how to clear your head

With finals coming up, the constant thread of thoughts on the future can be overwhelming. I know it is overwhelming for me, and to not know what is going to happen can be a little painful, but it is part of the fun, the unknown.

I say that, yet after finishing my college apps and the idea of not going where I want to go, or moving away from home is slowly starting to crush me. The unknown is trash. I want to know! That hurts even more, though, because there is no way for me to find out!

So to calm myself down and clear my head, here are my common activities that I hope help you in your times of touble:

  1. Pray. Whatever your faith is, pray. Leave your burdens to the Lord.
  2. I talk to my mom! Yeah, it’s the best, and usually that leads me back to number 1.
  3. Exercise. Clears your head and helps your body! An all around activity with a bunch of benefits. I go between weight training and pushing myself, maybe playing basketball, or going on a quiet hike/walk. To embrace nature really is a peaceful thing, and the evergreen trees seems to seep a sense of security when on the trail of Poo Poo Point or any other trails around here.
  4. Music! Oh yes. When you feel a song even a little bit, just choose that song, plug in your headphones and turn it up. I like to lay down, turn up the volume, close my eyes, and just let the song consume me. It’s really nice and super calming, and gets you in the mood to keep pursing your dreams.

Stay positive and keep moving forward!

Go ski and enjoy nature too!

Whatchya think?