Hello! welcome to my very first blog introduction! Here on this blog i will post many different types of recipes from something as little as a snack to something as big as a dinner. Being able to blog about something i love dearly is very cool and neat because not only do i get to share these wonderful recipes, but i also get to try them out myself.

Since this blog is mainly going to be about recipes, being able to try new recipes daily or even weekly is something that i really strive to do since cooking is very fun. Not only can these recipes be made by adults but also kids!

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Personally, Being healthy is a number one priority and has always been for a while now, so most of these recipes will be healthy and some may not but overall there will be a bundle of varieties to make and try out regardless. Also! not only will this blog touch on being healthy with eating but also will be talking about tea. As a tea lover i always try and collect different types of tea’s and have always been a huge lover for Chai tea! so that’s basically where i have gotten my inspiration for my username. Overall, i hope that you learn something from this blog and hopefully will be able to try as many recipes as possible.

Thanks for visiting~

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