How Bill Nye is Saving the World


Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) is a mechanical engineer and active science communicator on television and in print. He inspired thousands of children with the use of science on his show, Bill Nye the Science Guy back in the 90s. Since then, he has written a couple books and done plenty of talks and interviews advocating science education and its importance. His new Netflix television series, Bill Nye Saves the World has more of a serious undertone, addressing the world’s leading problems such as climate change, vaccines, space exploration, GMO’s, over-population, and more.

Popularizing science and the discussion of these topics done by people such as Bill Nye and others are only contributing a positive impact on the world, one topic at a time. With every eye-opening or controversial-argument-brewing discussion or thought that takes place, we get closer to a better, more educated public. Despite difference in opinion, it’s vitally important to address these topics no matter how hard they are to think about. I 100 percent recommend the tv-show, or ones like it, to get you thinking about how you can save the world too.


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