Motivation, Management, and Mundane Tasks

Hello once again, my fabulous Fake Phillies! Hope your week’s been good and that you guys have started off your new year the way you wanted! I’m still in shock over how fast the past year went by and I am not at all okay with how quickly things have been going, but I am super excited for the new year!

Moving on, I wanted to talk about motivation. Throughout your life, there will always be moments or periods of time where you don’t feel motivated enough to do anything and don’t take any initiative to get anything done as a result. This leads to a whole lot of avoidance and procrastination, which in turn, lead to quite a bit of stress. Of course, becoming inspired to get things done doesn’t automatically free you from facing the burden of stress, but it does help in a very significant way.

Feeling driven to accomplish a task makes you feel like you’ve really achieved something, and that happiness you experience will cause to want to feel it again. It then results in a positive feedback loop in which you will await challenges and obstacles just so you can accomplish them and emerge triumphant. In other words, having an encouraging mindset set for yourself pushes you to work harder so you can be successful.

But how would one go about feeling motivated in the place? How can you force yourself to want to do something wholeheartedly when you just simply aren’t in the mood? What mainly it comes down is setting goals for yourself. But not the typical goals you set in which you want to get something done in a certain amount of time, or the type of goal where you expect a certain outcome or result. Feeling inspired requires a very specific type of goal-setting; awarding yourself. Telling yourself that you are allowed to have one piece of candy after finishing a task helps to motivate you as you want to get whatever you have to do out of the way as soon and as effectively as possible.

And these sort of goals can be adapted in any way you want to best suit your preferences. If you don’t like or don’t want to eat candy, choose an alternative award, such as allowing yourself to go on your phone for ten minutes. And these goals don’t necessarily have to be immediate, either. You can make them weekly or monthly, depending on what you want to accomplish. For example, if your goal is to get all As and Bs in your classes, you can motivate yourself by telling yourself you can get ice cream at the end of the month if you manage to keep all your grades up during the month. No matter what method you use, though, most of the time, setting these kind of goals will give you optimal results and help you get stuff done.

So, that’s all for this week! I hope this post helped you somehow and that you guys have a great weekend! (Hopefully, I’ll actually use my own advice and get some work done this weekend, but probably not.)

Until next time, Fake Phillies. This is Wannabe Philosopher, signing off. *finger guns*

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