Masterful Mantis 3/31 make-up

When insect pests are truly out of control, and no spraying/treatments are working on your plants, sometimes just by adding in the right bugs, the bad ones are no longer a problem. Praying mantis is a great example of this. They are exclusively carnivorous, meaning they do not eat plant material at all and only survive on the other bugs it can prey on and eat.  This is the ideal pest control.

Mantis eggs are laid in the autumn, and hatch in spring when it warms up. They have a lifespan of about a year (hence how popular of pets they are.) Their eggs are readily available at many nurseries and on countless vendors online. To hatch a brood, all one must do is hang the egg cluster in some foliage, near the environment where the pests are present. But the eggs must only be hung in the spring/summer or else the cold weather will prevent them from hatching, eventually killing the brood. Ideally, to have a consistent population of mantis, one would probably have to purchase or try and raise a new brood every season, this is because they do not tolerate colder seasons and are very slow to reproduce, for their life spans are long and their life styles are rather solitary.

So before your reach for another bottle of plant soap or insecticide, consider using more bugs to fight the pests!

Plant and Prosper!

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