Final Blog Entry – Things I Want to See This Season

Hello everybody, Cougar Fan here. This is my final blog entry. In it I will discuss several things I would like to see happen in the 2017 season.

-A team from west of the Mississippi win the national championship

It’s been too long. A team from west of the Mississippi River has not won the national championship since 2005 when the Texas Longhorns won it all. This would mean a team from a conference other than the SEC, ACC, and Big 10 (Well, I guess and the MAC, Sun-Belt, Conference USA, and AAC). Key contenders to make this happen include Washington or USC, and possible a team like Oklahoma.

-The Big 12 seriously contend for the playoff

I would like to see a team from the Big 12 Conference be in the playoff conversation and ranked near the top of the rankings. This is not super likely to happen, however, since the Big 12 is so even at the top.

-A team from the Sun Belt Conference ranked for multiple weeks

App State and Troy both have the potential to make national splashes this year, and quality wins from the two could result in them entering the rankings. Last season they both spent one week as a ranked team.

-A ten win BYU team

BYU should have a quality defense this year, and if they find a good replacement for Jamaal Williams and if Tanner Mangum lives up to the hype, this could be possible. It has been a few years since the Cougars reached that double digit win mark.

Image result for byu tanner mangum,

The FINAL Post (6/2)

Hi all! Iranoutofpuns here…

Q: I’m dead out of puns…sorry that the last post is punless

In terms of aviation this week, not much happened besides some the first Airbus A321neo flight in the world. The flight was operated by Virgin American and took place on the San Francisco to Washington-National route on Thursday, June 1. This is a major step for Airbus as well as for Virgin American and their parent company, Alaska Airlines.

Another piece of aviation news is that Japan Airlines announced the resumption of flights to Kona Airport at Keahole in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The flight will link the largest city on the island of Hawaii with Tokyo-Narita International Airport with a Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. This service is in competition with Hawaiian Airlines who flies from Kona to Tokyo-Haneda Airport.

There was also an incident of a potential kidnapping and/or human trafficking incident on an American Airlines flight, however it has not received much media attention. If reports are true, this a very serious incident that should not ever go unnoticed, otherwise it may cause more attempts at this type of human trafficking.

I am sad to say this will be my final post on the blog as I am moving on to bigger and better things. I have enjoyed writing these posts, but you can continue to follow my aviation writing at

See ya never again!

Peziza Problems

So here is an update on my morel bed that was constructed a few months back. But unfortunately, this is an update that I am not particularly happy about. So the bed was only inoculated with a block of morel mycelium, for I had only planned to have morel mushrooms in the bed, but it seems like we have some volunteer mushrooms, and I have no idea whether to be concerned or not. On the 31st of May, I decided to check the bed to see how it was looking (of course I was not expected morels, for the mycelium had only been put in the bed this season,) and I was very surprised/perplexed by what I found; the bed had some sort of ‘cup’ fungi fruiting in the compost. They are like any other mushroom, but to the untrained eye they might not seem like it. Instead of having a cap and stalk, they grow in a cup shape directly from their substrate, and they have a gel like flesh that is easily damaged.

Anyways, I am not super surprised to see them. First, the medium we inoculated with the mycelium was not sterilized or pasteurized in any way, for I thought that an microbial environment would be more natural for the morel mycelium, meaning the spores of these different mushrooms could have already been in the medium we used. Second, after doing some research I think these cup mushroom are in the Peziza genus of fungi, which I learned is very found of woody mediums that has been burned, which is very similar to what Morchella species like to fruit on. So all the medium we added to the bed, was pretty perfect for the Peziza fungi, despite it being meant for the morels. I will need to conduct more research to see if they have the potential to out compete the morel mycelium, but I cannot know anything for sure till we expect morel mushroom next spring.

Plant and Prosper!

Close up of Peziza mushroom

Close up of Peziza mushroom

all the spots the Peziza popped up in the morel bed

all the spots the Peziza popped up in the morel bed

My Top 5 Must Watch Horror Movies

Hey Guys,

These are some really good horror movies that I recommend you watching since I enjoyed them. Most if not all are all on Netflix.

  1. The Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a classic which i’m pretty sure a lot of people have watched it but I just love it! it was very different compared to other movies that came out around the same time. Also, this movie is one of the most iconic horror movies and has one of the most iconic horror villain, Freddy Krueger. Watch it if you want to watch more horror movies or have not seen it since it is a classic.

2. Mine Games

This movie is a very confusing story about a group of friends who are meeting up with some other friends at a  family member’s cabin but the friends were not there and they end up finding a mine where bad things happen. If you want a psychological  horror movie or just tired of basic jump scares in other modern horror movies i recommend watching this movie on Netflix.

3. It Follows

This 2014 horror movie is a story about a young girl who goes on a date and the boyfriend passes something evil onto her in which weird naked people follow you until they kill you. This movie is very different and interesting. I enjoyed it very much. This movie is on Netflix.

4. Hush

This movie is about a deaf writer who lives alone, ends up having an intruder who tries to murder her. I highly recommend this movie, it was very very interesting and different.

5. Sinister

This movie is about a family who moves into a house (wow a family that moves into a house full of evil spirits in a horror movie, that has not happened before) and the father finds tapes of children murdering their parents and bad things happen (surprise). I actually enjoyed this movie despite my hatred for jump scares that I premeditated happening and cheesy story lines but I enjoy it. This movie may or may not be on Netflix. I watched it a couple months back on Netflix but i’m not sure it’s on anymore. This also goes to Sinister 2.


Beat The Heat–The Green Way!

Hey Guys!

I’m so happy we are finally having some warm weather again! I don’t know about you but I spent my memorial day weekend laying out in the 80 degree weather at the pool and it was great. When the weather is this warm, lots of us are turning on our air conditioners in order to cool down. It may seem like a simple appliance, but are you aware of how big of an environmental footprint AC’s really have? Not only will these innovative heating and cooling systems help save the environment, they will also cut down on energy cost.

Geothermal Heating/Cooling Systems

Geothermal systems use stable ground temperatures to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With this system, one unit of electricity creates four units of heat cutting down on energy usage. Geothermal systems use heat pumps that circulate liquid through pipes buried in the ground. The liquid responds to the ground temperature and goes back up to the heat pump which either warms or coolsHTB127TqGVXXXXXNXVXXq6xXFXXXD your house. Because this kind of system doesn’t use a lot of electricity or rely on fossil fuels, it’s a very eco-friendly choice.

Solar Heating Systems

Heating and cooling systems that use solar energy are very effective and eras that receive adequate amounts of sun. They the heat of the sun through a fluid (usually water or non-toxic products) and transfer it into the home where it collects in a storage chamber for later use. That heat can be sent through radiators, radiant floor heating setups, hot water baseboards or central forced-air systems keeping you cool or warm when you need it.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

Hybrid solar air conditioners rely both on solar energy and batteries. When there is sunlight, the air conditioner uses solar energy for both power and to charge the batteries. Most of these systems can run off a single solar panel, making them an easy addition to your household.



Memorial day weekend

Hello all, we are coming up on memorial day weekend and I am pumped. I am going to my bestfriends cabin in wenatchee and it is super fun. I go there about twice or three times a year so I am looking forward to it.

The weather has been very nice lately and I am estatic we are so close to summer i cant even wait. we have 15 school days left and only 8 of them are full days so that is nice.

In math i have two assignments left, my unit 7 test and math final. My class ends next friday so it is time for me to prepare myself properly for the final scores. I have an 81 in the class so that is a plus. Also, I am taking semester two algebra over the summer so that sucks (sarcasm).

Also I have learned this s much in journalism this year, i am really glad i got to take thiis class. I have become a much bette journalist and thats what i wanted when i sined up for this.

so here I am just had the time of my life in Wenatchee, and it was super fun. The lake was literally 50 degrees, and I jumped in and jumped right out. I went kayaking and there was a current for some reason so my arms are very tired.

now here I am going to camano an island an hour up north. My cousin has a cabin here so that’s really fun. I’m very tired though. Summer will come soon.

The Seattle Boardwalk Rocks!

Hey guys!


Recently I got a Fitbit, which is a fancy watch that not only tells time, but also tells you the number of steps you have walked in a day, heart rate, how many miles traveled, how many active minutes you exercised for, and how many calories you have burned. You can also use the phone app to set “silent alarms” which when synced to the watch, go off and vibrate on your wrist until you wake up. The watch also tracks when you sleep and tracks the different cycles of sleep that you went through, which is super nifty. I have been enjoying using this watch and in order to reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps, I decided to go on a long walk!

I walked along the Seattle boardwalk, which stretches from downtown all the way to Ballard! This is a beautiful stretch of sidewalk which has a portion for bikers and another portion for walkers and runners. You can choose to travel as far as you would like to along the walk but the whole thing has amazing views of the Puget Sound and the ports. We set out on this walk during sunset time on a warm evening, which was wild, and very pleasant and along the way there were plenty of dogs to observe and plenty of other people exercising.

I highly recommend walking along here on a summer evening, it’s a gorgeous view and if you feel ambitious you can travel along the whole thing into Ballard! I also highly recommend investing in a Fitbit if you are looking to be more active.

See ya next week

A Look at Week 1 of 2017

Hello everybody, Cougar Fan here. Now that we have fewer than 100 days until the 2017 season kicks off, it is not too early to start looking at some of the big opening week match ups.

Alabama vs Florida State

This game is billed as a big one in the College Football Playoff conversation. Florida State will be replacing some key pieces, so it will be interesting to see how they fare in a week one match up with the Crimson Tide. I expect Alabama to win this won, and I don’t even expect it to be all that close. I am not buying the FSU hype.


I am looking forward to this one. I think that BYU may be able to get the pieces put together for a quality win over the Tigers from the SEC. Quarterback Tanner Mangum will finally get his chance to shine after an offseason of starter reps. LSU lost a lot of talent in the draft. This will be an interesting game.

Eastern Washington at Texas Tech

Sure it is an FCS vs FBS match up, but this one should showcase a lot of offense, and it will be interesting to see how the “lower level” EWU Eagles fare against the Red Raiders.

Western Michigan at USC

The WMU Broncos lose a lot of the talent that led them to an undefeated regular season last year, but it will still be interesting to see how Western Michigan plays against a quality team.

Troy at Boise State

Troy could be poised for a big year. The Trojans have a quality defense, and return a lot of talent on offense, which could enable them to make a splash nationally this year. That would have to begin with a win at Boise State in week one.

Appalachian State at Georgia

Similar to Troy, App State returns a good defense as well as a good offense. Georgia has a lot of national hype entering this season. This situation seems awfully similar to the situation of the App State vs Tennessee game last year, and in it the Mountaineers surprised many by taking the game to overtime. App State’s elite secondary will put star sophomore QB Jacob Eason to the test.

Image result for Appalachian State clifton duck

Appalachian State’s Clifton Duck will look to challenge Georgia’s QB, Jacob Eason in week 1


Could H.H Holmes be Jack the Ripper?

Hey Guys,

In my H.H Holmes blog post I said I was going to write about a very interesting theory about H.H Holmes and Jack the Ripper, so here it is:

1.) Their Handwriting

A handwriting analysis expert compared H.H Holmes’s handwriting to the handwriting in Jack the Ripper’s ‘Dear Boss’ letter. The expert concluded it was by the same hand. There is apparently a 97.95% chance that H.H Holmes wrote the letter.

2.) Composite Picture that is identical to a picture of H.H Holmes

Scotland Yard used various eyewitness accounts to create a composite photo of Jack the Ripper. The end result looks vaguely like H.H Holmes.

a-composite-photo-of-jack-the-ripper-looks-eerily-similar-to-h-h-holmes-photo-u3The composite picture is shown first, then H.H Holmes

3.) London Connections

According to census records, H.H Holmes had a residence in London and there is no record of him in Chicago in the winter of 1888 when the murders happened. He tried to sell a corpse to a hospital and someone placed  a complaint in the area of London.

4.) Holmes’s Medical Knowledge

Holmes since childhood preformed medical surgeries on animals and got a medical degree. Police think that Jack the Ripper has to have medical knowledge since he removed the wombs from the women that was a very precise surgery.

5.) Proof in Holmes’s Diary

Holmes wrote descriptions training someone to carry out the murders so he could kidnap and murder women undetected.


Donald of Arabia….Get it? Like Lawrence of Arabia. He also went to Israel

This week President Donald (J) Trump, went on his first overseas trip. This comes at a convenient time for Trump as the past two weeks of the Trump presidency has been mired in several controversies. Trump first visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There he helped finalize an arms deal worth over $100 billion. The Saudi King, King Salman gave Trump a warm welcome. Trump made a speech about fighting extremism, and the Saudis opened a center targeting extremism.

Next Trump headed over to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tensions have risen between the close allies due to a international gaffe created by Trump. While meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, he discussed highly classified info gathered by Israeli intelligence. Not only does this info compromise the source, it also dilutes the trust that the Israeli spy apparatus has for the United States. Trump brought this up in a speech while standing next to Prime Minister Netanyahu, creating an awkward situation. After Israel, Trump then headed over to Rome to visit the Vatican. It has been reported that the Pope gave Trump book on climate change. sly. Trump will now be heading to Brussels for a meeting with the other members of NATO.

Meanwhile, Trump has left behind political firestorms created by his firing of FBI director James Comey, asking Comey to cancel his Russia investigation into the campaign, and also by giving classified information to Russia. Unfortunately for Trump, the firestorm will still be here, raging, even if on a back burner for the time being.

Major Environmental Fund Contributors

Hey Guys,

Lucky for us, it seems as if today’s million and billionaires are taking more of an interest in the environment. It seems as the state of our planet gets worse, the more people are willing to fund efforts to support environmental groups and research. Below, I’ve listed the top 3 contributors to environmental efforts today. Hopefully, more and more people will get involved before it’s too late.

Nathaniel Simons

Simons is the leader of the Sea Change Foundation, one of the biggest funders in climate change and energy space exploration. Simon’s, son of mathematician James Simons, the created Renaissance Technologies, uses the funds from his father’s multi-billion dollar company for his foundation. In 2012, it was recorded that the Sea Change Foundation gave out $55 million to research in areas such as climate change and new energy sources.


Tom Steyer and wife Kat Taylor are both major environmental philanthropists.

Tom Steyer

A retired California hedge fund billionaire, Steyer aims his activism towards fighting and exploring the issues of climate change. Since he became a philanthropist, Steyer has been a dominant force in changing the politics of global warming. Both Steyer and his wife have contributed large grants and sums to environmental research groups. In 2012, the couple established TomKat Charitable Trust, a grantmaking company committed to supporting environmental studies.

David Gelbaum

Out of all three, Gelbaum has definitely donated the most money to environmental causes. Gelbaum contributed  200 million alone to the Sierra Club and another $250 million for land conservation in the West. However, Gelbaum generosity has caused him to lose most of his fortune from his successful Wall Street investments.

A Weekend on Alaska (5/26)

Hi all! Iranoutofpuns here…

Q: I’m seriously out of puns…

My attempt at drawing a window to make up for the lack of one provided for me

My attempt at drawing a window to make up for the lack of one provided for me

This weekend I flew down to Orange County in California on Alaska Airlines. The relatively quick flights took place on Saturday morning and Monday night. The flight time is just over two hours with extended block time for delays while on the ground.

On the flight to Santa Ana, my flight departed at 6:20 am which meant a very early morning wake up for me. The trip to the airport was very easy and security took a total of 3 minutes due to TSA PreCheck. Once on board, the flight was very easy, especially due to the fact I had free WiFi for the day, kindly provided by GoGo In-Flight Entertainment. The only issue with the service was that on the first drink run, the cabin crew missed my row completely and we did not get served until the crew made a second round. To make up for this mistake, we were offered free drinks or food, to which I gratefully accepted a nice breakfast. All in all the flight was very easy and up to par with the rest of Alaska’s flights, minus the fact I had no window.

The return was just as easy, with security taking even less time than in Seattle. The only issue was the late arrival time into Seattle, scheduled for 10:05 pm. Due to this late arrival time we were parked at a gate with no jet bridge and deplaned via a single ramp located at the aircraft’s main cabin door. All in all it was a good flight and a good experience on Alaska Airlines.


See ya next week!

Comfrey Craze

Comfrey, or more specifically; Symphytum officinale, is a pretty unassuming herb. But it is gaining huge traction among organic farmer and gardeners due to its great versatility. It is a low, bushy herb that prolifically grows more leaves everyday. This plant its gaining a reputation because of how amazing it makes as a companion plant or as a part of a compost blend. It produces large tuber like roots that will grow down in soil up to six feet deep! But because of this depth, the plant pulls rich and valuable nutrients from the deep soil, feeding nearby plants as well. But more often, comfrey is harvested and is used as a compost ingredient or compost activator. Its deep roots help it accumulate tons of nitrogen into the leaves, and plenty of potassium, which are vital for nice flowers and bigger veggies. Comfrey leaves can be added to a compost heap, its abundance of nitrogen help with feeding the microbes and helps keep the heap warm, accelerating the compost digestion. Or comfrey leaves can be rotten down into a liquid, and after diluting, it can be turned into a compost tea that can be sprayed or fed to other plants. Its biomass can also be layed down on medium to create a mulching layer that boosts the amount of potassium and nitrogen in the top soil.

There is so much more to this plant that I dont have the space to write about, but please before reaching for bagged fertilzier, consider using plants alone to do the feeding of other plants.

Plant and Prosper!

Lifelong Organization

Hello all bloggers! I thought we could explore another organization today called Lifelong. Lifelong delivers food, housing, and health services to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS. They say on their website, “Lifelong’s team of skilled staff partner with clients to overcome obstacles like poverty and food insecurity that stand between them and their best possible health. Each person arrives with their own set of strengths and challenges, and needs care that is just as unique. We are here to help and serve individuals in King, Snohomish, Skagit, San Juan, Whatcom, Cowlitz, Wahklalkum and Island counties. What makes our organization unique is not our services, but how we deliver them. We discovered that for someone to overcome barriers to health, our staff needs to meet them where they are in life. Instead of just checking boxes on an intake form, we truly listen. Case managers identify what basic needs aren’t being met, whether that’s safe housing or reliable transportation to doctor’s appointments, or access to healthy food. Our kitchen cooks nutritious meals that cater to someone’s specific illness, and then hand deliver them to doorstep with a smile. We understand that successfully battling an illness or recovering from a hospital stay is near impossible when you are medically fragile, low-income, and lacking a support system. For 30 years we’ve worked to fill that gap of individualized care so that people can achieve their best health – their best possible life.” Lifelong has customized care for all who need a little help during life. You can get involved and volunteer with this organization like my friend Izzy is or you can donate. Lifelong’s volunteers have played a vital role in helping the organization provide quality care and services to their clients. I would suggest checking out their website to discover more about them and ways you can help out. Thanks everyone, see you next week.

Lifelong is a community health organization committed to empowering people living with or at risk of HIV and/or other chronic conditions to lead healthier lives.

Lifelong is a community health organization committed to empowering people living with or at risk of HIV and/or other chronic conditions to lead healthier lives.