdown receptions. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 4 touchdowns in a big victory against the New York Jets. Ezekiel Elliott and David Johnson continued dominance as the top 2 rushers in the league, leading both of their teams to wins with 2 TD’s each. The Carolina Panthers continue their struggles, playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football. The Panthers were 1-3 heading into the game. Their MVP Quarterback Cam Newton is out with a concussion so it was Derek Anderson to start. They lost on a last second field goal after Cameron Artis-Payne’s 2 TD’s on the ground and Greg Olsen’s 181 yards in the air were not enough. The Broncos lost their first game of the season to the red-hot Atlanta Falcons. Backup QB Paxton Lynch started his first game replacing the injured Trevor Siemien. The Minnesota Vikings get a big win over the struggling Houston Texans to keep their perfect record. Brock Osweiler has not lived up to expectations for the Texans after a big contract in the off season.

Blog post for the week of 10/17


Hey everybody. What a week this has been in the political world. Congress is still out of session and with the campaign reaching its climax it is hard to concentrate on anything else beside the election.

So the final presidential debate was on Wednesday the 19th, and boy oh boy it was a bare knuckles brawl. The biggest news of the night was Trump’s declaration that he wouldn’t accept the results of the election (which he later clarified that he would if he won). Now this is kind of big. Many Trump supporters equated this to when Al Gore made a similar statement about the 2000 election when Florida needed a recount to determine that election. At this point I don’t believe that it is my place to put my opinion any further than this.

The debate itself was vicious. Both candidates stuck to policy, and each side heard what they wanted to hear…for the most part. After about 40 minutes into the debate Trump seemed to lose his composer due to several statements made from Clinton, which effected him for the next hour and securing the debate victory for Clinton.

As it stands now, it seems hard to think how Trump can turn this around. Currently he is trailing by 9-13 points behind Clinton, and with early voting already occurring, every day he could be losing more and more undecided voters before he can possibly change their minds. Even with the recent Wikileaks coming out about Clinton from hacked emails, the election seems pretty decided. Now it seems the question will be by how much. The more votes Clinton gets the more votes also goes to Democrats competing for House and Senate seats. So if it is a land slide victory there is a chance that the Democrats will control the House and the Senate. And even bigger, Clinton might be lucky enough to select three new Supreme Court Justices, which will give Democrats a huge political edge for the foreseeable future.

Well that seems to be it for now, see you next week.