Hidden Mickeys

It’s Fastpass Master here! One of my favorite things about Disneyland and all of the Disney parks is the special attention to detail. There are many hidden gems around the parks that brings just a little more excitement to the whole experience. If you’re someone who at least knows a little about the parks, you probably know what a “hidden mickey” is. Hidden Mickeys are some sort of representation of Mickey Mouse that are usually hidden around the parks. The object is typically in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head and comes in unique shapes and sizes. Disney fans love going out of their way to hunt for them as it always seems like you can find a new one. Here’s a list of some of my favorite ones!

  1. On the Main Street Magic Shop, there’s a window display that has tokens to Harry Houdini. On a playing card in the display is the Ace of Clubs playing card that has been changed to resemble a Mickey Mouse shape.
  2. In the Haunted Mansion’s ballroom scene, located on the table are three plates that are arranged so that they resemble a classic Mickey.
  3. In the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland, there is a red paint splatter Mickey on the topiaries that is a popular hidden mickey.
  4. Located in Adventureland, Tarzan’s Treehouse has three barrels that are strategically placed in the position of a classic hidden mickey.
  5. There are countless hidden mickeys in Toontown, but one of my favorites is located in the paint job of Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt; one of the white patches blatantly resembles Mickey.
  6. At the beginning of the queue of Splash Mountain in Frontierland, there is a hidden mickey in the knot of a tree.
  7. On Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, there is a hidden mickey in the 1930s ear television in the Julius Katz & Sons.
  8. In Carsland, there is a hidden mickey found in the lace of a bonnet in Ramone’s House of Body art.

If you are looking for a collective list, head over to www.findingmickey.com and select the “Hidden Mickeys” tab to view every Hidden Mickey possible to organized by land and surrounding areas of both Disneyland and California Adventure. They even include the location of hidden mickeys in parades and during specific holidays. There is also a book, “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys: a Field Guide to Disneyland Resort’s Best Kept Secrets,” that gives a detailed list of hidden mickeys and where to find them (I personally have this book and it is amazing). The book also contains three scavenger hunts for finding some of these hidden gems complete with hints and a scoring system.


And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

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