Final Blog Entry – Things I Want to See This Season

Hello everybody, Cougar Fan here. This is my final blog entry. In it I will discuss several things I would like to see happen in the 2017 season.

-A team from west of the Mississippi win the national championship

It’s been too long. A team from west of the Mississippi River has not won the national championship since 2005 when the Texas Longhorns won it all. This would mean a team from a conference other than the SEC, ACC, and Big 10 (Well, I guess and the MAC, Sun-Belt, Conference USA, and AAC). Key contenders to make this happen include Washington or USC, and possible a team like Oklahoma.

-The Big 12 seriously contend for the playoff

I would like to see a team from the Big 12 Conference be in the playoff conversation and ranked near the top of the rankings. This is not super likely to happen, however, since the Big 12 is so even at the top.

-A team from the Sun Belt Conference ranked for multiple weeks

App State and Troy both have the potential to make national splashes this year, and quality wins from the two could result in them entering the rankings. Last season they both spent one week as a ranked team.

-A ten win BYU team

BYU should have a quality defense this year, and if they find a good replacement for Jamaal Williams and if Tanner Mangum lives up to the hype, this could be possible. It has been a few years since the Cougars reached that double digit win mark.

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Whatchya think?