A Season of Surprises

What a turbulent season. Injuries to the once-vaunted secondary, embarrassing offensive struggles, missed field-goals at the last second. These are the marks of a 9-7 team. For the first time in six years, the Seattle Seahawks will miss the postseason.

However disappointing the result, Seahawks fans should not regret the “ending of an era.” This team needs a major shake-up if we wish to see Pete Carroll coach in the Super Bowl again. Otherwise, mediocrity will become the norm.

Clearly, the Seahawks defense wasn’t the impenetrable wall we fell in love with. The Legion of Boom, despite their consistent dominance in the five years before this season, are certainly not our future. It is possible, perhaps probable, that Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas have all played their last games in Seattle uniforms. And don’t forget to add Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril to the list of names, all forever enshrined in Seattle Seahawks glory.

No one knows what our roster will look like next year. However, a few things remain certain. Surely, Carroll and Schneider will feel a powerful urgency to fix up the offensive line. The team will be reshaped, with Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner becoming the permanent core to build around. And needless to say, Blair Walsh’s services will no longer be needed.

The NFC West is only growing stronger. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco boast plenty of cap space to add to their promising young quarterbacks, and Arizona won’t just disappear. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks must have their best offseason yet.

Whatchya think?