Arsenal Fc Update

Hey guys,

Arsenal Fc had a convincing 5-1 win over 10th place Everton. Goals were scored by new signinging Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, defender Laurent Koscielny, and midfielder Aaron Ramsey. This game marked Ramsey’s first career hatrick as he dazzled in the center of the park. This win has propelled Arsenal to 6th place in the table. They are 9 points ahead of Burnley and 4 points behind rivals Totenham Hotspurs. Ironically, Arsenal’s next game is against the Hotspurs.

In other news, Arsenal was linked to a summer transfer of former youth player oguzhan ozyakup. Ozyakub signed for Arsenal on schoolboy terms on September 1, 2008 going on to play regularly for Araenal’s Academy. After not being able to break into Arsenal’s first team he secured a 500,000 euros transfer on June 8, 2012 to Turkish giant Besitkas. His time at Besitkas has seen him win two league titles, captain the side, and make over 200 appearances. According to Ozyakub has an evaluation of 12 million euros. Ozyakub is described as an energetic attacking-minded central midfielder that is able to play simple and quickly. He can lead the team play, is “skillful” at finishing, and possesses high level of anticipation that allows him to be at the right place on the pitch. Ozyakub is an admirer of the playmaking styles of Zinedine Zidane and the Argentine Juan Román Riquelme. He has been praised for his “Zinedine Zidane like” dribbling attributes by Turkish international Ridvan Dilmen.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger now wants the midfielder back at the Emirates and has offered him a contract to rejoin Arsenal, according to Turkish newspaper Aksam via Milliyet. Expect more updates in the coming months on this transfer saga.

Downtown Disney District

It’s Fastpass Master here! Two weeks from now I’ll be heading to California for a week, mainly to explore colleges and visit my aunt and uncle. But luckily, we’re going to stop in the Downtown Disney District located near Disneyland and California Adventure. I  wanted to spread some time talking about the Downtown Disney Area in a blog post for those who don’t exactly know what is it.

Located right outside of Disneyland and California Adventure, the Downtown Disney District is a shopping center with restaurants and many Disney related stores. One of my favorite places to shop is the biggest Disney store I have ever seen in my life. World of Disney sells everything from attire to Chip mugs and Mickey Mouse cookies cutters. If you’re a big Disney fan like me, or are looking for some Disneyland inspired clothing, I definitely recommend checking this place out. Many of the items there are also located in Disneyland; if you don’t want to waste your time standing in line to buy merchandise, check the store in Downtown Disney. I also highly recommend checking out the Lego store as there are often huge Disney-inspired pieces that are amazing. I find it very fun to look around the shop’s of Downtown Disney because you never know what you might stumble across.

The food in Downtown Disney is also great. I’m a sucker for beignets, and luckily, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen sells the same one that they do in New Orleans Square!! I recommend going to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen express if you only want to get beignets or are looking for something quick to eat. Downtown Disney also has a churro cart that not only sells that classic Disneyland churros, but also many flavored ones including pineapple whip (dole whip!), strawberry cream, and my personal favorite, Oreo, which is stuffed with Oreo cream. Marceline’s Confectionery also sells many sweet treats that are available in the parks, such as the beautiful caramel apples found in Disneyland. There are many great restaurants in Downtown Disney, my favorites being Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s and Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria. I also adore La Brea Bakery Cafe, and their express service is great for a quick breakfast before you head into the parks.

Downtown Disney also has the ESPN Sports Zone where you can play arcade games while watching your favorite games on TV. Downtown Disney is full of many other various activities, such as ice skating in the winter, that make it a great neighbor to the Happiest Place on Earth.   

Also, side note, I’ll be going to Disney World next Spring break!! I actually started crying when my parents told me, frightening I know. But I might start dedicating some blog posts to Disney World because I have been doing some research on the park, especially discovering all the food, that I would love to share! So stay tuned for a shift in parks!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Communication, Crises, and Deep Connections

Hey, guys! Hope all of you have had a good week! Today, we shall continue on our journey through navigating through the ins and outs of relationships. (From a complete experiment on these sort of things. On a related note, let’s not take anything I say in my posts for this whole month seriously because I don’t want to be responsible for the crash and burn of a lot of relationships.) Anyhow, let’s venture forward!

For today, let’s discuss what to do in a crisis. To be specific, a relationship crisis. Like all relationships, it’s important to be able to communicate with the other person in the relationship. And communication goes beyond being comfortable with each other; it requires being able to discuss problems with one another and being able to talk through them. After all, the longer you leave spoiled milk out, the more spoiled it gets. (I know that was a bit of a skewed metaphor, but I’m going to leave it in because I can.) Similarly, issues that crop up in a relationship should be addresses as soon as possible to avoid further conflict later on.

Also, often times, a lot of couples have a difficult time deciding just how much information they need to share with one another. Some over do it, always informing their significant other where they are every minute of the day. Others don’t share enough, leading to a lot of miscommunication. They end up hearing things about one another from indirect sources, which compromises the level of trust in the relationship. As with all things in life, it is necessary to find a balance. Talk about your day with one another, the good, the bad, just the little things. Tell each other clearly how you feel so no one is hurt on accident or misinterprets anything. Because, honestly, everyone just wants an unproblematic relationship where they feel safe and secure, and these are the steps to take to achieve that.

Discussing your feelings can be annoying and hard for some people, but it is critical to do to keep a relationship going. This goes back to last week’s post. A good, serious relationship can only be with someone who you feel very connected and trust deeply. And if that is the case, even if you’re not used to it, give it a try. On the plus side, talking  out your problems relieves stress and is great for your mental health, so I encourage it either way.

Of course, again referring back to last week’s post, make sure the person you are in a relationship with is someone who is actually right for you before you go ahead and put all your trust in them. Telling someone so much about yourself can detrimental if they don’t actually care about you, and you should avoid doing that all costs.

So, guys, that’s all for this week! I hope this post was helpful to you guys in some way, (through probably not,) and hope you guys have a nice weekend!

Until next time, buds. This is Wannabe Philosopher, signing off. *finger guns*

Greek Yogurt

Hey there everyone!

After talking with a friend this morning about what she had for breakfast, I was inspired to write about yogurt. She has yogurt with granola and fruit every morning and it reminded me of when my mom introduced me to greek yogurt last year.

I had seen people eating greek yogurt in the past but I could never get myself to try it because it has such a strong smell. Then, my mom started a diet and she began to eat Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt, so I tried it too. My first reaction was that it tasted like vanilla ice cream (but it is a lot better for you than ice cream). It was sweet and creamy and filling, too. The best part is that it only has 7 grams of sugar, and 80 calories, but still has 12 grams of protein.

To make it even better you can add some fresh fruit. I like to add strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries when I eat this yogurt. Sometimes I also add granola. My dad loves using this yogurt in smoothies and it really is a good addition. It makes them sweet without taking away from the flavor of the fruit being used. It also makes the smoothies have a very smooth texture, unlike any other smoothie I have had before.

There are many different flavors of this Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt that all have about the same nutritional facts. These flavors are strawberry cheesecake (which I was very hesitant to try but it honestly just tastes like gogurt!!), toasted coconut vanilla, strawberry, cherry, banana cream, key lime, blueberry, peach, Boston cream pie, raspberry chocolate, strawberry banana, salted caramel, blackberry, tiramisu, caramel apple pie, toasted marshmallow, raspberry, and plain. I have not tried many of these flavors, but I look forward to trying them!

I hope you all can try this yogurt and enjoy it as much as I do!

Farmed Salmon & The Environment

Hey Everyone!

Given that we live in the Pacific Northwest, I thought it would be interesting to explore the impacts of salmon farming and production on the environment. Even though though the PNW is full of wild salmon, there are still many fish farms throughout Washington.

Salmon farming is arguably one the most harmful aquaculture systems in the world. Most salmon farms use open net-cages that are placed directly in the ocean. Because of this, farm waste, chemicals, diseases, and parasites are released directly into the surrounding waters and harm other marine life.  The vast majority of salmon farming operations depend on the use of vaccines, antibiotics, and pesticides to control disease and parasites that are common amongst the fish which not only contaminate the water, but also harm those who eat the fish.Thousands of natural predators such as sea lions and seals who are attracted to the pens of fish are also killed by the farmers themselves or the chemicals and waste in the water.

Raising carnivorous fish like salmon that rely on other types of wild fish for food also has a significant and harmful impact on the environment. More kilograms of wild fish are used to raise salmon than the the amount of salmon that farms produce, therefore depleting wild fish stocks rather than supplementing them. This fish depletion causes farmers to raise more and more salmon causing a never ending cycle of depletion.

Because we live an area abundant with wild salmon as well as other types of fish, we have no excuse to not be buying wild caught salmon. Although it may cost slightly more money, the price is worth keeping the environment and wildlife safe.

Will your hunger for young adult novels ever die Hollywood?

Have you recently been trying to find a good movie to watch at the theater, but all you could find was a biographical film about some random person you’ve never heard about? How about scrolling through IMDB to find that perfect date movie, but just end up scratching Tom Hanks’s name into a mental hospitals walls to try to write it more than the recent releases page?  Well I have a little theory but I think Hollywood loves money but doesn’t like putting effort into a original script. do you think that Bridger General Zebulon pike (look him up) did a good job in the war of 1812. well now there is a 50,000,000 dollar film about him winning a single battle then dying.

With the average studio film costing upwards of 100,000,000 ,these historical films are a “cheap” way to budget even bigger cash grabs. these bigger movies are usually based on a novel, or a remake of a 40 year old property that no one actually remembers . however while the big studios are busy making the next cinematic universe, the indie scene is booming right now. If you are craving something good and original go visit your local art house theater and check them out

University of Hawaii

Hello Everyone,

Today, I am going to present to you a university located on a small island south west of the states, The University of Hawaii. Popularly known as U.H., the campus is located in the beautiful Honolulu. Very little see this as a distraction, most students who attend Hawaii feel as if the island allows for them to relax and truly make the most of their college experience. The medicine school is one of the more popular attractions at the school, which is  the John A. Burns school of medicine.

The University of Hawaii is the only Division 1 school in the state of Hawaii and participates in the Mountain West Conference for football and the Big West conference for everything else. Travel is one issue for people who play at Hawaii because every single one of their games they will have to travel to the states to play, which can be a limitation and recruiting issue for some. Aloha Stadium is where the Aloha Warriors play a majority of their home games. This stadium is significant because it is off campus completely and is usually the home to the pro bowl for football. Although, this year the pro bowl was moved to Orlando. Aloha stadium is situated in Pearl Harbor. Surprisingly, the volleyball teams at Hawaii are the most successful with the women’s team having won three national championships and the men’s team having won one national title as recent as 2002, although it was vacated for a violation of NCAA rules.


come back next week for another college review!

So Actually February is the True Start to the New Year. January? I Don’t Know Her

My January managed to be the worst month I’ve had in a good while. So I have decided to collectively ignore that January happened now.

It’s a piping hot blog post, straight out of the oven. With a nice thin crispy crust and a dollop of hot advice sauce, it’s perfect for the eating, so let’s get it done with before it gets cold.

So Valentine’s day is next week and I want to do something fun? Any ideas?


Oh boy! Valentine’s day! If I were to be honest, being single on Valentine’s day really isn’t as bad as people say it is, because you know that single people everywhere like to indulge in complaining about others and enjoying a day of self pity. Sitting in bed on their phones, all the while creating “relateable content” like “IM NOT LIKE OTHER (gender) I JUST NEED PIZZA AND NETFLIX” or “I’M SO SAD AND SINGLE, LAUGH WITH AND AT ME.” I’m not going to lie, have I indulged in complaining on February 14th? Definitely yes. But that was a while ago(ish) and I’m dedicating 2018 to becoming a better person so that hopefully won’t happen again. Now to the actual advice. Even if you’re not actively dating someone, Valentine’s day still is a holiday, and therefore holds some change to the usual cycles of the year. First, clothing. This holiday in particular has one of the best color schemes out of all the others. Dressing in some reds and pinks as a little “yes I’m aware it’s the day of love. I’m here to celebrate it but not get too wild.” sign is a simple homage to Valentine’s day without getting too extra. Second, buy those candy valentine’s and give them to your friends. Write personal messages targeted to them. It can be really non-serious and making fun of them too, I think those kinds of messages really embody what this holiday could be about too. Platonic love and platonic bullying. Also everyone loves candy. Once we all left 5th grade, we all still long for the times when we could get free cards and candy from everyone.

That’s all the advice for today. I have really nothing else to say. If you want to submit a question, dump them here:

“stay 10% cheesy and 90% freaky”


Take The L Patriots Fans

In a game for the ages, backup quarterback Nick Foles took down the maybe GOAT Tom Brady in a thrilling 41-33 Super Bowl win for the Philadelphia Eagles. Looking at the statistical side of it, the Patriots seemed to run around the Eagles, however the momentum switched sides throughout the game. Here are the three major things that won the Eagles their very first Super Bowl

Nick Foles played like Brady

In a masterclass from the former Arizona Quarterback, Nick Foles threw for over 350 yards, and 3 Touchdowns (and catching a TD!). He had one interception (that was not his fault), and a passer rating of 106.6 which is one of the best in Super Bowl history. He was calm in the pocket and he wasnt sacked the entire game. He threw some amazing Touchdowns and had an MVP performance to remember.

The Eagle receivers outmatched the Patriots DBs

While Brady threw for more yards than Foles, it was the Eagles receivers who also made a huge difference. Cory Clement came out of nowhere and doubling his receiving yard total in one game with 100 yds. and 1 TD. Nelson Aholor, Alshon Jeffrey and Zach Ertz all had 65+ yards and 2 TDs between the three. They completely outperformed the  depleted Patriots Secondary who was without Super Bowl winner Malcom Butler due to disciplinary issues. The game became a shootout in the second quarter, and Foles continued to torch the Patriots secondary with their receivers.

The Eagles Defensive Line came in clutch

In the end, Tom Brady looked to have a game winning drive with roughly 2:30 left to go in the fourth quarter. Momentum was turning their way until the Eagles Defensive Line finally got to Brady for the first sack of the game. They had 9 QB hits and put him under pressure 11 times, but the one sack was very important. With 2:16 left in the game, Tom Brady dropped back to pass, and the Philly DE Brandom Graham came off the edge, and knocked the ball out of the hands of Tom Brady to force a fumble. Fellow Defensive lineman Derrick Barnett recovered the ball and the stadium erupted in cheers. The Eagles were able to close out the game from there.

Congratulations to the Eagles and we hope that the next football season arrives swiftly!

We are only have roughly 210 days until that happens!!

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Little bit of peace

We live on Earth. And it rains, and it storms and it straight up hurricanes,but it also shines. The sun shines, and it still may be raining, but learn to love the rain. Rain feeds the flowers, and flowers are beautiful.

We humans always focus on the negative. It is just how we are. A thousand wonderful things may be happening, but the second one thing goes wrong, that is what we remember. The sun may have been shining, but once the rain starts falling, we cower back.

And once we encounter a negative thing, we start living our lives to avoid that thing. Yes, avoid toxic people and the situations that will cause hardship. But don’t be afraid of living because these things will be there, because they will be there.

You just have to figure out how to deal with it, and not let it bring you down. There isn’t enough time to let those little petty things bring you down. Be better. Live better. Love harder than them. Don’t let anything put out your passion, because it is yours.

Sometimes, we must suck it up. It turns out better in the end, because it all comes around, and karma is a-

Karma sucks. Have class, keep your head up, and give yourself good karma.

Have a good day and keep moving forward:)

Always look up. There is so much to see and so much to come.

One for the Ages

I still remember the day I watched my first Super Bowl. It was 13 years ago, on a cozy winter afternoon. The New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tom Brady versus Donovan McNabb. Bill Belichick and Andy Reid. The game ended 24-21, spawning the enduring dynasty of the 21st Century. Five Super Bowls later, the same two teams faced off in a rematch for the ages.

4. That’s how old I was the first time they met in the big game. Barely. That’s how much football I understood at the time.

But last night, I experienced the most exhilarating Super Bowl I can remember. From the opening kickoff until the zero-second hail mary, I could feel myself trembling in uncertainty of the victor. I’m sure Eagles and Patriots felt the same, only more amplified.

Nick Foles played the game of his life, throwing three touchdowns and catching a TD as well. But Brady wasn’t too shabby either, with over 500 yards passing.

Brady and Belichick, in the middle of all their greatness, are now 5-3 in the Super Bowl. Losing to the Giants twice, and the Eagles once. Qualifying for the ship for three out of the last four years. Is the dynasty over? 31 teams and fanbases wait patiently for the answer to that question to become yes. But in all likelihood, we will have to wait a little longer. Brady’s committed to coming back next year, and that means we might as well declare them division champs.

Will the Seahawks make Super Bowl 53? Let us wait and see.

The Microcar… (or city car)

Hey Everybody!

Today I wanted to talk about a very unique segment in the automotive world, the microcar segment. This segment has some of the most quirkiest and interesting cars in the United States.

All over the world, the micro car is incredibly popular. Since gas prices are atrociously expensive in foreign countries, having a tiny car really helps to save money. In fact in Japan, they have a class called a kei car, which has a 0.6 liter engine with around 50 horsepower, which is the definition of weak. Besides the point, city cars in the States grew in popularity when the Smart Fortwo debuted back in 2009. All of these have around 100 or less horsepowerAfter these years, the American automobile world has seen plenty of these.

These are the micro cars available as of now in the States. The Chevrolet Spark, Fiat 500, Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi i, Smart ForTwo and thats about it. The surprising part is how all of these passed government tests and are available in the United States.

If there is one car I would not recommend, its the Mitsubishi Mirage. It is actually an old nameplate dating back to around 2003 when it was a decent compact car. Ressurected as a city car, and its one of the worst cars to buy in America. Mitsubishi just did not really spend time on fine details and had a measly 1.2 liter three cylinder engine with 78 horsepower. This combo with a sluggish CVT or 5 speed manual makes this car feel anemic and antequated after 5 minutes of driving. The only good thing about this car is it came with automatic climate control, other than that avoid this expensive car.

The Mitsubishi i has a weird proposition, its just an electric car imported from Japan. While there is not much performance data in America, what I can tell you is the styling is very quirky and its interior does not really suit up to American tastes. Seats are very tiny, controls are small and just does not really fit here.

The ForTwo will always be known as the reason why the microcar class came back, but that does not mean its a great car. It has one of the worst transmissions in all of time, a 5 speed sequential manual, which has clunkly and crude shifting. Its fun to drive though.

The Sparks a korean car dressed up as a Chevrolet and its actually not a bad car, it is probably the most practical in the class and it has a four cylinder which is nice. It feels decent inside and it is roomy.

The micro car to buy is the Fiat 500. There are millions of ways to configure this cute car. You can even get an electric version of the 500 and you can get a hyped up turbo Abarth model with 160 horsepower which makes this car super fun to toss around! I would honestly drive one anyday since you can find one in the used market for a really good price and they are selling like hot cakes so get yours while they last!

Overall other than the 500, this segment of cars is one I would completely avoid if you can, its worth getting a subcompact since you get more for your money. But for now I hope you all have a great week! Stay tuned!

Best Places to Take Pictures in Disneyland

It’s Fastpass Master here! Recently I’ve been scrolling through Instagram accounts of people who go to Disneyland almost every day, or at least those who seem like they do. Some of their pictures are actually breathtaking and I wish I had a plethora of pictures of myself having the best time at one of my favorite places in the world. Or more pictures for the landscape to save as my lock screen. Taking pictures in Disneyland is super fun as the backdrop is truly magical. Although there are some iconic places to take pictures that scream Disneyland, there are also several locations that are not as well photographed. Here are some of my favorite places to take pictures.

  1. The Castle. To me, this is the most iconic spot in Disneyland to take pictures. Whether you’re looking to take a shot of just the castle or get a picture with you in it, this picture is a must do. The fireworks display at night is also spectacular and is great for taking pictures and videos that commemorate your trip.
  2. Any of the entrances of the lands are really cool. One of my favorites is the entrance to Adventureland.  
  3. Flower Mickey right when you enter the park is a prime photo location. In this shot you can also capture the Main Street train station, making a memorable picture.
  4. Anywhere along Main Street screams Disneyland. Try to get Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the background to get an even better picture. If you’re looking for something fun, sometimes Cast Members let you hold a large bundle of balloons for a color backdrop, if you ask nicely!!
  5. There’s a cool picture where you can get the Matterhorn, Finding Nemo Submarines and the monorail in the same shot. Just head over to the Finding Nemo Submarines and be patient for the monorail to come by.
  6. The tea cups make one one of my favorite photo locations. If you choose to take a picture here, I really recommend getting the lanterns above in the shot as wee; they add a very whimsical and colorful vibe to your picture and definitely scream Disneyland. There is also a stationary teacup nearby if you want more time to pose for a picture that you’re in.
  7. The King Arthur’s Carousel is a vibrant location that is a classic amusement park attraction. Taking shot from behind while riding the Carousel makes a very artsy picture as well.  
  8. Along the Rivers of America rides the Mark Twain Riverboat, a perfect place to take a stunning picture. It’s an iconic scene to capture, and even jump in if you want to be in the picture yourself.  
  9. It’s a Small World wall is a great place to take pictures, but I highly recommend taking a close up picture on one of art deco type walls. These make for really cool pictures that don’t necessarily scream Disneyland but are regardless very fun.   
  10. Disneyland provides the perfect opportunity to take some stunning scenery pics. Some of my favorites include Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.

I also wanted to share some general tips when taking pictures at Disneyland:

  1. Wear ears, wear ears, wear ears. This adds so much to your picture as the Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears are a Disney classic.
  2. If you choose to edit your pictures, take advantage of the color of the park. Turn up your saturation to get the best pictures that emphasize the vivid nature of the park.  
  3. Don’t be afraid of take posed pictures. Seriously. You might feel weird at first, but I know that I for sure regret not taking more for fun with my sister.
  4. Take food pictures and don’t be ashamed. Disneyland has some pretty picture perfect foods that deserved to be photographed.
  5. Look for uncommon/out of the way pictures. There are so many pretty backdrops that most don’t think to take a picture with. Just keep an eye out and you may be surprised.
  6. Get pictures with characters! No matter how old you are, character pictures are always fun and make a very memorable shot.   

Also, if you’re interested in viewing some Disneyland Instagram accounts, my favorites are @francissdominc, @disneylandphotographer, and @sarahsterling! I’ll possibly dedicate a post in the future for the best places to take pictures in California, because there is A LOT. But anyway, I hope you learned something new about taking pictures in the Happiest Place on Earth!

And remember, “To all those who come to this happy place: Welcome.”

~Fastpass Master

Indoor v Outdoor track

Hey runners, I have never ran on an indoor track and am going to tomorrow morning. As with any race I have already gotten a bit of pre-race nerves. This is the first race of the 2018 track season, although as previously mentioned not much speed work has been done. I am competing in the mile for a time indicator, pushing for a very strong time. Previously, I have raced the mile only my sophomore year, delegating all of my races in my junior year to the 800m. I most anxious about the difficulty of counting the number of laps because the track I am racing on is a 307m track, meaning 5.24 laps. I have ran with only one of the runners in my heat, and the gap between the top and bottom of the heat is 30 seconds. I have a race plan, which is important as I have no experience in situations like this. I’m going to explain what I am thinking about the race: -will they have 400m splits -how fast will the race be taken out at -how am I going to handle the temperature -how will my muscles react -can I execute well on my race plan -is my current training indicative of my times -will I be trapped in the inside As you may be able to tell, I could keep listing things for hours, but I will control what I can control and ensure my muscles handle the heat and stress well. I may post and update about how the races went and what happened. Run faster!