Eco-Friendly Gardening

Tulips are a great eco-friendly gardening choice because they require little watering.

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As most people know, having a garden can have either a positive or negative impact on the environment. Dependent upon what plants you grow, the type of soil used, how much water you use, and if you use any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, your garden could actually be hurting the earth. So, in order to keep your garden eco-friendly, I have put together a few green gardening tips.

Ditch Commercial Fertilizers

Many fertilizers advertized to gardeners have harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the soil. Despite making your plants healthy, these chemicals harm surrounding eco-systems and can make animals and insects sick. Instead, rely on using natural fertilizers such as coffee grounds, eggshells, and vinegar. Using bird feeders and planting sweet-smelling flowers attracts birds and helpful insects that can help manage aphid and other pest infestations.

Limit Water Consumption

Growing plants that require lots of water can cause hundreds of gallons of water to be wasted. Instead, grow plants that require minimal watering such as cacti, succulents, verbena, and agave. Not only do these plants require minimal amounts of water, they also do well in most climates and go without water for long periods of time.


Use Organic Soil

Organic soil is usually made up of composted fruits and vegetables and does not contain any chemical fertilizers. Because of this, plants grown in organic soil are safer for human, animal, and insect consumption.


Those are all of the eco-friendly gardening tips I have for you guys! Hopefully with these small tips and tricks you are able to grow a happy and healthy garden!

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