Divisional Round!

Only seven games remain in this NFL season, and the Super Bowl is approaching fast. Here are the four Divisional round matchups this week-

Falcons @ Eagles Saturday 1:35PM

The Falcons coming off an upset over the Rams, are looking to do it again, but this time in the snowy grass in Philly. The Eagles are without Carson Wentz at qb and their offense has stuttered without him. This will be a challenge for both sides if they want to make it to the NFC championship game next sunday

Saints @ Vikings Sunday 1:40PM

Both teams are on hot streaks and are looking like two of the best teams in the confrence. The Vikings have exploded behind Case Keenum and their defense is one of the best in the league. The Saints are led by Drew Brees and their fiery offense. This game will most likely produce the NFC super bowl candidate but at this point who can tell.

Titans @ Patriots Saturday 5:15PM

The Titans coming off a huge comeback win in Kansas City look to continue their upset streak against Tom Brady and the Patriots, even though an upset like this in Foxborough seems impossible, just remember the Titans just did the impossible a week ago.

Jaguars @ Steelers Sunday 10:05AM

A rematch of a week five beatdown which was won 30-9 by the Jags and their stout defense. Big Ben and the Steelers look to take revenge and book their spot in the AFC title game next week.

Other News

-The Bears made multiple moves this week, hiring former Kansas City OC Matt Nagy to be their Head Coach, and former Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich to be their offensive coordinator.

-The Raiders made Jon Gruden the highest paid coach in the leage with a staggering 10-year 100 MILLION dollar contract. Hopefully he can return the team to the big game in the coming years.

-The Seahawks have two vacancies to fill now after firing their OC Darrell Beville and Offensive line coach Tom Cable. The Seahawks have already interviewed a few coaches but no decisions made yet so far.

Check back here next week for the Confrence Championships!

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