Two Awesome College Blogs!

Hello everybody, TheCollegiate here. Today I’m going to be showcasing two fantastic college- related blogs, and giving a brief review on them. My hopes are, that by sharing with you two additional college blogs, you all will have some more resources for interesting and helpful college information.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

The first blog that I want to share with you all is The Young Hopeful. This is a blog that is related to not only all-things academia, but also life after college: career tips and tricks, finance help, and more.  The author of the blog, Hope Young, has posts that cater to every  college student, from pieces on freshmen advice and making the most of one’s first week at college, to career advice for those who are graduating. However, high school students can still benefit from all of the blog’s information- Young writes about topics that every incoming college student should know, such as staying on top of your assignments, being motivated in school, and simply preparing yourself for college while in high school. Overall, her blog is jam-packed with oodles of useful information, so if you ever need any college advice, definitely check out her blog.

The second blog that I’ll be sharing with you today is Chase the Write Dream. The blog’s author, Tori, has spent the past ten years learning for herself what it really is like to be a college student, and created the blog to share all of her knowledge with her readers. Her blog offers a lot of general college advice: note taking tips, study tips, tips on saving money; but also offers extremely valuable information on topics that are very important to college students- how to write a great college essay or successfully prepare for standardized tests, for example. Tori also posts about millennial lifestyle, and how to navigate being a young adult for the first time- I can image her post ‘Moving Out Made Easy (21 Insanely Useful Tips)’ being very helpful for those of us who are nervous about moving out of our parent’s house for the first time. Chase the Write Dream is a high-quality, professional-looking blog with an abundance of useful information. I highly recommend that you all give it a browse through- you won’t regret it!

That’s a wrap for this week’s post, see you again next week!


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