Top 5 Deaths Caused by Social Media

Hey Guys,

This is my last blog of the year! That’s so crazy to me. Anyways a more serious matter. top 5 deaths caused by social media.

  1. The Woman Who Crashed her Car 

A woman was updating her Facebook status to a simple smiley face and ended up crashing her car.

2. The Girl On Facebook

A fifteen- year-old female said killing and stabbing were her hobbies on her Facebook profile. The girl actually killed her nine-year-old neighbor and is currently is in a psychiatric hospital.

3. The Young Girl Who Unfortunately Killed Herself

After comments telling her to kill herself, Cessi Porter overdosed on pills. Her dad says the comments were very graphic.

4.) The Married Woman Who Changed Her Facebook Status to Single

A 26-year-old woman named Sarah split with her husband Edward Richardson and she moved into her parent’s house and then Edward sneaked into her room and stabbed her to death.


5.) Man Who Killed His BFF

Jameg Blake and his best friend Kwame Dancy had been fighting on Twitter over a woman they both liked. Jameg ended up killed Kwame and tweeted right after, “R.I.P. Kwame”.

Whatchya think?