Opinion: Platform Exclusivity is Always a Bad Idea.

In the current day and age, many people choose to consume music via streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify being the leading two in the business. Tidal exists too, but has far less yearly subscribers and tends to get more negative feedback than the other two. This being said, the respective services tend to constantly sign deals with big artists so that their new album can be exclusive to their platform, at least for a while. And I get it. you’ll have a large influx of new users for a month or however long the album is exclusive, but after that, they’re most likely going to cancel their subscription. So is it really worth it to deny users of your competition music from their favorite artists? It would be hard to justify this. in February of 2016, Kanye West released his then Tidal exclusive album, The Life of Pablo. It was met with fairly positive reception, but was only available on Tidal for a painful four months. I used my free trial to listen to the album, so I didn’t lose anything, but what about users who had already used their trial? They couldn’t purchase the album digitally or physically, so their only option was to pay a premium for Tidal or download it illegally, which obviously isn’t the best idea. Most recently, Jay-Z has done the same thing with his Grammy-nominated album, 4:44. This one is permanently exclusive though, so I have no way of ever hearing it, since I use Spotify. Overall, I find this to be a negative business model and only makes me less likely to subscribe to said services as a protest to such actions. I doubt a change will be made, but a guy can hope, right?

Too much nutrients?

In our diets these days, it can be difficult to consume the amount of vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy. Are we even aware of all the daily micro-nutrients needed to keep the body well? Vitamin A, C, D, E, K…Minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid..

Yes, you do need these things and others to survive, but getting too many fat or water soluble nutrients can be dangerous. This is from you eat or from supplements. Excess of all nutrients can cause toxicities. Taking in too much may harm tissues where the vitamin is stored in the body.

Fat soluble vitamins reside in your body’s fatty tissue and liver, and are used as needed by the body.

Water soluble vitamins dissolve in water and are generally not stored by the body.

Because water soluble vitamins dissolve in water, the body needs a continuous supply from the foods you eat or supplements you take. These include Vitamin C, B12, Niacin, Riboflavin, Tryptophan, Pantothenic acid, Biotin and Folic Acid.

Too much of vitamins and minerals leads to heart and nerve problems. You probably won’t have this be a problem, as long as you aren’t going overboard on your supplements.

Just be aware. All in moderation, but also make sure you are getting all that you need.

Have a great day and keep moving forward. 

How the Internet Sparked the Popularity of American Boyband Brockhampton

If you haven’t already heard of BROCKHAMPTON, a collective of singers, rappers, producers, and designers, that’s okay, because I’m going to do my best to describe them and how they rose to popularity in 2017. Originally forming in Texas through the public online forum “KanyeToThe”(a public message board for fans of Kanye West). The group came together in 2015 and features a variety of multi talented artists, including the group’s “leader,” Kevin Abstract. Abstract had released 2 full length albums before putting all of his energy into the boyband’s music. In 2016, they released a free to download mixtape titled ALL AMERICAN TRASH. The mixtape was mostly well received, and listeners drew similarities between brockhampton and rap collective Odd Future. However, they were definitely more diverse and more versatile than Odd Future, boasting multiple singers and instrumentalists as opposed to just a group of rappers and a few producers. They gained a bit more traction but overall had a pretty low key 2016 year. This was just the beginning, though. Not too long into 2017, the group began to release singles for their newly announced album, Saturation. The singles were met with positive reception, and websites such as Pigeons and Planes and Complex began to recognize and promote their content with positive feedback. The summer of 2017, The album released to much acclaim, drawing influences from MIA, Kanye West, and others. This wasn’t the end. In August, the group released Saturation II, to even more recognition and positive reception. With two albums and a North American tour, they really started to go places. Fans tweeted out their songs and albums, and they really began to gain traction. Then, in December, they released a third album, Saturation III, which ended the trilogy and story of the last two albums. The third record peaked at number 38 on the Billboard charts, and it was easily the most popular album they’d released. As of now, they’re on another tour, and have yet to announce a release date for their 4th album, Team Effort. They’re certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Brockhampton – SATURATION III Album Review

Originally from Texas, but now residing and operating out of Los Angeles, rap group or self described Boyband hits fans with their third album this year, following June’s SATURATION and August’s SATURATION II. Brockhampton’s standout feature is that they’ve consistently made enjoyable records with lots of personality and lyrical content, coupled with unique production that borders the line between hardcore rap and melodic r&b ballads. SATURATION III is no exception. The album’s opener, Boogie, hits listeners like a truck. Featuring high tempo production, Jazzy horns, and police sirens in the background, it’s a dancey, fantastic track from start to finish. Following this is Zipper, which is one of the group’s uniquest tracks. the production is bouncy, and the lyrical styles of each member is accentuated to the most enjoyable extremes. But the best track on this project has to be Bleach, which stands out as a beautiful song for multiple reasons. The chorus is emotional – featuring falsetto vocals and warm guitar chords. Each member’s verse, especially member Matt Champion. Lines like “Why can’t I speak out?” and “I can’t make this up, I can’t take it back” left me feeling multiple emotions. Overall, SATURATION III hits all the marks Brockhampton is known for. If you’ve heard of them or not, you should definitely start now if you like alternative hip-hop and indie influences. The boy band is on the fast track to stardom. I can’t recommend their music enough. No tracks are getting skipped this time around. Go listen to this album. 9.5/10.

The Clash of Mid-sized Sedans

Hi Everybody!

Today we will talk about the most average car in the United States of America, the mid-sized sedan. This car class alone has the best selling car (not truck) in America. The Toyota Camry. There were three of these cars redesigned this year, the best seller Toyota Camry, the runner up Honda Accord and the Korean Hyundai Sonata. While the Mazda 6 got a refresh. Both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have been going neck to neck in sales for the past two decades. The unchanged other cars are the average Chevrolet Malibu, radical Ford Fusion, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima and the Volkswagen Passat.

I have personally had experience with the Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry. I must say, all these cars are very different from each other. Starting with the Ford, our family has rented two. A 2009 SEL V6, and a 2016 SE 2.5. To be honest, the SEL did not feel luxurious what so ever, mainly due to its dreadful navigation system and rather hard leather seats, but has potent performance and great looks. The SE for a four cylinder, drove very nicely and it had stunning looks. It also had a very roomy interior. But when you do not get the optional MyFord Touch system, the 4.2 inch screen is pretty sad to look at. Overall, the Fusion is not a bad car.

The Nissan Altima, oh boy this car has a lot of issues. After six trips with six Nissan Altimas in a row, I have had a very unfortunate relationship with this car. We have always rented the 2.5 S trim, which is the value package. To be completely honest, its not a horrible car. It is incredibly spacious, and has amazing zero gravity seats. But being paired with a straining CVT and a weak engine, it feels very gutless when accelerating.

The best seller, Toyota Camry hits the spot each time. Yes I know practically everybody has seen one of these daily, but honestly it is such a great car. It is actually quite luxurious, especially when you get it fully loaded. Like the air purifier and the very convincing faux wood trim. All the engine choices make sense, a 4 cylinder, v6 and hybrid. Now adays most car companies use just turbocharged four cylinders, which is deemed unreliable and less refined. I have owned 2 Camrys so far and both were great. The old 4 banger drove smooth while the v6 turned out to be one of the smoothest cars I have ever drove.

That pretty much wraps it up, if there is a family sedan to buy, get yourself a Toyota Camry. It only makes sense why it is best selling and luxurious.

Top Underrated Things in the Parks

Hey it’s Fastpass Master here! I wanted to talk about some of my favorite parts of both Disneyland and California Adventure that I absolutely love but sometimes feel like are underappreciated. Sometimes the most popular attractions can overpower these other gems and I think they deserved to be shared. So here are my top five most underrated favorite things about the parks!  

  1. The Disneyland Railroad is such a fun way to get around the parks. You get to relax while you watch the scenery change around you as you go from land to land. Not all guests utilize the Railroad, but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a different view of Disneyland. One of my favorite things about the train in the semi-secret Lilly Belle Train Car. This special caboose is only attached to the trains every once and awhile and was built for Walt and his family. He named the train car after his wife. Not many people know about this special car, and if they do, it is pretty challenging to get a ticket to ride in it. Persistence is key, however. The last time I went, my family and I asked City Hall every day if the train car would be running that day. Some Cast Members didn’t even know what we were talking about it’s that under wraps. But finally, on our last day, we got lucky and scored tickets for it. It was truly magical riding in the vintage car while having a conductor tell us more about the history of the Lilly Belle and Disneyland.
  2. I’m an avid fan of the background music of the parks (weird I know). But not many people pay special attention to the music that is constantly playing in both Disneyland and California Adventure. The music definitely adds a special something to the atmosphere and it’s fun to listen to all the different melodies. There’s surprisingly a lot. I even looked it up on Spotify and there’s an extensive playlist. There was also a soundtrack for many of the rides that I had barely even noticed. I find it pretty entertaining to listen to, and it usually puts me in a good mood.   
  3. California Adventure is a great part and it often seems overshadowed by Disneyland. One of my favorite places in California Adventure is the Disney Animation Building. Right when you walk in you’re surrounded by huge screens that play the animation process behind some of your favorite Disney movies. Inside is also the Animation Academy where a Disney Animator shows you how to draw classic Disney characters. The setup of the Animation Academy is really cool and the Animators are very friendly and helpful. If you go further into the Animation Building you can find the Sorcerer’s workshop to see how animators are made and Beast’s library where you can take a quiz to see what Disney hero or villain you’re most like. I definitely would not miss the Disney Animation Building if you find yourself in Hollywood Land in California Adventure.
  4. Also in California Adventure is Pacific Wharf that was modeled after the vineyards of Napa Valley and the famous Cannery Row in Monterey California. The area is an amazing place to grab a snack or meal as they have everything to clam chowder in bread bowls (a personal favorite of mine) to Thai coconut curry (also fantastic). Pacific Wharf also strongly reminds me of San Francisco as the area is home to both the Boudin Bakery Tour and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate shop. I love Boudin’s bread. A lot. SO much that a friend of mine went to San Francisco and I made her bring me back some bread. Their sourdough bread has the perfect amount of tang and can only be found in a few places. I really enjoy the tour they offer as well. It might be because of the free bread they offer at the end too. But anyway, I would definitely check out Boudin’s if you’re looking for a bakery that might change your life.

These were just some of my favorite parts of Disneyland and California Adventure that I believe highly underrated. I hope this list offered some insight on things to look for or enjoy in the parks!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Banana Bread

Hello everyone!

This week you guys are in for an even better treat. Every once in a while you do not eat your bananas fast enough and they begin to turn brown. You can do one of two things with them: freeze them or throw them away. At my house, we like to freeze them and later make banana bread and banana bread muffins out of the old bananas. While this might sound kind of weird, it is actually delicious. My mom makes the best banana bread. I eat a muffin in the morning when I am running off to school, I eat one in my lunch, and sometimes I even at them when I get home from school also.

Because I think it is a better idea to put use to your old bananas, I am going to share the recipe with you all. I also just think that everyone deserves to try one of these amazing banana bread muffins in their lifetime.

Banana Bread Recipe:


3 large bananas (mashed)

½ cup of butter

1 cup of brown sugar

¼ cup of sour cream

2 eggs

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 ½ cup flour

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 ½ tsp baking powder


  1. Set oven to 365°
  2. Cream butter and sugar
  3. Add sour cream, eggs, mashed bananas, and vanilla to the the creamed butter and sugar
  4. Mix dry ingredients and add them to the banana mixture
  5. Pour batter into greased muffin tins (or line with muffin cups)
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes until muffins are golden brown and spring back to the touch


Everyone experiences time the same: twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week and fifty-two weeks in a year. So why does it feel like that some can accomplish more in the same span of time than others?

Recently, I have been listening to this audio book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and I am convinced that forming habits is the easiest way to improve efficiency and productivity for a person. Mundane tasks such as tying one’s shoes, riding a bike, or even driving takes little to no effort and conscious thought because the motions become habitual. The repetition of these actions engrains knowledge into one’s brain so that he or she can perform such tasks subconsciously. Unknowingly, our brain removes unnecessary intermediate thoughts, minimizing the thought process associated with each task. Habits also have the potential to ease more complex tasks, but first let me explain how habits effects our brain.

In a lab research, a rat was placed in a box with a lever. When the lever was pulled, sweet syrup would flow into the box which the rat enjoyed. At first, the rat was hesitant to pull the lever, but after repeating this exercise, the rat pulled the lever quicker and quicker. Through analyzing the brain activity of the rat, the scientists concluded that initially, the rat associated the pulling of the lever with the appearance of syrup. After consuming the syrup, the rat felt a sense of pleasure. As the exercise repeated, the rat began to associate the pleasure of consuming the syrup directly with pulling the lever! The moment that the rat pulled lever, it expected pleasure it would receive from the syrup.

Our minds work in a very similar way. Tasks become simpler when one establishes a habit.

World Cup: U.S. Soccer Demise

A primary reason for the U.S’s decline has been strong leadership or lack thereof. The poor showing in World Cup qualifiers saw the coach Jürgen Klinsmann fired the resignation of his successor Bruce Arenas, and also the resignation of the U.S. Federation president. This continuous change in important leadership roles is certainly not healthy for U.S. soccer. However, some may argue that change in leadership can be a very good thing for U.S. soccer given their performance in qualifiers. Regardless, it’s imperative that the U.S. make smart hires and find people they are confident can lead the U.S. out of the darkness and into future glory. Change in leadership is a very bittersweet subject. Naturally, it is human nature to be optimistic of change. However, change more often than not does not yield drastically different results. Although changing the coach and president for the U.S. is a solid public relations move it’s difficult to see it significantly improving the talent at the disposal for the U.S. A prime example of this is when the U.S. in the summer of 2011 fired Bob Bradley. His tenure was actually quite successful. Among his accomplishments was winning a Gold cup and guiding the U.S. to an unlikely second place finish in the Confederations Cup including a victory over Spain effectively ending the Spaniards’ 35-game unbeaten streak and 15-game winning streak. He was subsequently replaced by legendary German coach Jürgen Klinsmann. This move was received with jubilation since many thought he could take the U.S. to the next level and transform them into one of the world’s top soccer nations. In essence, the move was reflective of the U.S.’s ambitions exciting many fans. Klinsmann was notorious for attempting to convince German players with U.S. family lineage to permanently switch their nationality to American. He was successful in many of these attempts his most notable likely being defender John Anthony Brooks. Despite the infusion of talent the U.S. was undeniably regressing. A highlight of this regression was the 2015 Gold Cup where the U.S. placed fourth. Under Bradley, the U.S. had either won the Gold Cup or at the very least made the finals. Many journalists wrote this off saying that the Gold Cup was not of that much importance. However, this poor form under Klinsmann continued through World Cup qualifiers until he was fired and replaced with Bruce Arenas. Klinsmann had failed. Despite convincing some players to switch their nationality to that of American, the U.S. did not reach the next level under Klinsmann largely because of the U.S.’s average talent. The U.S. wanted more by hiring Klinsmann but instead ended with less. In retrospect, the Bradley era was quite impressive since he did more with less talent and developed an identity for U.S. soccer. The lesson here is why fix something that was not broken. When the U.S. fired Bradley it was a very similar situation to when the Denver Nuggets of the NBA fired their head coach George Karl. The Nuggets were extremely successful under Karl however management fired him since they did not believe he was the person to take them to the next level and win a championship similarly to how the U.S. fired Bradley because they did not believe he would ever make them into a top soccer nation. The outcomes were very alike. The Nuggets posted three consecutive losing seasons after Karl was fired and the U.S. regressed to the point where they are not even good enough to qualify for the upcoming World Cup. This displays that change is not always in everyone’s best interest and instead can be very detrimental. Klinsmann went to greater lengths than many of his predecessors in his attempts to acquire more talent for the U.S. but he still failed this suggests whoever is hired to be the U.S.’s next manager will also be at mercy of the U.S.’s pedestrian talent. One can only hope that the next manager is cut from the same cloth of Bradley by reestablish U.S. soccer’s identity. In the coming years, the U.S. will see if the two steps the U.S. went backwards under Klinsmann will in fact take them one step forward.

A major concern for U.S. soccer is that while their domestic league the MLS is rapidly improving the national team is regressing. This past year was historic for the MLS. New expansions teams like Atlanta United and Los Angeles FC raised the quality of the league to unprecedented levels. However, over the last few years in the MLS the number of Americans starting in MLS lineups has been declining. This statistic indicates that the rise of the MLS is credited more so to the league’s foreign players than American players. Another statistic that supports this is that according to transfermarkt.com only four out of the top 25 most expensive players in the MLS are American. The MLS’s rise is clearly because of the introduction of better foreign players to the league than the development of American players. Thus, the MLS despite its growth is not supporting the growth of the national team. Unless MLS teams make it a priority to commit to developing American players by providing them with ample playing time the U.S. will likely not find more talent from the MLS in the coming years.

What now?

Okay, now what? The Seahawks aren’t in the playoffs. Even the Rams, with all the unexpected regular season success, were knocked out immediately. As a loyal Hawks fan, you may be thinking: who should we root for? Who do we root against?

Wild Card Weekend was, shall we say, an eventful several days. But admittedly, I couldn’t less about what happens in the AFC. The Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Titans never for one second struck me as Super Bowl contenders. But for the sake of analysis, I’ll say a few words about my thoughts on the two AFC games. It’s amazing to have seen the Kansas City Chiefs, once a 5-0 team that thumped the Patriots on opening night, sink so low. Sad. Marcus Mariota’s performance last Saturday, on the other hand, may very well end up in the history books. Now, he must duplicate the same performance in Foxborough, all while hoping the Patriots self-destruct amid the flaming rumors coming from their front office.

Jaguars vs. Bills, a matchup between two of the regular season’s biggest surprises, was perhaps the most mundane playoff game I’ve watched in years.

In the NFC, things were more interesting. The Rams, probably due to their several inexperience, stunk. Despite being the highest scoring regular season team, the Falcons held them to a meager 13 points. For the Saints, Kamara and Ingram did not disappoint. But even with all their efforts, the Panthers were 20 yards from a game-winning touchdown. The Saints did not control that game by any stretch.

I will be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings from here on out. This Sunday will be a tough test for them against the Saints, but if they win, they may become the first team to host the Super Bowl. What a story that would be.

The Bomb Cyclone: What Does It Mean?

Hey Guys,

I don’t know about you, but I always dread January and February because of the icy cold weather and the fact that it gets dark around 4pm. Coming from southern California, I’m used to a “winter” consisting of days in the low 60’s so Washington’s brisk 30 degree weather is rough. Although I definitely could complain about the cold weather we experience here for an entire blog, I think we should instead talk about the recent winter storm, the “Bomb Cyclone,” that hit the East Coast. Although many climate change deniers claim that this storm “disproves global warming” this is far from the truth.

The Bomb Cyclone gets its name from a weather phenomenon called “explosive cyclogenesis” that is used to describe a “rapidly deepening extratropical cyclonic low-pressure area,” or in other words, a large storm with extremely low temperatures. Because many people view climate change as increasingly warm temperatures, there has been tons of controversy over whether the Bomb Cyclone is a result from climate change. But really, people are just confused over what climate change actually is. Many see climate change and global warming as the same thing when it isn’t (global warming is actually a RESULT of climate change). In fact, climate change is really just a broad term for the changing of our climate, whether that be an increase or decrease in our earth’s temperature.

The reason why this is so concerning is because the earth is home to a plethora of delicate resources that can be destroyed by just a slight change in temperature. If we don’t pay more attention and care to this now, the Bomb Cyclone’s frigid weather could eventually become our daily reality.

Bad Days, Blah Weeks, and Believing In Yourself

Sup, guys! I feel like I really shouldn’t keep the formal intros with y’all, since I think we’re past that stage now. Hopefully, all of you have had a good week! My week has been loooong and I am very happy to embrace the weekend. For this week’s post, I wanted to talk about bad days. (And this has nothing to do with the week I’ve had, not at all.)

Bad days. We all have them, right? Everyone’s initial reaction is to say yes, but it’s not actually what everyone believes. Most people tend to be way too hard on themselves and don’t accept that everyone goes through the same thing. And there’s always those stupid motivational posters that say, “Without the bad days, we could never appreciate the good days.” Whether or not that’s true, no one wants to experience bad days, because, quite obviously, they suck.

And the most annoying part of bad days is that they always come out of nowhere. Sometimes, if one thing goes wrong, the whole day feels ruined. At other times, several things seem to end in disaster and make a whole day feel terrible. So, is there a way to ‘cure’ crummy days?

Truth is, there really isn’t. You have to just live through it, and as depressing as it sounds, you need to remember that these sort of vulnerabilities we all have truly connect us, and that’s why it’s so important to support one another through the crazy journey of life. And to be able to do that, we need to see past ourselves and our own insecurities and notice others around us that need the same help we do. That way, we can help each other and make the bad days just a bit brighter.

With bad days, the best way to deal with them and get through them is to pretend like you’re dealing with another person. We are all much harder on ourselves than we are on other people, and once we stop expecting such high standards from ourselves, we can prevent having bad days frequently. As if you were trying to comfort a good friend of yours, tell yourself things to reassure yourself and make you feel more confident in your abilities. Pep talks go a long way and do have the power to change one’s mood if done effectively enough.

And remember, talking to people you trust is also super beneficial. I know I mention talking openly about your problems with others a lot, but that’s only because I find it very important to leading life in a way that makes you the happiest you can be. Ranting or stating your problems aloud can additionally help you find the root of all your problems which you can then work towards fixing. Doing all of these doesn’t make all your bad days disappear, but they do help tremendously.

That’s all for this week, guys! Hope this post helped in some way and hope y’all have a great weekend!

This is Wannabe Philosopher, signing off. Til next week, folks. *finger guns*

University of Oregon

Hello Everybody,

The admissions office is back to bring you another college and this time I am going to present the University of Oregon. The University of Oregon (U Of O) is located in Eugene, Oregon about an hour away from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1876, this campus covers about 300 acres and is located along the Willamette River. The University is organized into 5 main colleges (Arts and Sciences, Business, Design, Education, and Honors).

Oregon is mostly known for being the “Nike School” because Phil Knight is the founder of Nike and is a UO alum who gives a heavy amount of money back to the school. This is why Oregon athletics constantly have uniforms that are out of the ordinary and almost never the same. For one football player, he never wore the same uniform over his entire career because of the wide variety the school has. Along with this, many Nike headquarters, specifically the employee store, is located in Oregon and many people make the trip for the discounted prices.

Oregon athletics participates in the PAC 12 conference and is mostly known for being a football school. Even though they have won a grand total of 0 national championships. The Oregon track program is a perennial powerhouse winning almost every mens and womens national championship in recent years. Their track field is known as “Historical Hayward Field” or “Tracktown USA” and recently hosted the Olympic trials. The stands are so large they feel like you are watching a football game.

See you next week!

Divisional Round!

Only seven games remain in this NFL season, and the Super Bowl is approaching fast. Here are the four Divisional round matchups this week-

Falcons @ Eagles Saturday 1:35PM

The Falcons coming off an upset over the Rams, are looking to do it again, but this time in the snowy grass in Philly. The Eagles are without Carson Wentz at qb and their offense has stuttered without him. This will be a challenge for both sides if they want to make it to the NFC championship game next sunday

Saints @ Vikings Sunday 1:40PM

Both teams are on hot streaks and are looking like two of the best teams in the confrence. The Vikings have exploded behind Case Keenum and their defense is one of the best in the league. The Saints are led by Drew Brees and their fiery offense. This game will most likely produce the NFC super bowl candidate but at this point who can tell.

Titans @ Patriots Saturday 5:15PM

The Titans coming off a huge comeback win in Kansas City look to continue their upset streak against Tom Brady and the Patriots, even though an upset like this in Foxborough seems impossible, just remember the Titans just did the impossible a week ago.

Jaguars @ Steelers Sunday 10:05AM

A rematch of a week five beatdown which was won 30-9 by the Jags and their stout defense. Big Ben and the Steelers look to take revenge and book their spot in the AFC title game next week.

Other News

-The Bears made multiple moves this week, hiring former Kansas City OC Matt Nagy to be their Head Coach, and former Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich to be their offensive coordinator.

-The Raiders made Jon Gruden the highest paid coach in the leage with a staggering 10-year 100 MILLION dollar contract. Hopefully he can return the team to the big game in the coming years.

-The Seahawks have two vacancies to fill now after firing their OC Darrell Beville and Offensive line coach Tom Cable. The Seahawks have already interviewed a few coaches but no decisions made yet so far.

Check back here next week for the Confrence Championships!

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