Signing Off Thaddeus Sheffler

This is it friends, my final blog post of the school year. Wow what a roller coaster of a ride this was. Now i do have a few things to report on with you all. Now this week i had my math final guys, remember i told you all this would be replacing my D+ on my transcript. So i took my final and got a 75 on it, with an overall grade of 81 in the class. I was capable of turning my D+ into a B-. I would say this is definitely a upgrade.

Now i truly enjoyed telling you all once a week about my life. Work is still going strong and I am still doing fine, I dont know if i want to actually work alot during the summer. I will probably work 20 hours a week at most, because i still am doing online math over the summer which is a five week course. So i still need to be on m game and do well over the summer.

We have finals in two weeks and I need to start studying for hat more. Most of my classes are in comfortable position, however I would like to keep chemistry at a good grade.

in all seriousness, I’m going to miss writing a blog each week about my life, I feel like people were reading about me and what I have gone through this school year. It brought me comfort and such, now it’s gone and I’m going to be back to my old self, anyways thank you all so much.

Whatchya think?