Final Post!

Hello for the last time!

Travel can often be bittersweet. Departing on a trip inevitably means leaving comfort, friends, and family behind, whether for two weeks or two years. A sense of loss often accompanies those who are going on a long trip, but it is offset by the excitement of exploring a new place and culture.

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As the school year comes to an end, all of the seniors have the next big trip on their mind. College is one of the most important experiences in a person’s life, but it also comes with a huge amount of stress. The same bittersweet feeling that comes with a long trip often also happens for high school seniors who are at a distinct end of an era in their lives. I, for one, have been realizing these past few days that this is truly the last time I will walk the halls of my school and the last time that I will see many of my dear classmates. While I am extraordinarily excited for my next adventure, I will definitely miss the people that have made the past fours years of my life so incredible.

There is something to be learned at a crossroad like this one. Enjoying the time that you are in without wishing to be elsewhere is of utmost importance to living a fulfilling life. If I had spent my whole time in high school wishing I were in college, this wonderful and horrible bittersweetness would not be nearly as meaningful as it is now.

Thank you all so much for reading this year, I wish you good travels!


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